Monday, March 19, 2018

"Japanese" who rely solely on salary will become poor!

Japan has been booming since the bubble economy, such as stock price hitting for 26 years by avenomics. Even at the corporate level, regular raise has become active a lot for the time being, and it is a topic in the news, Japan has shown signs of departure from deflation after 30 years lost.

However, there are many people who tend to head their heads as "a really good economy? The reason is that there is a sense that at the ordinary level it is not changed from the standard of living in the deflationary era.

Actually that feeling is correct.

If you check the data, you can see that the Japanese "Net income" has been decreasing year by year, and even in developed countries it is in a very miserable situation.

Actually, even in the same annual income, "take-home" is Japan that continues to decline for 15 years.
Without a rise in salary during the 15 years, tax cuts and discontinuance of preferential treatment system have been repeated one after another.

· Increase of social insurance premium
· Partial abolition of spouse special deduction
· Abolition of fixed rate tax reduction
· Abolition of deduction for some child dependents

In the future, in Japan where there is a fatal bad material such as declining birthrate, events such as consumption tax increase tax and amendment of spouse deduction are enormous. Japan will sink without tax increase. Even if you upgraded several thousand yen a month in a base - up water to the rocks. Well, it will be a tenton.

In other words, doing with a single salary is definitely a risk in the future. "If you work for a company anyway and you earn salary!" Is safe! "It will collapse as a concept of Showa.

To raise income even a little, investing and having money work. Otherwise, Net income will decrease steadily and it will not be possible to save money either. This is because net income of salaried workers is decreasing, while Japanese corporate earnings are record highs, stock prices continue to rise, and dividends continue to record the highest level.

While salaried workers are exploited, capitalists are increasingly disciplined.

In other words, even in Japan, which is said to be a middle-aged society, it is getting clearer that Japan in the 21st century will be in "poor investment" age.

However, it can be said that Japan's total midstream society was abnormal if the back side was returned. That is because in a capitalist society, the capitalist's process is far from normal logic.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Skylark" declined due to the expansion of Shareholder incentives. I recommend selling stocks. "REAL GACHI".

Gusto love ☆ Chocolate!

For the Shareholder incentives, we had 300 stocks of Skylark shares.

This issue always had a bomb that "All shares of Skylark sold by US investment fund Bain" was sold. Bain, which succeeded in obtaining a large number of individual investors by tripling Shareholder incentives, sold a large number of shares at a time and pushed down the stock price each time.

But, this is good! !

Everyone knew that the expansion of Shareholder incentives was Bane measures, and if the sale of Bain was completed, the stock price will rise again ... Individual investors have drawn such a scenario.

The problem is the company's settlement data announced at the end of last year.

Hmm, that in FY 2017 it was an increase and a decrease in profits.


Mumu · · ·?

Factors of declining profit

Expenses due to expanding Shareholder incentives! What?

Well! ! ! ! ! ! I think that it was understood from the beginning that expansion of the Shareholder incentives will result in cost increase! ! ! ! Do not bother writing such a reasonable thing in the accounts settlement! ! ! ! ! !

In retrospect, we stuck the information of Shareholder incentives to the table seat of the shop with a sticker, appealed the information of the shareholder benefit at the cash register, and gathered all the individual shareholders.

So the shareholders are declining profitably (Ha Oh) - something! ! ! ! Does not it be a shareholder Name? ! ! ! ! ! Come out of the management team! ! ! Well! ! ! ! ! !

As it was said that, aside from Bain, the risk like a nightmare of a profit decline was revealed in Shareholder incentives, so this stock was already sold on January 4 this year, but we finally got the last dividend and Shareholder incentives It was.

So, it is the key stock price, but the dodge has come down.


You should sell it quickly and you should go then.

As far as Degawa is concerned, it is "REAL GACHI".

Pecori ☆

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It is the Japanese citizens themselves who suffered the most when they have defeated the Abe administration with the "Moritomo problem".

In a public opinion survey conducted by Newsletter, we found that the support rate of the Abe cabinet plummeted to 39.3%. The disapproval rate was 40.4%, exceeding the support. It goes without saying that this is influenced by the "Moritomo Gakuen problem" which is showing excitement every day.

From overseas, I do not understand why the Japanese are excited at this "Moritomo Gakuen" so far, but rather a crisis in the "constitution of Japan where the regime base will be shaken due to issues of weekly magazine level" I am recruiting a feeling. Because Japanese stock market is mainly from foreigners, political unrest will lead to stock price falls inevitable.

Many people think that "stock price decline is unrelated to myself" in Japan, but the influence that dragged on the "Morihito problem" affects the entire Japanese economy. Indeed, not only is there no discussion on economic issues in the Diet, but diplomacy is beginning to be affected.

In the G20 to be held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina in March this year, Mr. Aso is reporting that Mr. Aso is not going to attend due to reasons of prioritizing parliamentary correspondence. In G20, international regulation of virtual currency and issues concerning strengthening of steel and aluminum tariffs are scheduled to be discussed and it was also an opportunity for Japan to lead the discussion.

G20 is a very important event. Total G20's gross domestic product (GDP) will account for 90% of the world's GDP. To be absent from this meeting means that everyone can understand that Japan suffers a considerable disadvantage even if it is a Japanese in the brain's flower garden, just by looking at the numbers.

The economy is the blood of the country.

If the economy is sluggish, it directly hits the income of each citizen, and any employment will be deprived either.

The Japanese who had prioritized emotion theory over the past, national interest, elected the Democratic Party as a government administrator. As a result, work has drastically declined in Japan, restoration storm. Besides pay raise, even the continuation of employment is dangerous, and we have fallen into a long-term depression. Even so, the administration continued to mitigate economic measures, creating the weakest stocks in the past, industrial hollowing out and employment loss.

The Abe administration is saying that it realizes a virtuous cycle of corporate earnings growth, wage increase and consumption increase by avenomics, and it carries out talking and saying quietly. Corporate earnings are a record high, base-up realization, unprecedented seller market, stock price for the first time in 26 years · · ·. Japan has revived miracles from the bottom of Don and is booming since the bubble economy.

On the other hand, opposition parties are still unable to show Japan's rehabilitation plan to replace avenomics.

It is the Japanese citizens themselves who suffered the most when they beat the Abe government with "Moritomo problem".