Wednesday, January 31, 2018

There is an adjustment phase, the future of the stock market is brilliant!

Goldman Sachs, the world's largest investment bank, predicted within the next few months that the global stock market will be falling by 10-20%. According to the Goldman strategist, the declaration is only an adjustment phase in the market that has continued to rise in a monotonically to the last, so it is issuing a statement that it thinks that it is a great buy opportunity.

Goldman's risk-taking motivation index (ie, the investor's Ikeikkei index) is at record high, euphoria (euphoria) boosts the stock price, while US long-term government bonds are risk-adjusted and worst performance hit I say that. At the same time as investor optimism is rising, we point out that the global geopolitical risk is noticeable.

On the other hand, these euphoria (euphoria) are considered to be reasons for the simultaneous world economic expansion to maintain bullishness, and it is considered that the adjustment will be prolonged or the risk of entering the bear market will be small as it is.

In fact, even if you enter the bear market, if it seems that it will go down regardless of corporate performance, it is no doubt that it is a sign of buying. Even if the market price declines, the world continues to turn around without concern, there are people's lives.

For example, if you wake up in the morning, use the electricity of TEPCO, attach lighting and air conditioning, commute by JR East train, use Apple's iPhone, launch Twitter app, get a hand at Johnson End Johnson cream Moisturize, work with HP computers with Intel's CPU and Microsoft's Windows OS, lunch at McDonald's, pay with VISA, drink Coca-Cola zero at break and do research on the internet Sometimes the packets go through Cisco routers and switches as many stars as you can through the global fiber that AT & T and Verizon could have laid, browse the Web site built with Amazon AWS or MS Azure's Iaas, After washing in the P & G concentration JOY, washing the hair with Vidal Sassoon in the bath, sleeping in Simmons' bed. (Japanese general life style based on chocolate choco TV survey)

Everyone's life style varies from person to person, but even if the market will decline, even if the market price will decline, business activities will continue constantly as there are people's lives. And companies earn money and continue to return to shareholders. As long as this is true, it is most effective to continue buying stocks and keeping dividends permanently.

Even if the market price declines, it is just a great opportunity to buy stock cheaply.

Amazon Empire. Next time to set up a healthcare company!

Chow. It is delivered by Amazon!

As a new sponsor by Mr. Sazae has decided to make a major decision at Amazon, will not Sabu will be delivering Amazon in the future? It is boiling on the topic of saying.

Such Amazon is steadily advancing into different industries steadily towards construction for its own empire.
Berkshire · Hathaway's Buffett, JP Morgan, and Amazon got together to set up a healthcare company. Originally, Buffett was packed with the current state of the American healthcare industry as "a starving parasite that uses the US economy as a food", but due to the launch of this joint venture, it will be a reward for the healthcare industry That's right.

In response to this report, healthcare related stocks were sold across the board in the US market last night.
NY Dow is significantly lower than 362 dollars. Medical insurance stocks such as United Health (UNH), Humana (HUM), CVS Health (CVS) of drug benefit management company and others fell across the board.

In October last year, when announcing that Amazon enters pharmaceuticals, it is also remembered that drug stock related stocks plunged sharply, but Amazon for other industries is a threat enough to be said to be a black ship.

Those who work for industries that are likely to be eroded by Amazon have the idea of ​​buying Amazon stock instead of insurance rather than investment purpose. If you are, you can hedge with the interests of Amazon stocks, even if you get taken office by Amazon, and vice versa.

Nonetheless, PER, which is an index showing the degree of stock price, is 364 times, Amazon is a purely expansive sweet spot, so even individual stocks are acceptable, but you can buy an ETF that contains Amazon somewhat Let's see.

For example, even if you buy an S&P 500 ETF, Amazon is the third largest constituent, so Choco will own Amazon on S & P 500.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cat to small, the way of deposit.

Even if I become a full-time employee, I know a lot

Mr. A graduated from a private university in Tokyo after coming to Tokyo from Ehime.

After graduating, I lost my savings for about two years and after living in 2012 I started posting work as a contract employee.

It is difficult to become a regular employee even if you are hired, and Tokyo has high hourly wage so you can do it even as a contract employee.

Full-time annual income is about 4.5 million yen, monthly take-home is about 300,000 yen. It saved about 2.5 million yen in five years.

"For example, buying a 1.5-liter plastic bottle without buying a price at convenience stores, buying Haagen Dazs.

I do not want to do a great luxury, but I wanted a clear space. I wanted money in that sense.

But even if I become a full-time employee, I know that annual income is about 6 million yen. "


Stocks are already in the market, the possibility of winning themselves is low, and gambling does not suit sex.

I resold clothes and figures imported from overseas with Yahoo auctions and Mercari, and although I could earn about 100,000 yen a month, it was "pretty tough".

In 2016, I was looking for a chance of a thousand inch that could be reversed even by myself, it was the virtual currency that I found.

"I studied thoroughly for about half a year about which one is good, after all I decided to ripple."


It was an outflow incident of a coin check that happened in such a situation.

I could hardly sleep at night on the spill.

"Because anyone can, I want to cry."

He said he was more mentally motivated to think so.

As a result, Mr. A just made a big game against Kaiji and got a superb victory with ripple, but this is a big game that made it possible for a human being who stood in the back of the backwater that gave up to life .

Nonetheless, even if you get rich, buying a 1.5 liter plastic bottle without looking at the price on a worldwide basis, or buying Haagen Dazs without hesitation, is no longer a luxurious range but too luxurious It can be said that it is an act.

Even if you have refunded to the coin check, it is obvious that you will soon be exhausted and become your life THE END unless this way of thinking circuit changes.

It is because most of the money is poorer than before getting rich quickly because you can not understand the value of money. The way of saying is a little bad, it is exactly a small size for cats. Nyanny.

For example, even if you become a full-time employee, even with the expression that the annual income is about 6 million yen or so is known, people with such thought circuits can become poor. I do not fully understand how much troublesome it is to be valuable in the present era to earn 6 million yen in annual salary.

In other words, I disregard the value of money.

He who laughs at 1 yen, cries at 1 yen.

Buffett says that it is the heartfelt attitude to cherish even 1 cent to create the future rich.


Even when I do a haircut, Buffett will ask my own question.

"Do I really want to spend $ 300,000 on this haircut?"

Of course it does not actually cost 300,000 dollars for a haircut, but even though it costs only 30 dollars, if it is operated at 10% per year it will be a considerably big asset in the decades that Buffett's idea of ​​compound interest is.

For most people, when a lot of money goes in, the cord of the wallet loosens and the waste can not stop.

But for Buffett, even casual consumption is usually contemplated and judged.

And that is

The real way of keeping people rich

It can be said that it is.

At the high interest rate of the US interest rate for the first time in 3 years and 9 months, the defensive shares will be sold again to Bokoboko! !

It's full of cheap~

NY Dow last night ended trading at $ 26,439.48, down 177.23 dollars.

It was Apple that became the driving force of the great deal. A big selling came after the fact that Apple reported that it would cut the production volume of iPhone X, which is the highest grade model, by half.

But the most noticeable thing is that defensive shares were sold back to Bokoboko again.

As the US long-term interest rate rose to the high level for the first time in 3 years and 9 months, selling also entered high-dividend defensive shares that lost its umami taste, and it became totally inexpensive. Following this, Choco owned individual US stocks all closed at minus.

■ Individual stock of chocolate possessed (the day before)
AT&T: -0.56 (-1.48%)
Coca-Cola: -0.83 (-1.71%)
Procter & Gamble: -0.87 (-0.99%)
American State Water: -0.64 (-1.14%)
IBM: -0.54 (-0.32%)
Royal · Dutch · shell: -0.45 (-0.61%)
Verizon Communications: -0.56 (-1.48%)
Alto · · Group: -1.19 (-1.68%)
Phillip · Morris International: -1.58 (-1.43%)

Nonetheless, despite falling, there is no difference that it is large unemployment, and as it is true that the high dividend of consecutive increase has brought about a large return, in such high-grade high-dividend shares the stock price It is unnecessary to feel sorry for one's height above and below. We need to watch over a long-term perspective.

In addition, such high-dividing stocks of large defensive are expected to benefit greatly from the reduction of cards in the future, so it is expected that they will also enjoy the benefits of the rise in stock prices while benefiting from high dividends.

Monday, January 29, 2018

People who defend coin checks will be addicted to fraud or something to religion someday.

In response to the issue of NEC's leakage of 58 billion yen by the coin check, the voices of praise are overflowing on the Internet to the company that announced the policy of compensating NEM holders in Japanese yen without a day .

God correspondence Kitakore! ! lol

I think it's a wonderful response.

Good exchanges ... I wish to compensate

Coin check, I think Mr. Wada showed off bad guys.

I think that I will follow CC in the future if compensation is actually made.

President Wada of Coin Check is a faithful young man.

I thought that it would do. Good luck Coin check!

Mr. Wada president of the coin check guarantee all the NEM's own burden

President Wada Kami correspondence too impressed! ! !

I will continue to support the coin check

Speedy decision making wonderful

I can affirm, but these people are definitely worried about religion whether they will be frauded someday.

It is an interesting composition that praises perpetrators why somehow they are overwhelmingly damaged.

First of all, the point is that the coin check gets overgrown. Pay the large sum of 46 billion yen to be refunded with current savings (ie cash)! It is the amount of money that can not be considered by an ordinary company to have finance that can be brought out at last.

This is a story talked about on Twitter, but the coin check is an emerging venture with only 71 employees. That means that you can get 58 billion yen on that system means that at least net incremental profit is over 50 billion yen.

Comparing how much more than 50 billion people are in 71 people ...

With that Rakuten, 15,000 employees with net income of 38 billion for one year.

On the other hand, the coin check is about 71 people.

The difference of about 200 times this size means that we can compensate 50 billion yen.

Even when looking calmly, you can see that it has considerably abnormal profit.
(However, making money itself is not bad at all.)

The problem is that despite being so profitable, we did not even have the minimum business investment necessary to do IT business. Even though engineers are responsible for IT business, few engineers have retained the skills they deserve to operate. It is surprising because hundreds of millions of money were gathered at such a place.

Also, although it is said that compensation is declared, it is also interesting that the voice to defend president Wada is growing, "It is bad custom of Japan to hit young managers!" In the first place, even though it is from a business point of view, there is no young dullness in evaluating to a suspicious manager who does not even need the minimum necessary work (business investment) ....

The company's slenderness is as follows.

【Time series summary】

■ 1/26 afternoon (during a riot)
Move assets from to LSK
100 LSK
10000 LSK
20000 LSK
10,000,000 LSK
4,180,000 LSK

■ 1/26 evening "Ah, still there!" Batan "Gahahaha w"

■ 1/26 interview 19: 00 ~
CC "Only shareholder protection is done with top priority"
Reporter "Who is a shareholder?"
CC "We are two people"

■ 1/27 14: 39 (Coin check stopped)
Move 3,149 LSK further from to LSK
Date: 2018/01/27 14: 39: 13
3,149 LSK
◆ Before closing the key (even after closing) the assets that escaped outside
XRP (ripple) 17 billion yen
LSK (Risk) 38 billion yen

■ 1/28
Compensation timing and procedures for customers are "under consideration", "no prospect"
Only the payment by yen is possible.


A fact that NEM was hacked took over eleven hours, is hacked during the press conference as well. The story that engineers were quite short or there was no engineer with technical knowledge.

Even if you meet such an eye

I will continue to use the coin check! !

Even people who can not learn, such as being hacked again and losing their assets can not be helped and can not be defended.

Unfortunately, once companies do it, if they do not make reforms such as changing the personnel structure, they are very likely to do so again.

Since I think that flower gardens in the brain saying that they continue to support the coin check and president Wada will walk the life that continues being deceived for the rest of the time, it is better to be careful, or you should face the reality directly or not Is it?

If you are a chocolate, you can not trust your important assets to a company with such a loose company as much as 1 yen ☆

Due to the coverage report coverage report, virtual currency related stocks blew up! !

Following the rise in US stocks, Japanese stocks also have a significant increase, exceeding the Nikkei average of 150 yen on average.

Among Japanese stocks, it is a stock related to virtual currency that gets an eye out. The virtual currency collapsed from the coin check NEM hacking incident, but as the company announced it would compensate for the spill, the market felt secure and the virtual currency increased sharply.
The stocks related to virtual currencies of Japanese stocks are also rising sharply as it is dragged by this boom.

■ SBI Holdings
+130 yen (+ 5.06%) compared with the previous day

■ GMO Internet
+146 yen (+ 7.23%) compared with the previous day

■ GMO Financial Holdings
+ 30 yen (+ 4.17%) compared with the previous day

■ Ceres
+102 yen (+ 5.09%) compared with the previous day

■ ULS Group
+48 (2.64%) over the previous day

Nonetheless, the Financial Services Agency says, "As we announced in a statement this time that there was no explanation that we can confirm the refund payment ability of coin checks," as if we announced a statement that NEM could compensate for users who suffered loss It is still uncertain situation. In addition, it is expected that a lot of sales will be issued if the transaction of coin checks is restarted all the time, and at that time it is considered that there is a high possibility that virtual currency brands will fall side by side.

I think that it will be mentally and mentally hyped by investing in US stocks that gradually and steadily rise rather than aiming for a quick rise with virtual currencies that go up or down by dozens of percent at the daily level .

By the way, the Japanese archipelago is suffering from an intense cold wave and it seems to be a day of fierce cold today, but chocolate is warmed up with American stocks. (I was happy ~)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Coincheck compensates NEM! ! To refund yen with own funds.

My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...My NEM ...

Teach Nem Taro's whereabouts Clemens! !

Please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return and return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please return ... return ... Clemens ... please return ... return ... Clemens ... please return ... ... Please return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return Clemens ... please return ... return ... Clemens ... please return ... return ... return clemens ... please return ... return ... return clemens ... please ... return ... return ... ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return Clemens ... please ... return ... return Clemens ... please ... return ... return ... Clemens ... please ... return ... return Clemens ... give me ... to return ... and return Clemens ...

Dangerous ... I'm going to get out with a bullshit

Wow aweshipfully! ! ! ! !

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! ! !



Total amount: 523 million XEM
Number of holders: approximately 260,000
Compensation method: All NEM holders will refund to coin check wallet in Japanese yen.
Calculation method: We will calculate the price using the weighted average of the volume, with reference to the virtual currency exchange Zaif's XEM / JPY (NEM / JPY) operated by Tek Bureau Inc. . The calculation period is the weighted average price from NEM's suspension of trading at Coincheck to this release, and will be refunded in JPY.
Calculation period: At the time of sale stop (2018/01/26 12: 09 Japan time) ~ this release delivery time (2018/01/27 23:00 Japan time)
Compensation amount: 88.549 yen × number of possession
Compensation timing etc.: Regarding the compensation timing and procedure method, it is currently under consideration. In addition, we will carry out repayment funds from our own funds.

seriously! ! !

Full payment, NEM is self refunding yen repayment! ! !

This is surprising truly

Instead, where such self-funded ...

Did not the topic that capital was only 92 million yen?

... I thought, this tweet.


I'm pretty profitable.

If, then, do invest more money in security from the beginning! Pun! !

Anyway, who was speculating on NEM because it seemed to be just making money, did not it be a good study fee?

What are you investing in? What are the risks?

It is my important money, so I think that it is important to look again now.

NEM is booming in response to this.


After all it is speculation.



If you want to succeed, act anyway and do the amount!

Tokyo Women 's Medical University Hospital.

It is a hospital with the proven track record in Japan with cardiac surgery. Professor visits conducted by Professor Shinnai, a cardiac surgeon belonging to this hospital, are familiar scenes even in white large towers and the like. Follow the nurses and young doctors in the corridor of the hospital, and go around the hospital room. Actually, this circulation is often ridiculed as "Daimyo queue" or "symbol of authority", but Professor Shinnabe says that it is an important task because it also serves as a reason for young doctor's education.

Professor Shinnai enters surgery as soon as the round is over.
Actually, this Shinnan Doctor, about three times as much as a general cardiac surgeon, will do about 300 operations per year.

Why do you need to do many surgery so far?

"By doing a number, technology is refined and leads to quality."

"The probability of failing and becoming unhappy will also drop sharply."

Professor Shin Niwa said:

Currently, Professor Shin Niwa is embarking on the support of developing countries and continues to save people around the world with surgery.

The fastest way to raise the "quality" is "the quantity" is a theory proving various great men. Many people talk in an interview, for example, that a person who actually succeeded has done a lot of exercise to raise the quality.


Well, according to Art & Fear, a collaborative work by artist David Beils and Ted Orlando, the result of the experiment to measure whether to give good results by choosing either quantity or quality is overwhelming .

Experiment is a lesson to create ceramics of a school.

We divided the students into two groups of quantity and quality and ask them to practice to create points for a certain period of time. Before the experiment, I just told that the evaluation was made based on the amount of points created in the quantity group and the quality group was scored by the quality of the prepared pots.

As a result of the experiment, the volume group succeeded in creating the key point with the highest quality. According to David Beils and Ted Orlando, the group of volumes learned from the mistakes made while creating many acupuncture points, and produced good results.

On the other hand, the quality group spent time thinking about how to create it perfectly, but it was not reflected in the actual work.

It is actually universal truth that the shortest way to raise the quality is quantity. Either investment or continuing writing blogs, work or study, whatever your goal can be anything you want to do, anyway, by accumulating some sort of inputs and outputs every day, technology is refined and connected to quality I will continue.

If you want to succeed, before you think about these extra things, act anyway and do the amount (trial and error).

It leads to learning from that, improving quality and making success.

Investors who are ignorant and are not studying, as seen in pumpkin carriage cases.

Smart days.

It is a real estate company that has grown with the momentum that sells "pumpkin's horse-drawn carriage" of approximately 800 women-only sharehouses in just under four years and drops flying birds. However, suddenly the bank's loans were tightened, the pace of building construction slowed sharply. The deficit of the subleasing business could not be compensated and the cash flow situation deteriorated.

The problem is the owner who invested in this women's private house "Pumpkin's chariot". The owner who was tempted by the sweet word that you can get a full flat-rate rent guarantee for 30 years, the owner investing, is likely to push through the way of bankruptcy alongside this rent revision (the rent guarantee to the owner disappears) It is getting. Also, it is said that residents of the pumpkin carriage are in a state of sukka.

At a briefing on which smart days opened with a pumpkin owner on 17th this month,

"Clearly, we do not have the funds (Smart Days), we can not do anything with ourselves"

"Complete suspension of sublease rent payment to owner from next month"

I declared.

One owner speaks.

"Investment is risky, but it is a system that real estate companies take with that risk, and it has been deceived in the singing phrase of fully fixed flat rent guarantee for 30 years ..."

It says that this owner has decided to invest in order to obtain unemployment income after retirement.
In the hands of the owner, there was a book written by Smart Days president "Real estate investment profitable at" rent 0 yen · vacancy ".

The owners are screaming that "life has gone badly" and "There is no choice but to self-assault bankruptcy".


As you can see from the Leo Palace issue, there are no tasty stories such as someone taking over risks. No profit will be born in places without risk.

Why ignorance speaks frequently in chocolate blogs that it is a sin, why is the Japanese who is stingy with money in the world and struggling with money to pour a lot of money into this sweet temptation?

Not only real estate but also the virtual currency.
Even with equity investment, rapidly moving investment laws such as boro shares and theme stocks continue to be a popular technique.

And even if you lose, everything is self-responsibility.

A rescuer would not be able to reach an investor who threatens to pay attention to an important asset to what seems to be a fraud as soon as studying.

For those who dream of owning real estate investment, we recommend investing in REITs.
Or maybe it would be a shareholder of Mitsui Fudosan or Mitsubishi Estate. After all it is obvious that becoming a shareholder of a good company produces the most stable and permanent benefits. Shareholders are the best choice for the general public.

· What is REIT?
REITs are funds collected from many investors, purchasing several real estate such as office buildings, commercial facilities, condominiums, etc., and distributing the rental income and sales profit to investors. It will be real estate investment, but it is lawmakers of investment trusts.

A mechanism called REIT was born in the United States, it is called REIT, which stands for "Real Estate Investment Trust". Following this, in Japan it is called "J-REIT" with JAPAN's "J" in his head. J-REIT is a member of mutual fund, but it is listed on the stock exchanges.

· What is Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsubishi Estate?
The industry's largest developer.
Mitsui Fudosan, which promotes redevelopment mainly around Nihonbashi, and Mitsubishi Estate which handles Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho. Both are the industry's largest conglomerate companies. A super large company no longer requiring explanation. To buy Mitsui Fudosan and Mitsubishi Estate shares is to become an owner of these companies.

Shareholders will continue to be strongest as long as the times remain a capitalist society.

It is obvious that good-quality stocks will continue to produce permanent profits.

This is also understandable if you study for a while.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Let's start American shares now!

Actually, I was aiming for one reversal of life and I spent 20 million of all assets in NEM of coin check ...
I lost my life, car, girlfriend, drinking party, abroad travel, gave up marriage, we cut down lunch fee every day 20 million yen has gone ...

While this kind of tweet posting continues, coinckeck incident continues to be overwhelming top news in Yahoo. With such a virtual currency aside, NY Dow has once again updated its historical highs. The closing price is $ 26,616. Intel, familiar to Japanese at "Intel?", Recorded a sharp rise of 10% or more, leading the rise of NY Dow. With this, NY Dow will continue to update the highs for the fifth consecutive day. If it is the Nikkei average, it will be the high price update for the first time in ○○! I think that I often see the expression that, NY Dow traces all the past history and keeps updating those highs on a daily basis.

This is the strongest market, America alone is what you look around the world.

But investing in America is a little difficult ... It's high in overseas, right? I think that there are also many people, but actually it is now time to buy American stocks in a simple way by simply using Japanese online securities such as SBI Securities and Monex Securities. Moreover, even American companies are quite familiar to our lives and only companies that have been indebted to us from day-to-day. For example, the following stocks are adopted in NY Dow.

· Apple
It is no longer necessary to explain ~.
iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac are the main manufacturers.

· Microsoft
Also need explanation here!
Windows, Ofiice etc, this is an era when you can not work.

· Intel
Semiconductor manufacturer familiar with the "Intel, entering?"
Even your computer is well included!

·Coca cola
Shuwa ~! !
And it is a company that manufactures Coca-Cola loved around the world.

· P&G
It is a consumer goods manufacturer such as Ariel, Pantene, Fabrez.
Are there many people who think that they are too close to their lives and are no longer Japanese companies?

·Walt Disney
It is the headquarters of Mickey.
Actually, Oriental Land which operates Japan Disneyland is contractually contracted with Walt Disney.

· Johnson End Johnson
Body cream, I often use it ~!
Moreover, it is the world top in medical field.

It is sneaker nike.
Everyone is wearing. That is that Nike.

It is VISA of credit card transaction.
Here, even on your wallet!

· McDonald's
It is the headquarters of McDonald's.
McDonald's in Japan is a subsidiary.

· American Express
It is a card company familiar with Amex card.

· Boeing
Boeing 787, it was talked a while ago.
JAL and ANA are purchasing aircraft of Boeing.

· · · In this way, only companies that develop business to the world by just NY stocks like this.
Rather than understanding the technical concepts of the virtual currency, investing in American stocks is more understandable and it is very familiar.

In a coincheck case who was discouraged in the virtual currency,

"I have stopped investing anymore! Korigori!"

And those who are thinking about retirement, I would like you to consider American shares by all means.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Normal investors do not reinvest investment profits or dividends.

It is a theory that has been proven by various scholars and books that reinvestment of profit on sale obtained by stock management, dividends can be made rich in snowball.

Einstein, also known as the 20th century's greatest physicist, says what he called "the greatest invention of mankind" "the greatest force in the universe" is "compound interest". Compound interest is the idea that "not only principal, but interest yields interest", it is the concept of interest that the description is also described in Roman law, and it is not particularly novelty, but its effect is overwhelming is.

Well, according to WBS, sales of luxury jewelery are strong, and signs of the bubble economy are showing signs. Sales of high-priced items including jewelry are steady and exceed the year-on-year rate for nine consecutive months. So why is the jewelry market, which had been said to be low after the collapse of the bubble, so strong, so far?

Japan's largest jewelry trade fair is being held for four days from the 24th of this month. There, over 1,000 companies from 31 countries have exhibited, and various jewelry items are lining up. There seems to be super high-end glasses of 30 million yen that used 300 or more diamonds.

Among the jewels lined up in the trade fair, the maximum amount of goods is pink diamonds.
Pink diamonds are very rare and are said to be worthy of diamonds. Among them, even more rare and worthwhile products are priced at 800 million yen (!).

In addition, there was the appearance of a luxury American brand that it participated for the first time in 10 years.
Its name is Zorab · Atelier de Creation. According to the story, I did not participate since the economic downturn of Japan since the collapse of the bubble, but because I expected that demand for jewelry will increase due to the stock price recovery in Japan, I participated. Demand for jewelery items also increases as the economy improves. The bracelet which is the product of that company will be 16 million yen.

The booming economy by avenomics has been largely reflected in the selling of jewelry items in recent years.
Tadao Ishiwa, president of Reed Corporation, organizer of the International Jewelry Exhibition, says.

"In the past four to five years, low-priced fashion jewelry for young people has sold very well, but from around last year high-class jewelry for wealthy people began to sell well."

Finally, a rice soldier who operates the largest recycling shop in Japan.
In rice soldiers, brand bags and jewelry are on sale. As an aside, also rumors that Miss Cava brings gifts from customers as they are ...

It is said that Daisuke Iwata manager of such a railroad Ginza store also feels the recent change in selling.

"Recently, luxury goods exceeding 1 million yen have been selling well, yesterday also selling things in the price range of 3 million yen."

Although purchasers were mainly foreigners, recently we say that there are many Japanese customers.

· · · The number of assets has increased due to recent stock price, and more people buy jewelry items due to their rewards.

It is a memorable new event that the Nikkei Stock Average has recovered to the highest price in 26 years. "The number of customers who purchase high-end jewelery is increasing, with profits gained through stock investment." For rice soldiers, sales and unit price for customers in the October - December 2017 period increased by more than 10% from the previous year, and I am planning to strengthen the lineup of high - end jewelry items in the future.

As you can see in these cases, few investors are trying to reinvest with the profits earned on the stock price. Most investors do not reinvest with selling profits or dividends obtained through stock management. This is equivalent to forcibly raise the standard of living by simply remembering luxury.

In order for everyone to become rich surely, it is only a matter of reinvesting the profits and dividends earned by stock management steadily and making compounding operations.

Jewelry looks like an asset at first glance, but when design is old, you should know that it is a product that is sensitive to trends, such as worthlessly worth the value. Even if you make a mistake, say "Reward yourself ~ ♪" and pray that you will not buy luxury jewelry etc. that will lose value.

... The reader of Choco Blog is convinced that it will be OK ☆

All investment is self-responsibility! Let's study unless you want to be duck.

Although it was also talked about on Twitter, consultation of the virtual currency seems to be increasing rapidly to the consumer life center (lol). In the first place, if you are studying investment normally, you should understand that it is nothing but self-responsibility to fail investment, so the idea of ​​consulting "Consumer life center" will come up Although that itself is a mystery.

Let's check the definition of consumer living center here.

Consumer living centers etc. accept consultation from consumers, such as complaints and inquiries concerning consumer living in general such as goods and services, and are in a fair position.

After all, they are investing without considering nothing as "consumer" rather than "investor" so it will be deceived colloquially ~ is not it? Here, if it is a consumer's position, you guarantee a manufacturer somewhere? It's such a feeling.

Well, consumers are extremely important, but in the coming era, life is waiting for consumers to learn as long as they do not become smarter as they study, so let's be careful.

And the essential article is below.

~, Fragrant · · ·

Everyone will not make investment considering losses

It seems that the consultation partner is also in trouble

What? I will become ww Pocahn

First of all, I should remember the word "self-responsibility"

I blame everyone for my fault

Consultant "Here you decide your chest and make a snack!"

Male in twenties "I really want to ask if I can make a profit" ←! What? lolololol

Impression operation article to make virtual currency evil

Should the title be changed to "Insane Question Increase in Virtual Currency"

A person who can not be examined by himself is no good

It's a good study fee.

But, do your best ...

Answer "Investment is self-responsibility."

When consulting it seems that the deficit will become chara.

Even though stock investment is the same, even if you buy it by buying up a famous follower, it is your own responsibility. Just by comprehensively judging your business model, future potential, stability, making earnings etc comprehensively, we will have an environment where investment can be made for the first time.

Always keep investing in mind that you are not a consumer, but an investor at the time you make an investment!

NEM crash! Invisible "safety" should also be added to investment points.

It is a major news that coincheck, a major bit coin exchanger in Japan, has 512 million XEM as the virtual currency "XEM", which is regarded as customer assets under custody, and about 62 billion yen or more in Japanese yen .

In response to this report, NEM has slumped by more than -13%.

NEM Boy, I'm breathing ~! What?

According to the report, even if we inquire to coincheck company, even if we ask questions individually online, we will only have a reply of the content saying "I want you to wait until the situation where official explanation is available" is.

In the first place, because the virtual currency exchange is a venture business, it is impossible to invest heavily in security that is not money. On the other hand, Megaban and traditional banks are investing enormously with insults fucked into security. The same is true for net securities ~.

Invisible safety is also an age that should be taken into consideration for investment decisions.

For example, security is quite robust in shares, it is impossible to cause funds to be withdrawn to an attacker's account even if they are illegally accessed. I have to break through the security of many security.

Apart from whether this is inconvenient or not,

Convenience and security are always a trade-off.

It is much easier to secure your precious assets robustly.

Let's protect your precious money on your own.
Also, choose the investment destination that will protect you.

... By the way, speaking of the virtual currency Mr. Degawa will not feel sorry ~
I have it! This person (lol)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Let's value 100 yen. Let's cherish even 1 yen.

Can coffee, sweet!

Coffee is good.

Well then! ! ! !

How much funds do I need to obtain 100 yen for canned coffee with dividends?

If it is a stock that you can expect a yield of 3% per year, you will need a simple calculation of 3,400 yen. In other words, you need 34,000 yen to get 1,000 yen, 340,000 yen to get 10,000 yen, and 3,400,000 yen to get 100,000 yen.

I think that it is worth 3,400 yen paradoxically for 100 yen on hand that is now at hand.

Also, if you accumulate the 100 yen you tried to buy canned coffee each month, and you had compound interest for 20 years with a yield of 3%, you can increase it to 30,000 yen. The result of simply using minus was increased by 30,000 yen. If you make this a large amount, 0 will be attached to the buttocks a lot, so your future will be much bigger.

At one time, Buffett found a 1 cent coin on the floor and picked it up at the squat.

People around me,

What does the millionaire pick up such small change ...

I was surprised, Buffett said

"It's the first step to a billion dollars"

It was said.

Buffett is not worth the money whenever you see money, but looks at the future value of "If you invested this?" "If you increase with compound interest?" That way, one cent may be one billion dollars. So, Buffett will not be luxurious without knowing it.

Indeed, it is said that Berkshire Hathaway's expenses have been completed in 1 / 250th of other companies in the same industry.

At one point, there is a story to relocate to a cheaply-sale building, which is a quarter of the regular price, but there is an episode being canceled. The reason was that "Because I will lose my brakes when I luxury."


Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's companion, says that "shifting to a less luxurious office has a bad influence on employees".

If you are only wasting to say 100 yen patch etc., let's be careful as it will become poverty straightforward.

Takao 100 yen, but 100 yen.

In extreme terms, only people who have a spirit of treasure even 1 yen can reach Buffett-like point.

【Dollar Transfer Festival】 Dollar yen, entering the 108 yen range at once! The Nikkei average has drastically reduced.

The yen appreciation and the dollar depreciation will not stop.

Although there was observation of the monetary easing spreading in the Japanese market and it was swaying to the high yen, even if the Bank of Japan moved to the fire of those observations, the yen appreciation and the dollar depreciation were advanced. On the 24th, US Treasury Secretary Muinkin told the Davos meeting that "a weak dollar will benefit the United States in terms of trade etc." on the 24th. In response to this, yen has entered the 108 yen range at one time.

Today's Nikkei average has been significantly lower than 200 yen due to the yen appreciation.
Although NY Dow updated its record high for the first time in two days, it is a sad price, but Japan is eventually an exporting country, so the influence on currency effects on business performance can not be ignored.

Nonetheless, this aspect is convenient for US stock investors.
To say that the yen is high means that you can buy a dollar cheaply. That means that you can buy US stocks cheaply!

For example, suppose that a hamburger has a price of $ 1 at McDonald's in the USA. However, if the price was 100 yen per dollar, if the dollar became 80 yen, 20 dollars could be raised to Good value. In other words, you will be able to buy a hamburger for 20 yen.

Hamburger is so to speak American stock.
Although MCD is currently $ 176 per share, even if the stock price does not change, the more you move to the yen, the more you can buy MCD cheaply.

Good value! ! ! !

US equity investors will be pleased to welcome the yen appreciation.
Do not miss this opportunity, let's change dollars for a while.

P.S. chocolate has been about $ 400,000 dollars for the time being.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Is the era an IT engineer from the MBA? No, he has been a shareholder since long ago.

The financial industry is entering a big turning point.

Black Rock, the world's largest asset management company, familiar with the iShares series of ETFs. Black Rock introduces a system that allows employees to acquire unlimited leave, pursuant to an IT company of Silicon Valley famous for wonderful welfare programs such as lunch, a shuttle bus, a gym and a clinic free, to enhance welfare benefits Did.

CEO Lawrence Fink commented that it will promote IT reform and change Black Rock. And it is aiming at appealing to excellent young people longing for a more casual and flexible work environment.

The company that the recent American youngster wants to get a job is flowing from the flower-shaped finance to the IT. This is a situation in which Goldman Sachs is concerned as well and they are desperate to surround excellent young people. As an example of the countermeasure, a necktie was essential for a suit, but within the company it is beginning to break down the tradition in which hard clothing was disciplined since the first half of 2000, such as OK without a tie.

"This reform shows where BlackRock puts its foot forward, Black Rock analyst Kyle Sanders, 10 years ago looking for talent qualified as master of business administration (MBA) from Harvard Although it was a data scientist and a software developer who are looking for it now, "he says.

In Wall Street, the demand of IT engineers is a record high.
Nowadays machines are outperforming human beings, such as AI from traders, big data than analysts, and it is inevitable that the financial industry will have a restructuring storm due to the evolving IT technology.

This is the same in Japan.
It is famous in Japan, especially where banks are saturated. According to a certain data, the proportion of the number of banks against population density was Japan 's No. 1 in Buchchgilli. Also, employees are holding them more than necessary, which makes the profits tight.

In response to this situation, the megabank 3 rows announced a major restructuring.
By IT reform such as store automation, we reduce employees and reduce costs. Mizuho Bank has already tested and operated next-generation shops automated by IT, FinTech Corner which can consult securities / trust etc. by utilizing the video conference system and experience asset management support by robot advisors I am equipped. In addition, employees at stores can be greatly reduced from traditional stores, and the number of tellers at windows has been reduced to about two people.

Banks are popular flower form companies even in employment.

Even such a company is difficult to resist the current of the times. Ten years ago it would not have been thought by anyone that IT would erode other industries. What you can learn from this lesson is that no matter how excellent you are, the skills and demand will always become obsolete due to the flow of the times.

IT engineers are now in flower form, but the concept that surpasses IT appears, and even the IT engineer can not be denied the possibility that it becomes obsolete. While the flow of the times is accelerating, there is no correct answer such as "absolute" while living.

... However, there is a universal mechanism that will never change even in such a time. That is capitalism. In the capitalist society, shareholders continue to stay at the top. In the past, it might have been very difficult to become a shareholder, but now it is an era when everyone can become a shareholder simply by clicking on the net. There is no need for special skills.

Just acting a bit can become the top of a capitalist society, so I think that it is better to buy some stock earlier and become a shareholder.

With Amazon Go, more and more people will be culled!

A shop that can shop without a register.
"Amazon Go" finally opened in Seattle.

■ How Amazon Amazon Works
· Scan the Amazon Go application bar code with the entrance gate
· Camera and sensor recognize customers' Amazon account
· Pass through the gate and enter the store
· Enjoy shopping with private shopping bag in hand
· Multiple sensors grasp all movements inside the store
· Multiple sensors track the products taken by customers
· When you leave the store with goods, you charge for the account

The store clerk seems to be enough to replenish the item and monitor the account that purchased the alcoholic beverage.
No, like the bank restructuring, this is exactly the first step of human selection ~.

Seven and Lawson and Famima finishing this yaro

Upward compatibility of convenience stores is Amazon go

We use electronic money and cash The cutting edge


Do not cut labor costs steadily with machines

There is also a possibility that all convenience stores will be like this in the future from Japan due to the shortage of man and Japan

I'm getting more and more convenient.

Incidentally, Walmart, the largest retailer in the US, has already developed a system that does not require a check-out called Scan & Go, and is actually using it. It seems to be popular for users as well.

In addition, McDonald's can also order from the panel, and the mechanism of human beings is beginning to be established. This is also very popular with users! !

Also, as a digression, there are vending machines of luxury cars in Singapore. This is also very popular, luxury cars are selling well to sell. Does it mean that two employees are OK? Personnel expenses are so expensive that automation will result in considerable cost savings.

Thus, in the near future where automation advances, human beings are steadily being culled.

The only way to survive is to become a shareholder.

Just keep on buying golden tickets.

Even if there was any crash.

【S&P 500】 Cremation pain Puzzle that rescues citizens.

Differentiated junmun

1. Press the LOSS OF LOSS button.

2. Change to full JPY.

3. Establish an account of SBI Securities or Securities.

4. We invest fully in the issue of S&P 500 (SPY / 1557 / VOO / IVV).

5. Leave it for 20 years.

Although it is a cremation pain citizen still being burned down by the fire of hell, just by casting the above five spells it is safe to return to the human world safely. Chocolate is seriously worried about the current situation, such as launching a suicide prevention forum due to the collapse of bit coins on the U.S. news site and I feel a sense of duty to properly inform the correct knowledge of investment, so to speak, the so-called royal road Yes.

For example, Monacoin has plummeted from 2,400 yen to 600 yen, but it is not sane because he thinks that throwing hundreds of thousands, millions of things into such neta coin as usual. Even earning 1 yen is a tough world, why can we invest in full power with the reason that such incomprehensible coins are "just profitable"? It seems like riding a runaway train without brakes.

■ What is S&P 500?
Well, the S&P 500, which saves cremation pain citizens, is the world's most famous ETF (Listed Investment Trust), boasting the longest history in the USA. It consists of about 500 companies representing the United States. Since many important companies worldwide are selected, it is adopted as an important index alongside NY Dow. NY Dow is like the Nikkei average in Japan.

By buying only one S&P 500, everyone can asset formation safely and securely.

There are only S&P 500 even if you look at such a wonderful investment destination.

■ Buffett too!
Warren Buffett.
Have you heard of it? It was a topic for a while in the cremation pain area as well.

Mr. Warren Buffett, an asset owner, said he was not a fan of virtual currency like bit coins and stated that their value jump would be short lived.

Mr. Buffett said in an interview with CNBC on the 10th, "I can almost say with confidence that virtual currencies will lead to bad consequences in general."

"I do not know when it will happen or how it will happen, but I know this only if I can buy a 5-year putt for every virtual currency, I will be willing to do it But I will never even short for 10 cents. "


(Source: Bloomberg)

It was often tweeted before the crash.

Here is such a gorgeous (゚ ⊿ ゚) I do not know !!

And every cremation pain citizen said that (laugh)

However, it came just as I said. That's right, this guy, a living God who has a crystal ball that can see the future. Because we earn 9 trillion yen in assets alone. It is in one generation? It is no longer a subject to be compared at all compared to millions of people who dream of cremation pain which is being burned down by the fire of hell.

It is famous that the god instructs his wife "asset management at S&P 500" after the death of his own, but this is also a statement that even amateurs of investment can become rich certainly. In other words, it is God's only brand name.

■ Constituents of S&P 500
Top 10 companies are as follows.

1. Apple Inc. (Apple)
2. Microsoft Corp (Microsoft)
3. Inc (Amazon)
4. Facebook Inc (Facebook)
5. Johnson & Johnson (Johnson And Johnson)
6. Berkshire Hathaway B (Berkshire · Hathaway)
7.JP Morgan Chase & Co (JP Morgan Chase)
8.Exxon Mobil Corp (Exxon Mobil)
9. Alphabet Inc A GOOGL (Google)
10.Alphabet Inc C GOOG (Google)

Everyone in the world knows, it is only companies that everyone in the world uses.
It is almost like 500 companies included in this issue. You can not imagine not using the products and services of these companies, do you? I think so even Japanese living in an island country in the Far East, you can see how American companies earn the world and earn money by earning the world.

■ The chart always rises to the right! !
The world is made to suck up profits to hegemon countries. It is the same theory that big companies suck up wealth. The whole world is a small and medium enterprise, and America is the body of a group company. And innovation is constantly occurring, and the population is also increasing. Both the past, the present and the future, America is the only rare country.

And that chart is here.

Wow! It is amazing.

It has been growing for 10 years. Besides, I get dividends once every three months.
Because we can get money that companies can earn properly from all over the world, there are entities that are not in the virtual currency.

You can be assured of transcendence, and profits also come out.

You're the strongest, right?

I can be sure that America will almost certainly stay in a hegemon country while we are alive.

The cremation pain citizens who are being burned down by the fire of hell can only be helped by investing in S&P 500 now.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I understood it as S&P 500! ! ~ All I knew ~

I understood that I understood.

I got it.

That's why I know it.

Because I already know it already.

I also knew what you meant to say.

I understand everything.


I got it.

I understood tremendously.

It was the first time I knew this.

We did not understand for the first time.

That's why I know that I understand that.

I know that.

I understand it.

I knew that.

I knew it would be fruitful.

I knew from the beginning.

I knew it after I understood it.

Because I know twice.

Rather it is too cheap and bad.

I understand everything.

I do understand.

You see, you understand, do not you?

Because I understand it.

Because you know that you bought 1557.

Because you can also see that you buy it at the monthly fee every month.

Because I understand everything about you.

Accelerate world economic growth! America is a driving force.

The IMF has revised the worldwide growth rate in 2018 up to 3.9%.

The upward revision rate by country is as follows.
 - Japan's 18-year growth rate forecast is 1.2%, upwardly fixed by 0.5 points.
 - China's 18-year growth rate is 6.6%, up 0.1 points upwards.
 - The euro area 's 18 - year growth rate forecast is 2.2%, up 0.3 points upwards.
 - India's 18-year growth rate forecast remains unchanged at 7.4%, the same as 3 months ago.
 - Britain 's 18 - year growth rate forecast remains unchanged at 1.5% with the impact of withdrawal from the EU.

America is the driving force behind the global economic expansion.
It is because the American economy accelerated by large-scale tax cuts and led the growth of the world.
According to the IMF, the growth rate of the US in this year is 2.7%, the reduction of corporate tax rate will expand investment and surely will boost growth until 2020.

In addition, the national activity index by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is +0.27, maintaining a continuous plus of four months, and the US economic activity is still steady.

However, there are also disadvantages. Along with the strength of demand, it is inevitable to increase imports in the United States. America is troubled with huge trade deficit. Due to the increase in imports, it is inevitable that the current account deficit in the United States will expand. The IMF predicts that large tax cuts will push the growth rate in the beginning, although it pushes up the growth rate of the United States in the beginning, after 2022.

Nonetheless, the world continues to increase in population, and seeking a rich life remains unchanged. According to the "World Population Forecast 2017 Revised Edition" announced by the United Nations on June 21, 2017, about 83 million people are increasing every year in the world. Currently, the world population of 7.6 billion people is predicted to reach 8.6 billion people by 2030, 9.8 billion people in 2050, and 11.2 billion people in 2100.

The meaning of population growth means that the global economy will become increasingly active and consumption will expand. World economic growth will continue to accelerate. Large companies will make more profit and strengthen their authority. And the wealthy people are explosively increasing, too much money is flowing into equity investment etc.

As long as the United States is a hegemon country, America continues to enjoy the benefits of world economic growth.

However, some American equity investors are able to succeed even if they buy anything American shares, like a boy whose brain has been destroyed due to a major depression in General Electric (GE) It does not mean. If you do not make strategies such as buying individual stock properly after investing in S & P 500 ETF properly, overwhelming cold waves will attack investors and will transform themselves into froz and death in a blink of an eye.

All American equity investors to cross the baby's dead!

... Christ said that he could not hide his tears because of the regret that he could not save the boy.

iQOS will be the savior of the 21st century!

The FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) announced a statement that the heated cigarette iQOS, the main product of [PM] Philip Morris, contains less substances that may be harmful than cigarettes.

A hazardous substance aerosol produced by heated cigarette destroys the cells of the human body and has an adverse effect. However, it is said that iQOS is less severe than cigarettes, and the damage is much less. FDA says that test data on the nature of iQOS will be available within the year. With this trend, iQOS, which is currently not permitted to sell in the US, is more likely to get approval.

If iQOS becomes a form for sale in the US, the stock price of [MO] Altria, which is the domestic jurisdiction of the United States, will rise sharply. IQOS is a savior for those who can not stop smoking because of tobacco dependence, despite the growing number of non-smokers as a result of growing health consciousness.

iqos chi comfortable

iqos I first thought it was Masu but if I got used I could not do it quite well

Electronic cigarette, cospa No, room is dirty w

It's nice to smoke

I recommend you try it without eating it

You can not go back to ordinary cigarettes if you get used to it

If you have a bad thing you will inevitably suck

Recommended for those who want to quit but not quit

Purple delicious

May fixate

Did you reduce the number by making it to iqos?

Rather, it increased

Last year, stock prices of Altria plummeted at FDA 's nicotine regulation coverage, but there is no doubt that approval will be a boost to the rise in stock prices.

Why can not I invest in Netflix and Facebook?

The power of the IT company called FANG has increased its presence this year as well. FANG is a word that combines facebook, Amazon · dot · com, netflix, google's initials. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that FANG led the market price of the US stock in 2017, and that power still does not decline.

Aside from Amazon and Google among FANG, we can not afford to invest aggressively in Netflix and facebook. Although IT companies are in a world with intense and vicious flourishes, the so-called application layer (business that runs on infrastructure) such as SNS and video services is a Red Ocean business style with a particularly low entry barriers, and companies that disappear after several years It is characterized by a lot.

For example, Mixi.
Mixi was the rise of SNS in those days in Japan, and it was popularity that it was hard enough to find a person who is not using it. However, when the boom passed away, the user left in a stroke, the company came into a bankruptcy crisis. Although the monster of the smartphone games has been a huge hit now, this also does not know how long the boom will last, so to speak, it will not change as it is always a tightrope.

Twitter is also the same.
It is an application that has been loved by many users all over the world, but it is a point I would like to keep in mind that managing the deficit for a million years. It can be said that the difficulty of application and business is that the popularity does not directly lead to profit as it is.

While Facebook and Netflix are now in the black surplus, new services will emerge after a few years, and the risk that users will flow to new services all at once is quite large. People are sensitive to the epidemic, after passing the season it will become obsolete. Since everyone is a facebook, since it is a facebook, I do not want to watch it because it is a netflix, because it is fashionable, and there are many reality problems to use because everyone uses it.

Chocolate likes AT&T and Verizon because the communication infrastructure will continue to be used without being obsoleted, no matter how much application service typified by FANG is exchanged. In other words, it is a business that is very stable and it is a company that will last forever. And these are very high barriers to entry, always blue ocean.

Monday, January 22, 2018

S&P 500 is cute! ! ~ Dating ~

There used to be a child who knees pillows whenever there was a drinking party.

I do not ask for it either, I feel like I get frustrated, I do not dislike other side but I'm drinking with other people while knee pilling. I was not translated into another.

It was cute.

So when the words spread to the world sexual harassment, from the boss

"Do not break it off at a lot of banquets"

I was told to be flat.

But, this time I got a little dented "Oh, that girl was disgusting ...".

Consulting with my boss, was it supposed to be sexual harassment?


It was a while after I stopped knee pillows at a party, and when I was working on a holiday at the end of the year alone, that child came to the office by chance.

I hope you forget the calendar you got yesterday.

I am a society person, and especially from the case of the example, I did not want to do Yoso Yoso in particular, but it is awkward to say that it is awkward when two people are clear, but it is difficult to talk.

I just greeted a little bit in the end.

Well, since I took a calendar, I thought if I would go home already, I came here.

Is it for something? Although I thought, if I saw a PC without talking to him from here

"That's it"

I'm talking to you.


Well, if I return it to normal,

"Recently, knee pillow, will not you come?"

I told you.

While I was thinking that you were disliked

"No, it's becoming a topic of sexual harassment and lolol"

I returned it, sitting on the sofa in the smoking area inside the office, sitting around and pulling my knees.

"What are you doing lololol?"

If it returns



That child's name is S&P 500.

Only American investor investors have specially prepared the best sake 's knob.

Although the virtual currency tries to repel after the crash, it is sorely sunk!

I repeat the price of Yokoyako saying that.

Now, let's look back on the people who have betred the whole life in the virtual currency before the crash.

Please take a look!

Indeed, people who are investing in virtual currencies are mostly like these people ~
Except for those who are intelligently investing in risk diversification to incorporate themselves in part of the portfolio, are the billion people applicants for the image crying all the time? (By the way, the special boy was crying too ...)

No, really ... I am scared of ignorance.

Because I do not know what I am paying for.

Readers who are constantly acquiring knowledge of stock investment on chocolate blogs and blogs on blog village's US stocks will not be in the situation like the virtual currency people so let's rest assured!

Actually, we know the strength of the US corporate business, know the strength of dividends, and are ready for a crash. Bukkake, studying firmly for investment so far, because there are not so many investors who have strategies in the world? Is it almost?

Everyone! Let's feel more superior! !

Well, such chocolates are now looking at the meshworm state of the virtual currency people, let 's also do it for sake' s knob ~

200 million ,,,

One person's life! !



... but it is cool!

It is not a dream ...! !

It is a reality ...! ! !

This is a reality ...! ! ! !

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Advance to the health care sector.

Invest in companies that you can understand.

It is a famous Buffett saying. In the investment world, investing in companies in the "world you do not know" is a risk. Because investing in companies that deal with products that you do not know can not be aware of good, bad or changed because you do not know what the company is doing.

Well, today is the story of health care.
Health care refers to a medical product such as medicine, that is, a pharmaceutical company.

· · · Choco is not good at health care. In the beginning I do not know.

Do your medicine! Injection killai! !

Wow ah! ! ! !

I'm crying. .

Chocolate does not do much disease. So, there are almost no such things as taking care of the hospital, medicines are not at all familiar. Therefore, I am not very interested in medicines and I do not know how much these companies are making innovative medicines.

Among them, Johnson End Johnson is the only company that is familiar.
I love body cream messed up!

Uruu uuu ~ ♪

Well, in American stocks the return on the health care sector was said to have been the best.
It is awesome because it says that even the daily necessities sector surpassed it. The representative companies of such health care are as follows.

[ABBV] Abby
[MRK] Merck
[PFE] Pfizer
[JNJ] Johnson and Johnson

Pharmaceutical companies are earning money and Johnson End Johnson is about 55 years into the increasing year. Even Japanese stocks, Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry is synonymous with dividend king, pharmaceutical companies make profits. Over the years, we are doing an overwhelming return to shareholders.

... Health care, like the tobacco industry, the smell of money is getting punished!

■ The future of healthcare is bright
Chocolate thinks the future of health care is bright.

The population is growing explosively all over the world, and the life span continues to grow. Demand for medical care is increasing in the future. Because everyone can take care of medical care ineptly when I get old.

Moreover, wealthy people are increasing in the world. Wealthy people want to live longer. For my own life, I think rich people put money in the blue ceiling.

If it is, investing in a healthcare company that earns earnings earnestly can be said to be a very effective measure.

I realize the wonderfulness of medical treatment for the first time when I am old. And then at that time I thought "This medicine snae ~ !!!" Even though I started investing in healthcare, it is a future festival.

In other words, now is the anticipated investment in health care ants! !

Go ahead! !

I would like to invest in health care ETFs.

I wrote today 's article, "Advance to the Health Care Sector." However, medical care for Choco was not familiar at all and was not even interested. However, in the US stocks the return on the healthcare sector was said to have been the best. It is too late to invest in the health care sector for the first time when you get old and experience the splendor of medical care.

Nonetheless, as you actually invest in individual stocks, the threshold will rise at once.
It is impossible to notice anything good or bad or change because investing in a company dealing with products you do not know about does not know what the company is doing. This is the biggest risk in investment.

Healthcare ETF will solve the problem.
If it is an ETF, it packages a world-class pharmaceutical company, so you do not need to screen yourself. Moreover, since the ETF's operating company will automatically adjust the stocks and composition ratios, you do not have to rebalance yourself. Also, as a merit of maximizing ETF, even if some company scandals, etc., the impact on stock prices will be minor.

In other words, it is best to invest in the whole medical care if it is sure that medical needs will increase due to future population explosion. It is inevitable that ETF will be the best practice.

IXJ is a world distributed type, VHT, XLV is specialized in the United States. Nonetheless, since all of the constituent stocks are American companies, it can be said that there is not much difference in choosing which one is extreme.

... I noticed it by organizing it, but since many health care ETFs are made up of companies with low yields, the most recent yield has been reduced to 1%. Besides, if you look closely it is Johnson End Johnson, the first place in the composition ratio of both ETFs. Johnson End Johnson has a yield of 2.28%, and has been increasing for 55 years in a row. Moreover, since it is an individual stock, it does not cost anything.

Is not it better to start talking Johnson End Johnson any longer?

Johnson End Johnson is the strongest legend? !

No, hey! ! !

It is the moment that the destructive power of NY Dow brand is not Date, it was proved again.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The end of the profitable universe ~ GE dining hall ~

According to legend, it seems that there used to be a kingdom of ◯.

In that kingdom, three brothers said they were running a small GE dining hall where they got together.

A certain Taro.

One Admiral.

A boy.

It is the 3 biggest blowout chef.

With the collapse of ◯ 's kingdom, the US stock market was established.

Two elder brothers became a blinking star in space, now it is said that a boy alone cuts the GE dining hall.

The cafeteria is a firebom in bicycle operation for 10 years.

... I'm crying, GE boy.

Boy's canteen · · ·

It is an impregnable empire, in Nihon blog village US stock.

Christ of the US stock blog visited the dining room of the boy.

So I ate it for the first time, a sweet curry with chocolate.

According to what I hear it is a trick to put Miro in a hidden taste.

While eating curry, I asked my boy.

"Why is it a fire horse?"

The boy told me.

The three explosive brothers drove GE to a massive crash from 50% reduction, and furthermore NEM was demolished and driven to GE disassembly! When….

Christ told the boy.

"Boy is the strongest inverse god in history, do the opposite of yourself."

The boy said that the buddies themselves began to sell shorts at ease as a fever.


The day and day passed.

The boy took off beyond the explosion and flew away to the end of the profitable universe waiting for GE brother.

And the baby became a star.

... It used to be a long time ago.

The times change, the 21st century.

It is said that a descendant of a boy was born in the land of the Far East, the Empire of Japan.

That name is GE Boy, a special feature.

Christ speaks.

The boy should rename to "GE eatery ~ Dow minus NEM Taro ~".

Well, that.

It is always minority to cause innovation.

Steve Jobs.

He is a founder of Apple, a legendary managers who released innovative products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc., which created innovation around the world. Unfortunately, I left this world at the young age of 56 at 2011, but there are many fans who still love Jobs, Apple products are selling well to sell.

Such chocolate also had iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac, all they noticed. The terminal that writes this blog is also the iMac when it is from the house with the iPhone on the go. By the way, this article is writing towards iMac today before noon on Saturday. Writing a blog to go through is refreshing my head and writing is progressing.

Well, Jobs has become a legend all over the world, but in reality it is famous to be quite abstract personality.

· Crack case on telephone
Crack phone and earn one piece with equipment that can make long distance phone call for free

· Do not enter the bath and barefoot incidents
I was intrigued by the hippie culture

· Palm Return Case 1
Employee "I think that this place is better here"

Jobs "Noisy"

After a week

Jobs "This is better here, you guys are incompetent"

Employee "(I said last week ...)"

· Palm back case 2
Jobs "New Mac will be named Mac Man"

Subordinate 1 "Dasai ... A simple name is better for a beautifully designed Mac made by Ive, how about iMac?"

Jobs "Do you complain about my judgment?"

Subordinate 2 "I think iMac is also good"
Subordinate 3 "I am also"
Subordinate 4 "I am also"

Jobs (Mukumuku Muku!)

After a week

Jobs "New Mac will be named iMac! How about you, is not it cool"

Subordinates "Haha ... That's right."

· Palm back case 3
Subordinate "I want to name the new music player" iPod "

Jobs "You do not have sense"

Subordinate "... I definitely want to name the iPod"

Jobs "It is useless"

A subordinate could propose an iPod without misunderstanding

Jobs "I deliberately deny it to" try "his zeal of enthusiasm! I thought that the iPod is good."

· Employee number case
President "Decide employee number!"

Jobs "Yea! I am No. 1!"

President "(If I give one to this guy, I will get on better and better ...) No, Woz is one."

Jobs "Huh? Muffy! Well then I am 0!"

· Pakri Incident
Jobs "Windows pakuri! I will forgive you for the rest of my life"

Furthermore, Mac Office, Mouse and GUI are both paculi from outside

· Cat Baba incident
Atari Company "Do this work"

Jobs "I understand (I do not know)"

Jobs "Woz, are you doing this?"

Woz "Okay!"

Jobs "You made it"

Atari "Please fix it here"

Jobs "I do not understand"

Jobs "Wow, are you going to fix this?"

Woz "Okay!"

Jobs "Thank you, I got 700 dollars so I will give it half"

Woz "Thank you"

Jobs "(It was actually worth US $ 5000 lolololololol)

· · ·

To a manager who created a global company in one generation, in fact, such a rude personality is many. Jobs is not the only thing. Perhaps it is difficult to become an innovator enough to change the world if there is no spiritual power or idea that we have reached a level that can not be understood by the general public.

The quarterly usual! It will make 6.3 trillion yen in just 3 months! !

The performance of the public pension in GPIF 's October - December 2017 period, which is said to be the world' s largest fund, surplus exceeded 6 trillion 300 billion yen. It is said to be positive for 6 consecutive quarters. By assets, we have recorded approximately ¥ 3.5 trillion in Japanese stocks and approximately ¥ 2 trillion in foreign stocks.

I would like to invest in this fund any longer, what should I do! What?

GPIF may possibly become a fund that surpasses Berkshire. ... No, it was not. Pecori.

Nonetheless, somewhat sluggish GPIF sometimes temporarily loses its track record of operating performance due to global simultaneous stock price downturn that began in the second half of 2015. In response to the result of the deficit, in order to criticize the Abe administration that expanded the share investment ratio, an organization that pursues a 5 trillion yen pension loss team (bitter smile) was formed around the opposition party.

A pension loss of 5 trillion yen pursue team, are you breathing? 2018 ver. (TK MIX)

The place where the Japanese are too bad is that there are too many people who are living in a capitalist society but do not understand the capitalist society. Of course, the lawmakers are the same. As in this example, a member who focuses only on temporary losses and criticizes the administration is only harm.

In the future the waves of the global era will spread to the world and the affluent population will continue to increase more and more.
Too much money flows into the stock market, and the stock market further matures with economic development.
Sharing the history of capitalist society, the stock has risen steadily to the right.

As you can see in this table, you just lose real money simply by depositing money.
I understand that only stocks have always benefited from economic growth.

A pension explosion 6.3 trillion yen pursuit team formed Mader? What?

By the way, is it still a member of a lawmaker?
(There was no one who knew the inauguration. Tootsuzoo ...)

Friday, January 19, 2018


In such a world that I can not absorb even when I want to suck ...



Please smoke a cigarette in a given place ☆

So, it is quarterly dividend from [PM] Philip Morris.

As I said many times, after all iQOS is amazing! ! Everyone has it and everyone sucks! ! It is said that one out of every five smokers has iQOS, but in reality it is not only that Japan is growing, but the number of iQOS loyal users is increasing all over the world. As the information revolution is taking place from the industrial revolution, cigarettes are also in the midst of the next generation revolution. I do not want to miss this opportunity.

... No, I did not smoke, but I did not think that it would get hot for tobacco stocks. However, there is no doubt that it is too attractive stocks, such as profit margin, increase and discount rate, and the appearance of iQOS.

According to a rumor in a certain wind, according to Dr. Siegel, it is Philip Morris that raised the best return on stocks in the second half of the 20th century. Wow, this is great! What?

(Professor Siegel, you are awesome !!!)

Great! Amazing

Dear Siegel! ! Okay ☆

I will buy it ~! ! ! I will buy it! ! ! !

Philippe Morris, super-buy ~! ! ! !

In the name of Grandpa! !

I solved all the mysteries ...

Consumption due to virtual currency and shareholder benefit (hereinafter abbreviated

Hello with a sensational title.

It is a blouson chocolate with B.

It is not pushing never, both the virtual currency and the shareholder benefit original thought is worth checking out.
However, it is natural that the value will be harmed if it is misused.

It is said that a virtual currency is a major revolution since the birth of the Internet, but 99% who is now throwing money on the virtual currency seems to have no idea or interest in the concept of the virtual currency itself or the block chain. Because they are entering with an image as profitable, it is only the layers that I do not think about studying concepts in the first place. Despite not knowing what kind of tool the virtual currency can be used as a tool in the future and changing the world at all, he has thrown away little assets and is making a dangerous bet that leveraged.

It's really amazing to be able to throw your best at what you do not know at all! !

It will wear out (laugh).

Moreover, although it is a technique that is transcendental convenient if used correctly, when many people fail and a negative image gets settled, public opinion "virtual currency = danger" is created and it is a fact that it is often that usage restriction is done .

Shareholder benefits are the same.
Originally, stocks in Japan were not what individuals would do, but it was common sense to cross companies with each other. However, after the collapse of the bubble economy, the number of foreign investors has gradually increased, and it has come to be spoken to management. Therefore, the shareholder benefit was invented to cherish a few individual investors who are fans of the company.

Because Japanese had a culture of giving gifts to thankful marks, it is said that companies have adopted it. In other words, preferential treatment is like thankfulness for being a shareholder. However, recently the company side will become a shareholder simply because the stock price easily increases if it gives a special offer, because the shareholders side can also get the goods. These trends have created distortion, and the fact that corporations are getting rid of widespread tampering and abolition has increased. And it is the shareholders who suffer the damage.

When thinking like this, I think that there is something that goes through, whether the movement of virtual currency and the movement of shareholder benefit pretty much resemble.

Because it becomes excessive, everyone is exhausted.

If it is a company business that you think is truly wonderful, or investing in the possibilities of a virtual currency, that is all the time it can be held and not consumed. Investing in what you believe in a long-term perspective rather than pursuing carrots hanging in front of you is likely to yield the highest returns, while stabilizing in the future.

If Prime Minister Abe announced the Fake News Prize ...

Fake News Award.

It began with President Trump 's posting to Twitter on 7th of July, "The" Fake News Award "to the most corrupt and prejudicial major media will be presented on January 17th.

From the beginning of the presidential election the cards were making the news media an enemy. The negative campaign to himself was too ugly. Even after becoming the president, the relationship with the media is not restored, and the hostile relationship continues.

Well, comedians and commentators that are critical of such cards say they had developed a campaign competing for the award, taking the award to the opposite. It is interesting. I thought that winning the top of fake news gained attention and I thought it would be a good publicity for my company.

And finally the cards announced the fake news award which sees as "the most rot, prejudiced major media" on 17th. The award was presented by Paul Krugman, an economist published in the New York Times. "He said" Under the trump regime, the stock market never recovers, "but the reason is that NY Dow has recorded the highest price."

Also, ABC News' s Brian Ross reporter was elected. In response to the allegations of Russia, which is said to be the level of Morike's problem in Japan, it was reported that former presidential aide Frinn contacted the Russian side under the direction of the playing card, but it turned out that it was not actually an instruction of playing cards did. And ABC news admitted that the press coverage was false. Trump says that these series of reports resulted in a turmoil in the stock market.

The impressive thing was that when the trump visited Japan, I chose CNN which broadcasted a picture of feeding a carp in a pond as if to jump out of a box. In fact, Prime Minister Abe was the first person to play a large amount of food at one time, Mr. Trump only managed Abe Prime Minister. However, CNN cut out a part of the action and emphasized as though the cards had taken an insane attitude.

Despite the popularization of the Internet, bad deeds of established media centered on TV and newspapers have spread to the general public. To the extent that it is pointed out that it is biased coverage in Japan, the current media is terrible. The distrust of media is not limited to the United States and Japan, it is no longer a global problem.

If Prime Minister Abe announced the Fake News Prize, I think that it will definitely be awarded by the Asahi Newspaper Company.

Huh? What did the Asahi Shimbun do?

Yet again! Do you know?
I am doing the greatest fabricating report of comfort women problem extensively.
It has been regarded as a good material for Korea, and Gasase has developed into international problems.

Still big news at the daily level so much.

It is an overwhelming gag anymore.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Burning down the desperate currency People like to look through absolutely! !

Stray lambs that are hurt in virtual currency! ! ! !

Anyway, anyway! !

I will immediately fix the loss and change the funds to JPY and start with both Japanese and US stocks! ! !

US stocks are ideal, but at first you can even Japanese stocks! ! Do not get started! ! ! !

Well, let's get started.

Do not stop ...

I want to become a billion people.

People of the world live while thinking that everyone wants to become a billion people.
To that end, I will invest money into the virtual currency and see the dream of becoming a billion people.

Year-end and New Year holidays were supposed to have been like this ...

Become a billion people in the virtual currency dream, hugging the girl ◯. (Consideration of copyright)

And I also build a To Love Round land that is not Ikehaya Land ...

Chocolate is participating in Japan blog village US shares also forgot the starting point of living with GE, there was a boy who was nervous by NEM. According to the boy, NEM is said to be 1000 times the price.

... It is said that the boy has become a star due to the crash of this time.

As in legend, in the cremation currency almost certainly can not be rich.

Even if you make a profit, the virtual currency is progressive taxation and it is taken to a corrupt country.

In that respect, stock trading is separation taxation.
To put it briefly, separating taxation is set at a low tax, it is given preferential treatment to make it possible to go back even if a loss is made, and using NISA is no duty.

Cremation currency. . . Oh, there was no such thing.

A stocky stock at that time.

Stock Majaya is so far as to surpass Copipe in space jackpot.

But, is not it speculation? What?

Well! ! !

Stocks can become useful tools and weapons depending on how they are used.

It's the same as a knife.

Well, stock investment methods that can be extremely low risk and easily rich.

Continue to buy stocks of major companies that pay dividends.

This alone makes you rich safely and reliably.

The more stocks you accumulate, the more revenue you will increase.
In other words, because you earn more money only by buying stocks, everyone can do it and it's easy.

For example, I will buy a stock with a dividend of 6% per annum at 1 million yen.
Assuming that you reinvest all dividends and make compound usage, 20 years later it will be 3.2 million yen.

The million yen went to 3.2 million yen.

Moreover, what we did during that period

· I just bought a stock.
· I just reinvested dividends.

Only this.
it's simple.

If we increase the number of shares held, we can further increase assets at an accelerated pace.

What you are doing is simple, just keep buying it.

If you buy stocks you can buy magic tools that increase revenue.

There are risks of bankruptcies and reductions in shares in stocks, but if you diversify investment destinations, the risk falls shaky.

Distributed investment is best suited for dividend payouts.

You do not have to concentrate on investing and take risks.

In order to be rich in stocks, "focus on investment, sell if high price" is the same focus as the cremation currency of profitable Zaya is focused "The more you buy stock, the higher the dividend, so the result There are not many people who are aware of the simple fact that income increases as "stock investors". Many people think only about the price of sweets such as dividends and so few people take a strategy to maximize income by continuing to buy stocks.

Stocks can be enjoyed semipermanently as long as they earn earnings, even if they do not do anything.

It is necessary to make a lot of effort and achievement in order to raise every year by company work, but you can enjoy the benefits that employees of the company worked in the maddest of death by sleeping.

The cremation currency is not a currency itself that makes money.

Stocks have entities such as companies, they earn money.
Besides, just because you buy stocks, anyone can practice it easily.

What you need to become rich is not to buy a cremation currency, but to buy stocks altogether.

Switch to stock investment right now before you take care of the monk in the cremation currency! !

A lot of real NEM boy are occurring! !

I made NISA, but what should I buy?

Is not it okay to buy what I like?

Everything is expensive. It is over Nikkei 24,000 yen.

Good morning! Maybe because the Dow of the last night renewed high. How is American stock?

Still foreign stocks are scary, do not they?

How. If it is Japanese stock NISA First of all is Mizuho Bank of the royal road?

What about Mizuho?

In the megaban it is a very late ~. MUFG is heading for the high price in 2015. Mizuho is stagnant at 220 yen instead of 260 yen that time at that time (laugh)

Indeed, Oh! Yield is also 3.5% high!

Yes Yes. If you distribute high shares in Japanese stocks, Mizuho is an iron plate.

It's nice ~. Other than that?

Tobacco or something. The margin is fucking expensive. JT Is your company?

Actually JT was also watching! The stock price is now declining.

For some reason I caught a locust for some time w It is now calm and the yield is close to 4%. I think JT is very good.

But the cigarette raises the tax and does not it sell?

That's not true. JT is a Japanese company, but there are quite a few world shares. Here, this.

Imperial Brands (UK) $ 39.1 billion / about 4 trillion 996.5 billion yen
2nd place Phillip · Morris International (US) $ 26.2 billion / about 3,034.81 billion yen
3rd place British American tobacco (UK) $ 20 billion / about 2,557.7 billion yen
4th Japan Tobacco Inc. (Sun) $ 19.2 billion / approximately 2,445.6 billion yen
5th Altria Group (US) $ 18.9 billion / about 2, 351.3 billion yen
6th Reynolds · American (US) $ 10.7 billion / about 1 trillion 367.3 billion yen
7th ITC (India) $ 6.3 billion / about 805,071,730,000 yen
8th Gudangaram (Indonesia) $ 5.3 billion / about 6772.2872.74 million yen
9th KT & G (Korea) $ 3.6 billion / about 460 billion 41.1 million yen

Choco has second and fifth place.

Oh, JT will do a lot of work ~.

If it is Japanese stock at NISA, is not it JT or Mizuho? First of all.

Mizuho may be nice. I will thrust 100 thousand.

By the way what happened to Nem? ... I'm pretty licking!

But I still can not reach the bid price of 160 yen ~

How much was Mr. ○○ bought?

I was talking about 240 yen or so. Almost ceiling.

seriously! It's despair. amen

Adjusting US shares? A crash Yes. I have it at all.

Some people have completely cooled investment fear due to the collapse of the virtual currency.

Investment = scary

It is the psychological logic that is ~.
If it suddenly lowers it only, it is strange that you do not feel fear.

Price trading is a scary thing. It is often said that "funds melt", but the beginning of the investment process falls into the illusion that really melted. So, the feeling of being dismayed by that is that chocolate is also coming, so I understand the feeling of course. It is like a gateway no longer.

By the way, at the Nikkei Newspaper yesterday, an article called "speed stock violation" was posted.
US shares are too fast to raise the stock price so we pointed out that the reactionary phase can be anytime.

    The Dow Jones average in the United States has only increased to 25,000 dollars for the first time on the 4th, but it rose to the 25,800 dollar level on the 12th and the pitch of the rise is accelerating. The number of days it took to raise the Dow average by 1000 dollars ranged from $ 20,000 to $ 21,000 for 25 days, $ 21,000 to $ 22,000 for 107 days, $ 22,000 to $ 23,000 for 54 days, $ 23,000 to $ 24,000 for 30 days, $ 24,000 to $ 25,000 for 23 days. This time it rose by as much as $ 800 in just six days.

    (Source: Nikkei Newspaper)

As a matter of fact, we believe that American shares should only be adjusted slightly, as we have written in the past. It is obvious that the economic situation in the US is still strong in the future, but the charts are going to rise repeatedly through adjustment. Even in the long-term rising chart, you can see that when you look at the short span, you make several valleys. The conflict of interests and the bargain purchase are intertwined, and the market circulates.

In markets that are overwhelmingly buying, a declining phase in large profit determination occurs.

This is a collapse of American shares that Choco is wary of.

Nonetheless, Choco says that American stocks are going to crash, but they are almost unscathed because they have only good quality stocks with yields around 3 to 5% at the current high price level. The overwhelming fatal injury at the falling market is the growth investor who is leading the current rally market. Especially when you have something like Amazon, there are a lot of investors who have big universal profits, and once the trend of profit formation is formed, stock prices will decline quickly. Therefore, in the face of declining it will be necessary to act on what type of stocks you own and then act.

For example,

Value = Hold & Nampin
Growth = Profit determination

Just like that.

However, after the price falls, investment in growth stocks will increase.
If you want Amazon, you may not be good at that time.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

U.S. corporate best condition! ! Benefits of tax cuts as it is to shareholders (ruthless)

(Wal-Mart announced that it will raise employee's minimum wage)

Last night 's NY Dow surpassed 26,000 dollars, and even after that, I recorded the highest ever.
Mr. Ohoe Mariko of WBS did not think "Dow is strong (Nico)" and the smile of the angel.

The virtual currency, on the other hand, was overnight.
Does it have halved in only two weeks?
No, no, this Swine franc shock does not have such a demon. .

Please allow virtual currency people to switch to US stocks as soon as possible ☆

Well, although the stock price is good in the United States, the real economy is also excellent.
The expansion of the performance of major US companies is getting more momentum.

The net profit of major 500 companies from October to December last year increased by 12% from one year ago.
Due to popularization of the global economic boom and IT services, resources and IT industries will be the driving force and the double-digit increase in income is expected. In the US market, trump tax cuts are also favorable, and corporate earnings growth is expected to continue in 2018 as well.

Delta Airlines is also in perfect condition.
According to the tax reform, tax-related expenses were posted and net income decreased (because it will be taxed on the profits of overseas business), but the aviation business is doing well and the sales increase by 8% Did. In addition, earnings per share (EPS) also exceeded market expectations.

Wal-Mart, a major US retailer, announced that it would raise the minimum wage for American domestic workers from $ 10 to $ 11. In addition, we will pay surplus bonus to all employees, expand maternity leave, childcare leave system, etc. We will return surplus funds born by tax reduction to employees and aim to eliminate the shortage of workers.

Wage increases are spreading to the lowest wage level and lowest education level, and overall wage pressure is being formed. According to Indy, which manages the website of recruitment information, overall wage has been only moderate growth of 2.5% last year, but in the statistics up to November, the rate of wage increases for high school graduates is 3.6% , The hourly wage of the low wage group is said to have increased by 3.1%.

In addition, AT & T and Comcast also announced the bonus payment immediately after the bill was formed is a memorable new event. In this way, with the reduction of cards tax cuts, the movement of employee bonus payments and wage increases is expanding.

Following this trend, the cards are also posting a proudly tweet.
Actually, many cards are outstanding, but economic policies are consistent, I think that the point that we are putting into practice is extremely appreciated.

"The President of Trump has not got a valid rating on the economy, more than 2 million workers received a bonus as tax cuts, the stock market became the highest price elevation in the modern era, from $ 18,000 at the time of election to $ 26,000 , And the foundation for profitability and growth was established. "

Nonetheless, although it is often reported that employees benefit greatly, it is pointed out that it is clearly the shareholders who are most benefited from trump tax cuts. Shareholders receive this tax cut and receive the maximum benefit from increase in dividends and share buyback. However, as it is said that only a shareholder return is being said, the difference with employees is increasingly born and dissatisfaction comes out, so the movement of bonus payments and wage increases is a kind of buffering to alleviate these complaints It can also be said to be a material.

Companies that are doing business in the US have the greatest benefits of tax cuts, and shareholders are most prominent in the United States where the culture of "profits to shareholders" is strong.

US stocks, let's hold on tight! !