Sunday, May 20, 2018

Please stop investing in imitation.FANG and so on.

Recently, as long-term interest rates are rising, high-payout defensive shares are on sale. Representative stocks are said to be resistant to the recession such as communications stocks, health care stocks, and daily necessities stocks.

On the other hand, high-tech stocks such as FANG are bought. Typical stocks are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix etc.

Many investors think that "I do not feel like buying high-dividend stocks" because too much sector-specific performance deviations are so intense, "We are now in the era of FANG!" To change the policy to a high-tech stock We are starting to pour the funds.

Nonetheless, if investing in FANG just because it is reason for investing in FANG "Because high-tech is likely to be more profitable than high-dividing stock", it may be possible to secure profits in the immediate future, but permanently profitable It will be difficult to get.

Because the investment policy to invest in the flow of trend is nothing but an "investment to imitate", and the end is finished as a prey to institutional investors.

In the dot-com bubble, which was boiled up in the United States in the beginning of 2000, many investors flocked to trends of high-tech stocks and temporarily made a profit, but the bubble collapsed briefly. IT venture companies were forced into bankruptcy, and investors also created a tragedy that loses tremendous assets.

Although it seems to be easy to get on the trend at first sight, it seems easy to get on the trend, but in order to continue to profit for a long time it is necessary for technology and talent to keep out institutional investors, so overwhelmingly from the strategy of keeping high dividends quietly It will be a difficult investment strategy.

In addition, "imitating investors" are easy to get bored and are easily passed around, so since the high-dividend stocks are sold to Bokoboko like this time, I will transfer to FANG and once again when FANG starts to sell again I will return to the high dividend stock I will continue to change the investment policy so that we can shift to trend stock like FANG when high dividend stocks are sold out.

However, investment "How much can you put in when you are in cheap?" Will be the core to accelerate the return accelerator, so in reality it will be "when you sell it will be what you want" after the trend has left. Investors who have been able to buy high-grade high-dividend shares gently at the falling rate like this time will be able to benefit from dividends and explosions firmly at the next rising rate.

When "imitating investors" reviews the high-dividend stocks and buys them again, it is already over-expensive, so "monomane investors" take over the trend shares every time at a high rate and lose the loss in the falling phase Because it will be decided, it will result in loss.

If you do not understand its principle, it will only be used as a market puzzle forever.

Please pass through your beliefs.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Global companies aim to list on the American market.

The Chinese Internet video sharing service Bilibiri video was listed on NASDAQ on March 28 this year, so I gathered topics in Japan as well. Biribiri movies are like Nikoniko movies, which allow users to comment on videos and enjoy themselves as viewer participation services.

Bilibiri video started in 2009. It started mainly as a service handling so-called two-dimensional geek content such as animation and cosplay, and in 2010 the service name was changed to "bilibili".

The number of monthly active users as of 2017 is more than 72 million people, and a large three-dimensional event that imitated "Nikoniko Super Conference" has also been held in China.

Naturally, in Japan, there were many voices criticizing bilibili listed on NASDAQ with a stupid face instead of imitating original Nico Nico videos, but in the first place China is useless because it is a lawless area in the first place. It is simply a perfection of Nico Nico Douga, which could not have improved service improvement with emphasis on usability.

Well, bilibili was not a Chinese market or a Hong Kong market, but rather aimed at listing stocks in the US than in the future. This is because the US has an active investment in IT venture companies like bilibili and has the merit that it is easy to procure huge amounts of funds.

And, by listing on the United States more than anything, we can expect to acquire worldwide name value and trust.

Also Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, whose oil reserves, oil production and crude oil exports are the largest in the world. Saudi Aramco was considering listing candidates for listing during the year of 2018 this year.

In Japan, CEX of JPX himself visited Saudi Arabia for enthusiastic activities, such as bringing the company to the TSE on the TSE. Similarly, the government also agreed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to meet with King Salman of Saudi Arabia who came to Japan for the first time in 46 years and to discuss Saudi Aramco's listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

And, as a result, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry visited Saudi Arabia and sent a love call by Saudi Arabian Minister of Industrial and Mineral Resources, "Last Request".

However, the TSE has declined from Saudi Aramco's listing place without a loss. Ultimately, Saudi Aramco is said to be listed on NYSE, the largest market in the world.

As well as bilibili mentioned above,

We are aiming for the American market because we can easily procure huge amounts of money and gain name value acquisition and reliability improvement.

It is the American market of NYSE and NASDAQ that selected companies from all over the world gather and the selected stocks all over the world are listed.

Friday, May 18, 2018

How to invest on YouTube.

YouTube is a video sharing service born in California in 2005.

The background of establishment was that it was difficult to share the videos shot at the dinner party in the apartment of the founder Chen in San Francisco, so we thought that we wanted a service that everyone could easily shoot videos on the Internet, I'm glad that you started developing YouTube.

The name YouTube means "You are broadcasting by yourself (your own TV station)".

Such YouTube had annual sales per 2006 of only 15 million dollars, and the future was questioned. Philippe Dooman, CEO of Viacom, the leading media,

"People will not be willing to pay for user posted content by all means and we would like to offer a high quality environment where advertisers would like to spend more on advertising"

And at that time, YouTube at that time was disappeared from the existing media to Bokoboko.

However, the current YouTube has grown to become a world-class major service that has not been pressed down and has led to the establishment of a new genre called YouTuber. What is the current sales of such YouTube?

Actually, I do not know at all.

Because YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and it is unlisted. Since private companies are not obliged to prepare a securities report, investors do not have a way to confirm their performance.

The annual revenue per 2006 is 15 million dollars as the number that we announced when we bought YouTube in 2006, we never made it public on YouTube's revenue.

Even if we check the latest account statement of Google, YouTube is mixed in the Other category in sales by business segment, so we can not know the actual situation.

However, according to independent analysis by investment bank Morgan Stanley, YouTube has grown to earn 12% of Google's overall sales and expects it will grow to be the center of Google's sales in the future I will.

As YouTube expects annual revenue to earn by current YouTube alone is estimated to be 4 billion dollars, YouTube has increased sales by 270 times in just 10 years.

Well, the only way to invest in such YouTube is to invest at Google, our parent company at the moment. There is a possibility that only YouTube will spin off and listing in the future, but even if there is any, it is on time for the time being. So, if you want to invest on YouTube, let's buy Google.

I think that YouTube will continue to grow and become a service indispensable to people.

Since YouTube has HD quality compatible with image quality and long video playback time, it was only possible to enjoy it on a computer a while ago. However, with the advent of 4 G (5 G) of high-speed communication standards and the introduction of the iPhone which evolved to ultra-high specs, the environment where you can enjoy YouTube without any stress anytime anytime is settled anytime anytime.

In addition, as YouTuber is established, YouTube itself is evolving in terms of aspects of the TV station, and the scale is worldwide. Those who enjoy YouTube on a daily basis, you know the power of YouTube. If it is, it is extremely reasonable to invest in YouTube and think that you want to own YouTube.

Nonetheless, even if you invest in Google, it is currently extremely expensive and the dividend is also zero. Since stock prices that rose too much declined anyway, I think that the adjustment phase will occur a little bit further.

Therefore, even if the stock price declines, even if it is undisturbed, it will be difficult to invest in Google unless there is no reason to keep holding it.