Saturday, December 30, 2017

Benefits of making stock investment a hobby.

Game, Car, Motorbike, Tobacco, Liquor, Horse Racing, Pachislot, Idol · · ·

A hobby of a man costs money.

For example, I am addicted to idle.
In order to get AKB's handshake tickets and voting tickets, I bought CDs that cost more than 1,000 yen per sheet, contributing to sales and face making of guess men. Millions of people are hooked on Hamari, UP on sunny face with SNS.

Dad's wife who has a family is crippled with divorce with disappointment.
Were you thinking that you could not overlook such a thing, AKB himself was also calling attention to how to use such money.

Well, there are only a few people who can put money in this way so far, but the greater and lesser hobbies cost money. It becomes more and more adults, the money put on hobbies is increasing to the formula to be sweet.

Especially the most troubling hobby is a hobby that costs maintenance.
A car or a motorcycle is the lowest, tax, gasoline, parking lot, accessory, etc. · · · If you make it a hobby, money will disappear like hot water.

However, there is a godlike hobby that can be crazy at the highest without money.

That is a stock investment.

It would be great if stock investment is a hobby.

First, there is no maintenance fee.
Far from doing nothing, it has cheat nature that you can earn money on the contrary.

Because all purchases of stocks are completed on the Internet, the necessary expenses are also super-cheap. Even stock price charts, news, all the information needed to do stocks is now available on the net. In addition, SNS can be used not only to obtain useful information in real time, but also to get to a friend GET is the highest.

Moreover, the stock price and the world economy change daily rapidly, so they do not have a tired element every day. Besides that, it is also familiar with economics and politics, bringing significant benefits to business. You will be well informed of money, you can also live by doing other things than others.

That's why it's best not to reduce assets, but increase it.

In other words, it means that the modern perpetual institution will be completed.

Is not it a rush? !

With this, your wife smiled and had homes!

It is my father who has a narrow feeling towards home at home, so I definitely recommend taking advantage of stock investment as a hobby.
Now there are many services that you can easily casually invest from 1,000 yen, including one tap by.

First of all, there is a world that you can see by taking one step.
Why do not you begin investing in stocks with money you planned to go to lunch once?

Japan has been completely colonized by the American colony.

Yesterday 's Tokyo stock market greeted the Otarai meeting which will be the last transaction in 2017.
The Nikkei average finished trading with 19 yen lower than the previous day at 22,664 yen, and since the end of 1999 in 1999 as the year-end stock price, it wore high price for the first time in 26 years and decorated the end beauty.

Japanese stock is a bubble! !

Media reports so, all at once.


Well, will it be?

1989 → 2017
NY Dow $ 3,000 → $ 24,000
Nikkei average ¥ 38,000 → ¥ 22,000
From now on it will be danced with the global era, thirty years lost which was completely made into the American colonial colony.
If you notice, GDP has been doubled in China.

Even if Japanese stocks say it is a bubble, it did not return to the level at the time in the first place.
US shares have been doubled. Can you imagine the future where the Japanese stock will be eight times?

It is an impression that what is the bubble, looking at the stock price that is not back even at the time of the time.

It is the current situation of Japanese stocks that infusion of baffled monkey drugs of benign monetary easing at avenomics, and finally able to recover so far. Also, it is the presence of the large buying of Japanese stocks called "whale" such as the Bank of Japan and GPIF, By making full use of these cheats, it is the situation that Japanese stocks are finally getting back to stock price at the time (well, I have not returned at all though).

Meanwhile, the US continues to raise the stock price more than eight times, and after 100 years it is expected to reach 1 million dollars, which is 333 times the equivalent since then.It seems unrealistic even that the number of Japanese stocks will be eight times, while this irony which seems to be more realistic is that America will be 333 times.

This is the strength of the United States.

Do not dislodge Japanese stocks! However, I think that it would be good if such an investor would have to accumulate his / her life in the Nikkei ETF for a long time, and be in mind with the Japanese economy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Investors who are frightened by the collapse of US stocks, right now to train mental with Japanese stocks! !

From 2018 to 2020 · · ·

Significant decline of more than 20% will occur! ! ! ! !

Economic analysts will talk.

"US stocks are expensive, so it is inevitable to make drastic adjustments from next year"

The logic is like this.

The market capitalization of stocks in the world as a whole already exceeds 80 trillion dollars. This is a figure that far exceeds world GDP. According to the Buffett index which compares market capitalization and GDP, the stock price has been keeping at a level that is regarded as being overvalued since the spring of 2017.

The Black Monday in 1987, the Asian currency crisis in 1997, the sub-prime crisis in 2007 and the crisis in the past have occurred once in about 10 years, after the bubble burst, after the central bank's monetary easing, new A bubble is born, and it goes to collapse ...

We should never neglect that we are still in the process of repeating it, and it is a situation that US stocks in 2018 can be adjusted within the range of 10% to 15% . Also, even if the stock price returns after the adjustment, there should be an adjustment of more than 20% in 2019 - 2020 when global simultaneous recession is expected.

Looking at the span of about three years or so in the next three years, the economy in which the debt expanded throughout the world has to decelerate somewhere somewhere, and according to it we see that it is inevitable to make drastic adjustments to stock prices is.

This theory is accurate.

NY Dow reached from 22,000 dollars to 23,000 dollars in only 51 business days and then narrowed the time further to reach 24,000 dollars from there, it took only 31 business days. Since then it has been rushing up to 24,800 dollars in 13 business days, so it is no exaggeration to say that the rising pitch is obviously too fast.

As adage saying "There is no market to keep rising", there are certain circumstances where some adjustment can not be avoided.
Investors investing in US stocks are frightened of being frightened by the footsteps of the crash and investing.

But what is the big drop of over 20%?

For investors who have touched Japanese stocks, it is a routine matter to adjust more than 20%.

For example, when it is said that a crash, everyone thinks of Lehman shock that puts the world into the fear of the world in 2008, but the Japanese stock has continued to crash even the most recent.

It is said that the climax is 2040 years.
The Nikkei average rose to just over 21,000 yen, the high price of the IT bubble era.
However, since the late 2015 the shock took place in various countries around the world, the Nikkei average dropped to the level of 15,000 yen from 21,000 yen only by external factors.

In terms of percentage, in only one year it will be as much as 30% crash! !

This crash rate was No. 1 in the world markets as well.
Compared to that, it is a cute story that the US stocks have undergone a major adjustment of more than 20% between 2018 and 2020. Investors who can not tolerate such a decline should better train mental with Japanese stocks.

Japanese stocks are a great training market that trains the spirit of equity investment.

It is exactly a lift to train mental.

As stupid and scissors say the word to use, depending on the usage of the Japanese market, it changes to merit.

If you have an investor who wants to do mental training in Japanese stocks, chocolate will tell you like taking a step back as a lisap ☆

(Readers who love chocolate blog do not need such a waterfall!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A drop of oil is a drop of blood.

"Osaka University" as a model, "white big tower" depicting corruption of the medical association such as the medical institution system

Kobe Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) "Brilliant Clan" depicting plot of the heads of the president

The crash accident of JAL and the "undeveloped sun" depicting the deep groove of labor and management

Among the works of Toyoko Yamasaki who produced many social school novels closer to power and organization behind based on actual incidents and events, it is said to be the best masterpiece

"Barren areas"

This work is modeled by ITOCHU Corporation, one of the five major trading companies, and it depicts the history of establishing a powerful conglomerate model from textile business.

The last story of such a barren area is oil development.

The hero's Iki (model: Ryuzo Sejima) was former staff of the Japanese army, joined Kinki Shoji after World War II. I took advantage of my skills as a staff member of the Kinki Shoji Company. After achieving results with a number of projects and contributing greatly to the development of the company, we can raise up to the vice president.

And it was his own biggest and last business, Iran 's Salvestan Block Development.

"In addition to trading oil and mineral resources by capital, not only will it become a long-term company interest but it will lead to national interests."

Kinki Shoji aims to win a bid by combining JV with American independent oil development company Orion Oil Company. Consult with Orion Oil, set the bid price to $ 39.90 million, bid and then bid immediately before the deadline. As a result of collaborating with the United States, the media that had been bashing with the salesperson praised Kinki Shoji as if the palm was returned.

Iki talks.

A drop of oil is a drop of blood.

The one that experienced the war himself put on oil.

The idea comes from the history of tragedy, not wanting to get oil in war, but to get it in a real business.

In Japan without resources, we are entrusted with the benefits of oil so much that we are unconsciously aware of, it is because there are many benefits from the flow of a lot of blood, building a supply infrastructure by great men.

Oil is the most important resource indispensable to human beings, and that fact will not change from now on.

■ Oil circumstances in the 21st century
Petroleum, or crude oil, is overpowered due to the American Cher revolution, crude oil prices are falling historically. Crude oil, which has been touched contemporaneously as it is depleted, has enabled more drilling due to technological innovation.

The future is getting dark like gasoline business, which is the biggest earning head, so as to keep pace with it. In Europe, oil companies are getting in a difficult position, such as banning the sale of diesel cars and gasoline cars, and setting out a policy to fully convert it to electric vehicles.

But in the past you should not forget what happened until the war over crude oil. Crude oil is still being utilized by various industrial products and infrastructure. Whether alternative energy appears or crude oil demand will decline, we think that human beings are almost impossible to use crude oil.

Infrastructure is strong.
Products that are used for granted and are not worried are valuable.

When the value of crude oil is reviewed, it surely comes in the near future.
Crude oil and oil companies seems to be said that it is a great time to prepare because now the price has declined.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

Well, I received a quarterly dividend from such an oil major Royal Dutch Shell.

Royal Dutch Shell is the same company, but it is registered on the stock market as RDSA and RDSB.

Because the Royal Dutch Shell was born as a result of the merger of the oil companies by country, handling in both shares is different.

RDSA is associated with the original Royal Dutch Shell Company and RDSB is related to Shell Transport and Trading, the company's headquarters in London, England.

Since RDSB is tax-exempt from foreign tax, we definitely recommend purchasing this if you buy.

The difference in taxation between the two is as follows.

Dividend yields, but major oil managers of XOM, CVX, RDS generally pay high dividends.
The yield on RDSB goes up to 6%.

With a solid infrastructure business, this yield is attractive.

By adding it to the portfolio, it will become a superb stock for sure to become a fighting force.

I like Japan, but the future of Japanese stocks is in danger.

Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers is a prominent American investor.
We established a hedge fund in 1973 and have made a great success.

Well, Jim Rogers posted an interesting column entitled "If I am a 10 year old Japanese ... ...."

The world is already aware
"If I am a 10-year-old Japanese now ..."

A prominent investor, Jim Rogers, said so far that he kept on thinking a bit.
It appeared in the US investment information radio program "Stansberry Investor Hour" when I was asked the opinion about the Japanese economy from the interviewer.

After a little silence, Mr. Rogers told a shocking "answer" as if he had decided.

"If I am 10 years old now ... ....

Yes, I would choose to purchase myself an AK - 47 or leave this country.

Because he is a ten-year-old Japanese, they will be hit by catastrophes in the future life. "

This time this magazine succeeded in an independent interview with Mr. Rogers like that. Mr. Rogers frankly revealed the prospects of the Japanese economy, the current investment destination, from the real meaning of remarks on the radio program.

"I am buying more Japanese stock now, but I am not optimistic about Japan's future"
So that's why Mr. Rogers told me that it was "the chronology of the future" of the Japanese economy that is frustrating and frustrating.

- Programs that you said as "If I am 10 years old now ... ..." are topics.

"The first thing I want to say is that I love Japan, one of the countries I love in the world, so I do not want to see the decline of Japan, until I die I would like to eat my favorite sushi, but my wishes are not going to be right for me as it is. "

Safe over the current 50's

- Japan is now in a booming economy where the economic expansion period is the second largest after the war and Japanese stocks are the highest price in about 26 years. Though it is booming.

"Japanese stocks are rising now is nothing other than because the Bank of Japan led by President Kuroda Tohiko has printed notes on the jabjob and a lot of Japanese stocks and Japanese government bonds.

Market history is proving that stock prices rise when banknotes are printed, until almost every investor acts faithfully to that rule.

Besides, the Japanese stock is still 40% lower than the 38,915 yen we put at the end of 1989. A lot of money is flowing into Japanese stocks as there is still room for rising compared with the US and Europe stock markets reaching the highest ever.

This situation is very convenient for investors like me who have Japanese stocks. You can earn money. So I myself appreciate the Bank of Japan and investors around the world who have Japanese stocks would also like to thank the Bank of Japan. However, it is not quite a good situation for Japanese people. "

--what do you mean.

"Japanese stocks will continue to rise considerably, myself, I bought some Japanese stocks a few weeks ago, so long as the Bank continues its monetary policy, I will continue to own shares in Japan.

However, it is important that the boom in this Japanese stock is merely artificially raise the stock price by the Japanese government. Even for Japan's economy, only a few major companies have benefited from devaluing the value of the yen as a yen by different monetary easing. "

To tell the truth, Jim Rogers told the media that in 2011, we are already buying up Japanese stocks several years ago.

· If you buy stocks, Japanese stocks are the best. I am planning to increase more Japanese stocks.

· Although there are long-term problems such as declining birthrate, it is already included in the price of Japanese stocks.

· It is a cheap level for the first time in 28 years now.

· Increased purchase of products linked to the index of Japanese stocks.

Certainly, due to the avenomics from 2011 onwards, the Japanese economy breathed back.
It can only be said that Jim Rogers had a foresight to predict the future.

However, from the column posted earlier, we must firmly recognize the meaning of he investing in Japanese stocks.

Jim Rogers does not intend to invest in Japan for a long time in the first place, it evaluates the policy by avenomics, and it says that economy is only being activated by its benefits.

That is short-term investment.
Pessimistic in the future of Japan.
I can not be optimistic that anyone's eyes.
We must take this word meaning heavily.

Japanese stocks are rising, just being neglected by cheap, just returning to the proper value.

As Japanese stocks rise, the voice to evaluate Japanese stocks from US shares is getting bigger, but this is a self bias too much bias.

Human beings are always convenient and tend to worship the shining gems at that time.
Humans are always in hope for eyes and we are not good at seeing things in the long run.

In the case of long-term investment, it is necessary to invest in a reasonable market in consideration of the past history.

Please think calmly.
Does population decline do not stop, innovation does not happen, there are too many scandals of large corporations, is there any place Japan can win compared to the United States? America is the opposite of these conditions, and even if you are an emerging company, you can bear in mind the world top with plain market capitalization.

Because I like Japan, investing in Japan is seemingly rational at first glance, but it is only a bang with Japan.

I would like you to think again about the meaning of Jim Rogers' words.

Well, if it is the purpose to raise profits in the short term like him, the story is different.

Monday, December 25, 2017

The general public should work quietly at the company.

I think that there are also many people receiving double benefits of bonuses and salaries this month.
I also have a payday today. There is regular income on a monthly basis as it is a matter of course that employing a company is a matter of course, but stable revenue is very much appreciated.

If you earn with your own alone, people who can not absolutely earn such a month every month.

The company's name value and creditworthiness work as a great merit for business.
If you want to increase name value and creditworthiness of individuals, there is no market evaluation unless IT has more technical capabilities, especially in IT. In a society where most of the general public who does not have a prominent ability has a majority, it is better to work quietly at the company.

When I am overconfident about my ability, I will feel painful later.
It is important to attack life, but directly connecting to money has to face severe.

Well, salaried workers often

"Salary is low, salary does not rise"

In fact, workers do not take risks from shareholders and managers. I often have a boss saying "I take responsibility!", But in fact the boss can not take responsibility as well. It is because we can finish by rearrangement and demotion.

Also, as business managers are often hired, it is possible that all resigned would have been absent.

In short, it is the shareholders who assume the responsibility for the project.

In capitalist society, those who take a large risk can gain a big return.
Risk and income can be said to be a trade-off relationship. Since shareholders are providing the great risk = value of capital, the return becomes large.

As money and risk become a matter of balance, it is important to think carefully about what to prioritize.

■ Key of asset formation
If you have a lot of income you can be rich.
Indeed, that is the most natural theory.

But those who became billionaire of the world are not because they have a lot of income.
Nearby millionaire who became a big best seller is investigating existing real billionaires in American general households. According to this book, this is the only way to be a billionaire.

· Living with a much lower expenditure than income.
· We allocate time, energy and money efficiently for asset formation.
· Thinking that finishing without worrying about money is much more important than covering the body.

It is essential for asset formation to continue steady savings and investment steadily.
Although it is certainly better to have more income, it is not a core element to become rich.

It is important to continue investing while working indiscriminately because it is the first method of asset formation, so it is important to work slowly without being impatient.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Let's buy one with a strong shareholder return attitude for Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola shares in home country increased 55 years, dividend yield 3.21%! !

Coca Cola shares in Japan are increasing 0 years, dividend yields 1.07%! !

Which is stronger in returning to shareholders? !

Because I own the Coca-Cola stock of my home country for this reason, I got a dividend this time ☆

Coca-Cola is confident again that it is no doubt that it is a commodity loved all over the world, such as President Trump 's drinking as many as 12 diet · Coca · Cola a day. In fact, the taste of the zero-type Coca-Cola is also considerably improved in quality, and it seems that it can be divided well with the Coca-Cola containing sugar.

Let's get the Coca-Cola of the home country after all!
In Japan, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has been established as a Japanese corporation and shares are also listed. Sales are also continuing to rise year by year, and the capital adequacy ratio is also surging a wonderful number of less than 70%. The company has also introduced a shareholder benefit program unique to Japanese companies, and if you are a Japanese you may think that it will be enough.

However, as mentioned above, it is better to buy Coca-Cola in the United States of America.

Stocks that continue to increase dividends and shares without any increase in dividends.
It is obvious whichever is positive for shareholder returns.

If you are purchasing a Coca-Cola stock, let's buy one with a strong shareholder return.

Because you can get a coke, it is not good if you are mislead by the shareholder benefit plan! (I'm advice ☆)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My portfolio

■ Stock holding
[1557] SPDR S&P 500 ETF
[VZ] Verizon Communications
[T] AT&T
[KO] Coca-Cola
[PG] Procter&Gamble
[AWR] American States Water
[RDSB] Royal Dutch Shell
[IBM] International Business Machines
[PM] Philip Morris International
[MO] Altria Group
[XOM] Exxon Mobil
[8306] Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
[8411] Mizuho Financial Group
[9501] TEPCO Holdings
[8410] Seven Bank
[9412] SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings
[7177] GMO Financial Holdings

Sunday, December 17, 2017

They are 'Great Silent Majority'.

Investment is a strategy, there are various methods such as technical analysis.


Just simply invest in companies you want to support.

This may be the ideal form of investment.

After all, it improves the world and the company grows.

And ultimately it also brings a big return to investors.

The fact that I feel like wanting to support myself always contacts the company and always understands the goodness of that company.

Understanding that it is impossible to receive the psychological influence of the market as much as possible.

If you have your own belief, you do not have to worry about the noise of the market.

Yes, "belief" that I want to support is perhaps the most essential element of investment.

Agnes · Butterfly (Zhou Garden).

She is called the goddess of the Hong Kong democratization campaign and is a leader who is leading the civil movement in search of democratization and independence in Hong Kong since 2014. Democratization they appeal is a desire to decide their future with democratic elections.

Hong Kong's history is complex.

After returning from the UK to China on July 1, 1997, one country two system (a scheme to enable a certain autonomy and international participation in the framework of a sovereign state, that is, an advanced autonomy almost equal to that of an independent country It is supposed to be recognized, but in recent years the pressure from China has been strengthening.

The background is that a large number of immigrants are flooding in China from Hong Kong.
In the past few years, the number of immigrants has increased by 880,000 people, and as a result, the majority of Chinese politicians who participate in politics account for the majority, increasing their influence.

Meanwhile, I was proud of Hong Kong and acted to change Hong Kong, it was young people of umbrella generation that I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Not adults, they were young people.

Such a young man is called "umbrella generation" in Hong Kong.
Umbrella generation refers to the generation of young people who demonstrated activities in the electoral system.

In Hong Kong, a general election of one vote was planned to be introduced at that time, but due to China's intervention, the policy of "We will not exclude the candidates to run for the election, not anti - anti! is.
The generation that caused anti - government demonstration activities against this is the umbrella generation.

It seems like the American first principle of playing cards and the EU withdrawal in the UK, but I realize that the majority of generations opposed to these conservatives are young people. Due to the Internet revolution, the generation brought up with the Internet has a global perspective and can calmly analyze their situation from a third party perspective.

Therefore, these generations have learned that they do not produce any conservative thought.

For example, although there was a presidential election in Iran before, the conservative supportive population is the center of adults again, and the young people support the candidate for democratization and have won a splendid prize. It is a young man all the time to change the world.

Well, Mr. Agnes started not only in the demonstration but also in the field of politics started up a new party "democist" with teens as young as teenagers. After the election, finally the anti-fraternity secures one-third of the votes, and the leader of the umbrella campaign will also win the youngest election.

But here again there was Chinese intervention.
He is working on depriving the qualifications of the anti-mediation lawmakers.

Why will you allow China's intervention so much?

That is related to Chinese money.
Better or bad, there is a reality that Hong Kong can not do without China money.

Hong Kong has become the country with the highest rent in the world (ward) due to the fact that money inflow by Chinese is heading for real estate investment recently. There are families living with three people in a room of only 5 tatami mats.
It is necessary to pay a rent of 100,000 yen in Japanese yen to an apartment where rent has risen many times and is not beautiful even in compliments.

Even Japanese, monthly rents of 100,000 yen / month are considerably heavy, so of course there are a lot of people who can not borrow even apartments while they can not help living in illegal dwellings. The influence of China is tremendous and has changed their lives from the ground.

Well, Mr. Agnes Chow says that I love Japan. I have come to Japan many times and I am mastering Japanese.

She says her favorite music is Japanese Idol "Silent Majority of Yuzaka 46". The favorite place of the lyrics "The presidents of some countries saying, those who do not raise are agreeable" are the favorites, and it is overlapping with the current situation of Hong Kong.

The word silent majority, the then President Nixon in the US during the Vietnam War,

"The majority of citizens who do not exercise or speak are not opposed to the Vietnam War"

"They are Great Silent Majority"

, A word with a strong political color that was used against the undisputed war faction.
When you read the lyrics, there are many things that closely resemble the situation in Hong Kong at the moment, and I feel that she understands the sympathy.

The Internet has the power to change the world at second speed.
Regardless of whether you are a developed country or a developing country, you can always share fresh and enormous information instantaneously.
A young Internet generation can judge what is good and what is wrong in various information. The internet's achievements have a greater influence than our imagination.

No one can stop the flow of globalism anymore.
By the time young people take charge of society, democratization of the world advances, the world becomes more free, the world economy will further develop.

Investors contribute to society by encouraging them through investment.

There are various methods such as strategy and technical analysis in investment, but it seems that investing in a company that I want to support simply is an ideal form of investment.
After all, it improves the world and the company grows.

And ultimately I think that it will bring a big return to investors.

No.1 water company in the United States with continuous consecutive year of increase, its name is [AWR] American State Water.

There is no man who does not use water.

About 60% of humans are moisture in adults.
Even if electricity, petroleum and the Internet are lost, humans do not die, but when water runs out, humanity will perish.
Water is the most important resource for human beings to live.

I do not notice that the whole country is in Japan surrounded by the sea, but many countries suffer from securing water resources. Recently, the Chinese have been seeking water resources in Japan, buying mountains together, and the government is strengthening the regulation. The water supply business in Japan is positioned as a public project and it does not list the stock. When water is dominated overseas, there is a fear that the country will be destroyed.

Against this backdrop, there is no public offering of waterworks business in Japan.

· · ·

However, looking at the American market, the water business was open to the public.

Aqua America, Connecticut · Water Service, California · Water Service, Middle Sex · Water · · ·.

Both of these are one of the most expanding brands.

■ Aqua America (WTR)
 → Continuous increase 25 years

■ Middle Sex · Water (MSEX)
 → Continuous increase 45 years

■ Connecticut · Water Service (CTWS)
 → Continuous increase 48 years

■ California · Water Service (CWT)
 → Continuous increase 50 years

That's amazing?

Waterworks business is absolutely not lost business, there is overwhelming wide moat.
Despite almost no fear of collapse, we have continued to return overwhelming shareholders for many years.

Especially American State Water is a wonderful company, I also own shares of the company.
The company was founded in 1929 and is headquartered in Sandimas, California. It functions as a waterworks bureau and has water service to Big Bear Lake and California.

■ Increase in number of years in the US
Among the US firms that have grown up every year, the company has the greatest increase in number of years.
How, since 1954, we have increased dividends every year. There was also an announcement of 5.4% increase in quarterly dividend for this term, and the number of years has reached 63 years. This is the first record in the United States.

As the population of the United States continues to increase, it is possible to earn stable earnings even in the infrastructure business.
In particular, there are no households that do not contract with water utilities, so absolute income sources are secured.
Investing in infrastructure stocks is synonymous with investing in mankind itself.

I think that it is definitely the American state water that the first issue to commemorate 100 years increase. It is 37 years until 100 years increase. I do not think it is a number that can never be realized.

■ Receive dividend
We received a dividend from American State Water, the No. 1 US distributor.

Although the stock price has risen recently, the yield has been around 2%, but since it is increasing each year and running a stable business, thinking that it is a problem-free stock even if you have a lifetime It is.
If there is a phase in which the stock price goes down, I would like to buy it pleasantly.

I think that it is a superb stock with no losses.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Only those who believe in the American economy can enjoy great returns.

Do you remember?

It seems long ago that NY Dow got on the 20,000 dollar mark but it is actually January of 2017 this year.
It is a recent incident.

In January 2017, Barron's magazine predicted "NY Dow will reach 30,000 dollars by 2025". Even though it was a fluke with 20,000 dollars, it appreciated that it was firmly supported by America's corporate performance and solid prospects for economic growth.

However, the NY Dow has already reached $ 24,500, not less than one year in 2025, and if it goes smoothly will it reach 30,000 dollars next year? And it is as strong as you can imagine. The voice that it is expensive is getting bigger day by day, but the US is still a boom itself. American companies are earning money, and there is no concern that Dow will crash as a result of a recession.

As if to support it, the media in the US tentatively if NY Dow collapses, it is not necessarily economic instability such as depression, it is most likely to be caused by an error due to institutional investor's program runaway etc. It reported.

Well, it is still a memorable new story, but this year Buffett declared that NY Dow will reach 1 million dollars 100 years later. Even when Barron's magazine reported that NY Dow would reach 30,000 dollars by 2025, as many investors thought that "that's impossible?", Buffett's remarks are "such a dream story "There were many negative investors, but this is evidence that I do not believe in the American economy.

Even though NY Dow has already reached 24,500 dollars in less than a year, not much from 2025, the actual situation surpasses the expectation far more than expected, only one million There is a lot of possibility of reaching the dollar.

Investors who can not believe the American economy and hesitate investment have not enjoyed the benefits of rising prices at all. In the future as well, pessimistic investors in the American economy just continue to wait for the crash while looking at the rising markets.

This is the only opportunity loss.
If you are investing in the United States, I think that it is important to firmly believe in the American economy and buy it gently.

However, it is a Dow whose speed of rise is accelerating somewhat, so some adjustment phase may occur. Therefore, while accumulating high-quality stocks such as hot-sandwich and S&P 500 ETF, we will pick up dividends with high dividend distribution

While attacking, unbeatable investment to protect firmly

We will definitely recommend continuing.

The reason McDonald's will make further leap in the future.

The world's finest superpower India.

There was a change in such a huge Indian market.

It is eating out.

In India for many years, eating out culture has not penetrated. It was because conditions of hygiene and health were bad and eating out was being avoided. For that reason, it is common sense that Indians go to work, bringing lunch is necessary every day, and there were few people who go to lunch.

However, recently Indian people have more opportunities to eat out.
Because of the economic development in India, many food courts and so on came to appear.

Among them, McDonald's is a pioneer who opened up eating out in India.
McDonald's has developed a menu that does not use beef and pork at all from the time the eating culture is not penetrated in India, so that it can be eaten in Hinduism and Islam. Today, we have developed curry-flavored chitin burger and vegetarian menu, and began to enclose 1.3 billion stomachs in India.

However, India is originally poor country.
It is no doubt that the benefits of recent economic development are accelerating eating out culture.

For developed countries, McDonalds is a treat.

For example, in a backward country, McDonald's will only be used on special days such as celebrating your birthday or deciding on a date such as a date. Because in the developed countries McDonald 's have become expensive as ordinary people can not easily use it.

McDonald's is a fine-dining restaurant as seen from the commoners of the underdeveloped countries.

Therefore, it is impossible for some people located in the upper class to basically use McDonald's on a daily basis. There is anecdotal that McDonald 's store in the developed country has many people who are properly dressed.

However, due to economic development as seen in India, people around the world can eat McDonald's on a daily basis as well.

This was the same for Japan once.
In modern times we are treated as student worn cheap fast food, but in the Showa era it was a treat for Japanese as well.

In the future, McDonald's will be a fan of the company even by the general population all over the world, following the global economic development in the global society. It is possible to acquire more overwhelming market share than ever.

■ Absolutely great potential
Pie itself is limited in advanced countries such as America and Japan.
McDonald's already saturated in developed country markets. In the world, there are only about 1.5% of developed countries that can live a rich life like Japan, so you can see that the ratio of the backward country is overwhelmingly large.

For this reason, in the developed country, there are only 0.13 stores at McDonald's per 100,000 inhabitants, so in the developed countries, even when they are being used on a daily basis by the general population, the number of stores will expand, Sales are expected to grow dramatically.

In other words, it can be said that McDonald's has the potential to make further leap in the future.

Make people around the world smile.

That is McDonald's.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Even if hegemony shifted from the United States to China, do you think that only American shares are good?


China is the country with the largest population in the world.

The element of population is important for economic development.
The more people there are, the more economy goes around with domestic demand and the income also increases.
The possibilities for the creation of talented people will also increase, and innovation will also easily occur.

In fact, China has produced a large number of super-huge enterprises in line with the United States.

Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei.

Among them, the global market capitalization ranking is Tencent No. 6, Alibaba No. 8 ranking, growing with the momentum surpassing US companies. Huawei is showing up as the third place in smartphone sharing, after Samsung, Apple.

Today, the United States has reigned as the world leader, but is not neither the day that China will become the world leader? There are also many news reports. In fact the international influence is growing even on the political side, and America monitors the trend of China considerably severely.

Well, with regard to such China, since I got better questions from readers, I would like to drill down in this article.

■ When hegemony moves from the United States to China, what will you do with the investee?

Question: Even if the hegemon moves from the United States to another country (for example China) do you think that only US stocks are good?

Very good question, thank you for all ☆

As mentioned above, there are striking things to catch up with Chinese companies, mainly IT companies. However, we still believe that it is more advantageous for US investment companies than for Chinese companies as investment destination.

The reason is that China's growth is government driven.

The background that China is growing now can not deny the sense that he is forcibly growing with the government.

For example, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei. These are popular in China, but I find that almost abroad is almost not used. Huawei has become popular all over the world as a cheap smartphone, but is not there any user directly involved with these companies in the form of service provision? Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent is especially prominent.

Why are you growing so much?
It has a unique background in China.

■ The darkness of the socialist republic system
China is a one-party dictatorship system of socialist republic.
It is not democracy, it is still a state of socialism.

In such China, the government has strong power.
For example, regarding IT, the government regulates information and will not use any overseas services.
Because the local people are actively forced to use their own products and services, their own companies will naturally grow. Because there are more than 1 billion people, we can grow to a huge corporation exactly by domestic demand alone.

It is not easy to win the harsh competition with US companies, etc. when overseas deployment is done after taking over domestic demand.

There is also a disadvantage that the government controls, so it is true that there are many companies that go bankrupt every time the government changes policies. For example, previously the virtual currency was showing excitement in China, but now it has completely calmed down. This is because the Chinese government banned the transaction of the virtual currency. Along with that, businesses dealing with virtual currency went bankrupt across the board.

In other words, as long as the one-party dictatorship socialist republic regime that the company's fate is decided by one of the government's exacting reductions, investing in Chinese companies is unlimitedly risky, even if China hypothesizes is. Naturally, because it scrapes the company by one spiral, there is no secretive protection either.

Chinese enterprises are living and dead in the Chinese government.

■ China has no investment interest as a state
China is also closed in the stock market.
There are three stock exchanges in China, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but the only free market that foreigners can buy is Hong Kong. Shanghai and Shenzhen are closed markets for the government and Chinese citizens, and there are no shares that foreigners can buy (only some stocks called B shares are available for sale). Recently I have been able to buy Shanghai shares through Hong Kong, but the reality is that there are not so many stocks.

In addition, top Xi Jinping, who is a Chinese, we have succeeded in strengthening its influence recently
It is said that the media has become the most powerful leader since Mao Zedong.
In such China, we can easily imagine that similar political regime will continue in the future.

In other words, the national constitution that it grows only by domestic demand, and the company's fate is decided by the government's exact turnover will not change in a short period of time.

Therefore, no matter how much China will have the hegemonic day, there is no investment pleasure as a country.

Regardless of China 's economic strength that can be extended to America by domestic demand, while we are living,

Continuing to overcome the open market competition, investing in America with transparency also in the stock Continues to be erotic

It is considered.

In conclusion, it can be said that there is no problem with only US stocks.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Become a FAAMG investor!


It is a coined word that combines the initials of high-tech stocks.
It is a driving force for the US stock market in 2017 and is still taking a spotlight.

Well, there are many voices that it is high risk to invest in FAAMG stocks in the investor community.
The FAAMG stock which has been over bought due to the expectation of the future is already entering the super-high price zone.

For example, he is also the champion of FAAMG


Amazon now operates an EC site for super-famous B2C that no one is using even by Japanese. Also in the B2B business, we have acquired a global share in the cloud service called AWS, and it is also a leading player who promoted the transition of various corporate systems from on-premises to the cloud.
Such Amazon will continue to grow into a monster company that all industries are frightening because it seamlessly works, such as entering the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

With such a background, Amazon is extremely popular with investors.
The stock price exceeded 1,100 dollars per share, and the speed of its rise continues to accelerate.
Therefore, PER, which shows how many times the stock price is being bought up against earnings per share, has already expanded by 294 times, so we can not deny the sense of transcendence.

Since Amazon's average PER is said to be 20 times, if Amazon falls within the proper stock price it will fall to $ 79. Is it $ 1,100 to $ 79? Moreover, Amazon is not distributed.

Can you stand up?

If you are expecting a leading type of stock, if the growth of anything can be seen even a little, there is a possibility that stock prices will sharply drop at a stroke.


"If something seems like a bit of growth to grow even a bit"

That's why.
Please remember.

■ I still want to buy FAAMG!
Nonetheless, it is easy to imagine that FAAMG shares are loved by users all over the world and that they will continue to grow. It is because the products and services provided by FAAMG companies in their daily lives are sublimated to an indispensable existence in our lives.

  - F: Facebook
  - A: Apple
  - A: Amazon
  - M: Microsoft
  - G: Google

I can not live any longer without the products and services of the above companies.
Perhaps, those who hold the same feeling are all felt by everyone who is watching the blog. So far, the company of FAAMG made the lives of people all over the world much more comfortable and interesting.
FAAMG shares are good brands, it is natural that they will be bought with future expectations.

I want a FAAMG! !


But, I am scared to buy it from a sense of high price. .

It is a natural psychology.
That is why we need to use a way to buy these stocks safely and securely.

The method is S&P 500 ETF.

Just buying the S&P 500 ETF will buy up now FAAMG which is cheap now.

As you can see, FAAMG stocks are lined up in the Top 10 of the constituent stocks.
In the S&P 500 ETF, FAAMG accounts for 13.38%.

As Berkshire, the 7th place investment company, also invests a lot in Apple and others, the proportion of FAAMG accounted for by S&P 500 ETF will increase even further if Berkshire is included.

In other words, by simply buying one S&P 500 ETF, you can become a FAAMG investor who is cheap and safe for transcendence and security.

Every month I am buying S&Because S&P 500 E ETF has distributions four times a year, you can taste the real pleasure of holding stocks exactly.
Also, even if the FAAMG stock fell sharply, the S&P 500 ETF also includes a number of super-large and excellent defensive shares, so it will also be a cushion of falling.

Investors who think that they want FAAMG stocks but who feel that they are afraid to take out hands at a high price would definitely consider buying S&P 500 ETFs.

Rather than purchasing FAAMG shares separately, there are great financial and mental benefits and to speak, FAAMG investors.

The time when US equity investment will become major will come at a stroke in the future.

Diamond Zai is a comprehensive monthly monthly magazine popular with investors.

In the last few years, the shareholder special feature featured a majority of the pages, and the composition was continued.
It is a popular investment law, and when Mr. Kiritani is made to appear, it is said that sales of magazines are not limited to diamonds Zai. As a business it is a very positive direction.

Well, in the January issue of Diamond Zay, I noticed how a US stock special feature was assembled.

Heading is

"High dividend and high-growth buying US stock"

And its composition is mainly

· Market capitalization ranking
· Advantage of US stocks in long-term investment
· Rice growing stocks that drive the world
· Expansion brands and high-dividend shares

What, it has been featured over 8 pages.
The contents seemed to compactly summarize the merits of US stocks that we are interested in by US stock bloggers.

It is quite interesting that a large number of US stocks featured in such popular magazines for Japanese investors.
"Oh, next to the shareholder benefit boom at Japanese investors is the era of US stocks" It is a symbol that seems to be.

However, I'm sure that US shares will never end with a transient boom.
There is a market that is recognized by long-standing economic development, stock price rise, history of increase and appreciation, hegemon countries, investors all over the world.
Like shareholder benefits, Wake is different from the baking-fire-burning system that abolishes Sokko for reasons that it is impossible to understand as soon as it is introduced.

Both US and US equity investment blogs will grow at a stretch in the next few years like shareholder benefit clusters. In that age, I think that it is gone in the marginal colonelical category, which is fighting for the reasons such as my brand name and investment law is the first, at the current small family level.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Reason why a declining Japanese company should emulate Google or Huawei.

It is Japan that has a steadily decreasing population.

To compensate for the labor shortage, the government is ragingly attracting excellent foreigners.
Unfortunately, however, Japanese companies are not attracted to flattery as a result of outstanding foreigners.

Japan, "the country that I do not want to work the most · first place".

According to the 2017 World World Talent Ranking announced by the Swiss Business School IMD on 20th, Japan has become the least appealing to highly talented foreign workers out of the 11 Asian countries studied.

In the world, it ranked 51st in 63 countries.

In Asia, Singapore ranked first and Hong Kong ranked second.

6: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thu) 10: 09: 34.67
As expected after all

11: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thu) 10: 11: 45.17
Drinking party after work
Talk of work even in the drinking party

12: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thu) 10: 11: 49.38
It seems that they are overdoing in 11 Asian countries ...

28: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thurs) 10: 15: 56.93
It is hard to go home.
Although it is after the fixed time and I return early, I ignore the greeting and my company is Zara

33: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thu) 10: 17: 57.53
That's not because we are Japanese people.

36: Nameless wanted. . . @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/11/23 (Thu) 10: 18: 41.57
Overtime wasteful overtime wastefully inefficient

There are articles supporting the voices of these Japanese salaried workers.

About 50% of foreigners who do not feel attractive in working in Japan

There are many complaints about Japanese companies.
Among them, there were particularly many complaints about the evaluation system and the pay raise system. Many companies do not evaluate salary or salary according to their abilities and outcomes but seniority system, which is causing complaints.

Also, long-term labor and paid holidays are considered problematic. Even if my work is over, Japanese employees who are working overtime often feel that it is difficult to return, or they have to get approval from their boss to take a day off, or they often feel stress.

I wonder if there are many people who are frustrated even by Japanese people. This is a problem not only for foreign students but also for Japanese people to improve.

Companies must stop seniority system, and companies need to consider systems that evaluate people with high abilities and achievements according to outcomes. For that purpose, the side that evaluates needs to face each employee.
Now that depression and overworked suicide are talked about, it is necessary to review the workplace environment for long hours work and vacation as well.

It is necessary to improve the atmosphere that is difficult to return home · to improve the atmosphere that is difficult to take a day off or to recognize the diversity of holidays tailored to the Chinese New Year and consecutive holidays in each country.

In summary, the disadvantages of Japan seen from foreigners,

· The wage according to the ability is low.
· The workers' rights are not protected.
· The culture which reads peculiar air in Japan does not match.

That is the place.

Especially, the point which excellent workers are concerned is wages.
Japanese companies that do not pay wages commensurate with their abilities will not be able to break through their first barrier. In America, those who are competent are in Zara, such as presenting an annual salary more than 8 digits in Japanese yen whether it is a new graduate or not.

For example, Google.

Google is famous as a well-treated company, and welfare special features will be held in the media such as TV many times in Japan.

Completely free employee cafeteria, mobile barber and salon, car oil and leasing subsidies, gym and clinics, chiropractic and physiotherapy, training, exercise and yoga, dance classes, bowling alleys, dry cleaning, libraries, etc. It seems to be a theme park.

The foundation necessary for corporate success is "growth".

In 1999, when Google, which started as a small company, placed chefs inside the company, they said that everyone was amazed.
However, the highest talent gathered because of the good treatment, now the corporate value has grown to the highest level in the world.

It is essence to gather talented personnel, and that technique will be an investment that is favorable treatment.
The advantage of favorable treatment attracts people, people get together, leading to the best product creation.
And the rise in stock price is the biggest goal of corporate activities.

In Japan, unfortunately facilities like Google seem to be playing.

There is still a persistent perseverance in the field of medicinalization of the guts that has been forbidden even when drinking water while exercising in physical education is still persistent in Japan, swearing loyalty to companies as slavery just as they clench their teeth It is believed to be indispensable for the growth of companies.

In addition, wage is seniority even if it is excellent.
Even if you achieve remarkable results, even if reflected in wages will be colored.

(To be confused. Foreigner...)

That means that you are being hated by Japan.

Companies that produce innovative services are reality in many companies that are overwhelmingly favorable even if they take such an example.

Subsequently, Huawei of a Chinese IT company that is making great strides.

In the last few years, Sumsha Shia has been out in third place after Samsung, Apple.
That president accepted the interview of WBS the other day.

If you want excellent talent, you must pay for it.

Well, once again Japanese companies are defeated.

As long as we can not switch to such thought circuits, Japanese companies will not appear attractive to their eyes.
That it is not attractive for an excellent foreigner is ...

It is not appealing to investors as well!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The biggest reason why US stock investment is advantageous.

Japan has achieved rapid economic growth after the defeat burning field and became the world's second largest economic power.

What is the biggest factor that Japan was able to revive greatly by being called the Oriental miracle?

It was because of the population bonus benefits.

The population and the economy are closely tied together, and population growth is proportional to economic development.
Today, the development of China and India is impressive, but this country also has a demographic bonus at the root.

The way of thinking is quite simple.

1. The more population, the more economic turn around by domestic demand, the income rises.
→ In other words, the national strength will grow.

2. The more population, the greater the possibility that excellent talent will be born.
→ In other words, the national strength will grow.

3. Excellent human resources will cause innovation and involve the world.
→ In other words, the national strength will grow.

In Japan this bonus was 50 to 60 years earlier. It's just that.
However, in Japan, rather than maintaining the benefits of the population bonus, the population is steadily decreasing due to the declining birthrate. Investing in a declining country can be regarded as a risk.

■ Meanwhile, America
I am experiencing population bonus even in the United States.
It is a baby boom that happened between 1946 and around 1964.
About 78.2 million Americans were born by this boom, and as this generation grew, the American society also grew rapidly. Many excellent talents were born, and pushed America to the world's largest country.

However, since these baby boomers are now in their 50s and over, it will be a little heavy to continue staying at the center that supports the American economy from now on.

In the United States, there are materials that can still be optimistic about the future.
There are more people in their twenties and thirties who are key to future economic growth than the population born in baby booms.

And Japan is completely opposite.
I understand why it is said to be declining birthrate.

From Japan, the population ratio of the United States is enviable as it is.
This is all the result of people in the whole world who have longing for the world's best country, seeking dreams, immigrating to the United States in large quantities.

The baby boomers created not only the name of an economic superpower, but also the "dream" of the American dream to people all over the world. This is awesome thing.

By the way, in the year 2100, the population of the United States has increased to nearly twice as much.
It is the default route that the United States will continue to receive population bonus from now on.

And Japan is completely opposite.
It is estimated that it will be reduced by about 40 million people in peak year 2010, by 2100.
This means that we will revert to population in 1950.

Hey ... It is hopeless. Are you okay? We are Japan ...

From this data, which country you should invest in is obvious.

The monkey can understand that the United States will continue to enjoy the population bonus from now on and that it is a country that continues to innovate.

I can recommend mindfully that the future market is America.

Monday, June 26, 2017

【Japan's strongest】 Reasons why TEPCO HD's stock price will soar

Summer 2017. The No. 1 stock ranked as the most expensive / cheap stock with the Nikkei average hired by Diamond · Zai announced in the winter continued to be "[9501] TEPCO Holdings" last time.

The forecast for this term is expected to increase by 7%, and as a giant enterprise with sales of 5 trillion yen, we expect to increase significantly, and the final profit will increase by 2.2 times.

Background that TEPCO was exploding in the first place
TEPCO was fueled by the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, causing an accident at Fukushima Daiichi NPS.
The worst accident since the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident that occurred on April 26, 1986, was recog- nized from the world, and it fell into a crisis of bankruptcy at a stretch.
Just after the accident, the company's stock price fell to a stop stop, and the stock price that had attached more than 2,000 yen before the accident fell to 128 yen.

The company, which was reigning as the king of defensive shares, is very popular with individual investors and institutional investors, and many people have TEPCO instead of deposits.
Some also invested the majority of the salary for a long time in TEPCO shares for many years and some had been sending their own dividend lives after early retirement.

At that time, the government promoted nuclear power plants, and the government did not dream of any accident that accident occurred because the nuclear plant explained "absolutely safe".
There is a big hit novel by Keigo Higashino, Keigo Higashino who is also a movie, "Bee in Heavenly Bee", but it is a work well understood at that time's nuclear myth.
It is often said that "the fact is stranger than the novel", but let us realize that what we can not imagine can happen is that we are living in the real world through this accident.

As a result, diversified investment is still fundamental in fundamental terms as investors,
It can be an investment law that can reliably and consistently increase assets by diversifying and investing in super large and high quality stocks.

■ Future TEPCO
By the way, although we are in the situation of each electric power company, we are recovering considerable performance including TEPCO.
Although there are pros and cons, there are many opportunities for the nuclear power plant to restart, pushing up the profits of each electric power company.
As the government takes a standpoint of promoting nuclear power plants, electric shares will continue to recover unless a big accident happens in the future.

Since TEPCO is the party who caused the accident, it is assumed that it will take several years to restart the nuclear power plant.
However, with the recent recovery of crude oil helped the business recovery so rapidly, the shareholders' equity ratio as of 1Q of 2017 has recovered to surprising 19.1%.

According to the company's forecast, it is expected to recover to the 22% level further by 2020.
Given that the capital ratio after the accident plummeted to 3.5%, it is a phenomenal resurgence play.

It is such a stock price of TEPCO, but you can see that it is still sluggish since immediately after the earthquake.
Decommissioning costs, compensation problems, and continued undisturbed are exacerbating investor psychology.

However, we believe that it is the best stock to buy at the moment, as materials that will boost the company's stock price will be lost in the future.

(1) Nuclear accident cost accident
Actually, TEPCO has no obligation to repay accident processing expenses.

The law says, "When nuclear damage is given, nuclear power companies concerned with the operation and the like of such reactors will be responsible for compensating for the damage", but in accidents with unexpected natural disasters exclude this I am doing.
In addition, if the accident cost exceeds 120 billion in one nuclear power plant, the country is obliged to spend money on expenses.

In 2014, nuclear damages compensation and decommissioning support mechanism law was established, all of which cost all nuclear damage compensation assistance organization (the state is the country) has come up.
This is not what TEPCO decided, it is what "country" decided to protect the country's most important infrastructure electric power.

(2) Compensation problem
It is decided to terminate a large amount of compensation paid uniformly to residents and business entities in the evacuation direction area for 2018 years.

It has already been six years since the accident, during which we have been compensating tens of millions of large funds for each evacuee family. Both TEPCO and evacuees can interpret that the time is coming for the future.

(3) Demand
TEPCO plans to rebuild to the 2020 level.
If a restitution is announced, the stock price will exceed 4 digits in one stroke.

This has been officially announced and is also shown in the company's "New and Comprehensive Special Project Plan".
In the early 2020s, we plan to return shareholders by resurrecting dividends or by initiating the cancellation of treasury stocks in the event that the progress of the business situation is evaluated by nuclear damage compensation management decisions management advocacy organization.
As a comment for investors, we are talking about such things by pushing.

"In the future, we will work hard to ensure earnings through thorough rationalization of management and strategic business development, and to pay dividends again. "

■ Summary
Based on the above, it will keep on an unprecedented low price in history [9501] It is not gambling to purchase TEPCO Holdings at this time anyhow, as a steady investment stock with a view to future price hikes and dividend revival You can grasp.

Even with the background that Nikkei average constituents are not eligible for replacement after the accident, the company's mission is serious,

Continue to be the strongest defensive share

There are no particular changes.

In the future, picking down prices can be an engine for future asset formation.