Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In the AI ​​era, workers are weak.

There was a person who wanted to enter a childcare facility. AI allocated 300 facilities in the city. As a result, work that took 50 hours if staff's manual work. AI finished in just a few seconds. In this way, most of the work via manual work can be made much more efficient by utilizing AI.

Workers will be culled. And, AI robs you of your job ...

I think that such a scenario suddenly comes to mind, but in Japan it is not regarded as a serious problem so far.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the population of Japan will divide 100 million in 2048. Moreover, it is estimated that it will decrease to 76.74 million people by 2060. However, the fact that the population continues to decrease more seriously is the fact that young people continue to decline while elderly people continue to increase. This is synonymous with decreasing promising labor force.

The government is trying to overcome this problem by utilizing AI. Since Japan is a closed country, it is difficult to actively attract foreigners, and recently foreigners are becoming less appealing to Japan, so the labor shortage is increasing.

Therefore, I will supplement the missing labor force with AI.
The AI's effect expected by the government is as follows.

· The problem of labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and the aging population, and the efficiency of development and operations.
· Improve productivity of service industry.
· Supply restriction due to declining birthrate and aging population.
· Administrative work in industries that tend to be short of personnel.

With the declining employment population in Japan, it is considered that the use of AI is an important key to maintain and grow GDP.

However, it is inevitable that a simple operating task is mechanized even if it says that a worker is necessary. Furthermore, since the evolution of AI is unknown, it is also pointed out that the possibility of robbing even advanced white collar work in the future is pointed out. Even in Japan, there is a possibility that it is not a labor shortage but workers' surplus. To be surplus even in Japan,

It falls into global workers too.

The culled workers can not earn money naturally, so there is no other way than relying on the government. On the other hand, a world where shareholders and managers with companies that are streamlined by AI become more rich will come.

The reason why shareholders and executives hire workers is very easy, because I think that I will make money by doing "exploitation" using the labor force of workers. To become a worker is also to be exploited by someone.

In other words, being a worker is that it is disadvantageous whenever you look at the past or see the future.

In the AI ​​era more and more workers will become the world of the weak.

And it is much safer to buy stocks at such times as stockholders = capitalists.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stock price adjustment is "transit ritual!" Super CEOs say "GDP growth rate of 2.7% is too low"

In Choco's blog, I've repeatedly said that "the economy in the US is top form", but in fact the American investors and senior executives of major American firms are likewise optimistic about the American economy.

AT&T's CEO Randall L. Stefanson said that even if the US GDP growth rate reached 2.7%, "This figure is very low." At least, 3.0% or more is appropriate and it said that it is very disappointing if it is less than that number.

Also, Alain B. Graph Jr., CFO of FedEx, which provides the world's largest logistics service, also states that future growth in the US economy may "increase significantly." Moreover, if economic growth is steady, we also say that there is a high possibility of increasing capital expenditure and employing new employees.

In other words, it is a super bullish stance about the growth of the American economy as much as commenting on public places.

The US economy was a strong rise in employment statistics, and there was a sign that growth had already accelerated before the reduction tax bill was passed. For example, employment statistics announced in January show that workers' wages are rising at the fastest pace.

By the way, long-term interest rates and volatility in America have declined recently in recent years. Investor psychology improved due to the rapid recovery of NY Dow's share price, and it has become widely purchased such as high-tech stocks and financial issues.

According to the Tokai Tokyo Research Center, "If US stocks are multiplied by a rise in earnings due to concerns about rising interest rates and good fundamentals, it will be easier to test the upper price for high-performance stocks."

Rapid economic growth accelerates inflation, but inflation is a natural principle in a capitalist society, so it is not a material to worry about over the medium to long term. Rather, Japan, which had been deflation for decades, was abnormal, and the United States has always continued to raise the stock price by boosting economic growth under inflation.

In other words, the stock price adjustment phase with inflation concerns is also a passing ritual in the future rise in stock price, in other words "a great buy place".

Monday, February 26, 2018

[KO] Coca-Cola VS [PEP] PepsiCo.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

It is the world's strongest beverage maker, the world's strongest and excellent company. Both have produced top-ranked carbonated drinks and have more than 20 of the world's strongest brands with annual sales of $ 2 billion.

And both have a similar continuous increase history.
Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are aggressive in returning to shareholders, Coca-Cola increased for 55 consecutive years, PepsiCo increased for 45 years in a row. It's a similar business and a similar brand. If you buy American stocks, either one is fine. It is common to think about.

However, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are very different business models. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that their business growth goes far beyond.

PepsiCo's business portfolio is almost equal for beverages and foods. PepsiCo is developing a coke similar to Coca-Cola, and a beverage brand such as Pure Leaf, Tropicana, Gatorade, and Water. PepsiCo also develops a large food business in addition to its beverage business. There are a wide range of brands like Sabra in the Middle Eastern style such as cereal and Mediterranean salsa.

Coca-Cola's business portfolio is diversified in various beverage sectors, but it is mainly composed of carbonated drinks with a global share of over 50%. What is concerned about the business of Coca-Cola is that consumption in carbonated drinks continues to decline more than 10 years every year. Consumers in developed countries including the United States and Japan are no longer buying carbonated drinks that are rich in calories and sugar as well as increasing health consciousness.

As a result, Coca-Cola invested heavily in juice and tea and expanded its business portfolio in beverages. However, unlike PepsiCo, it still depends on the beverage business.

PepsiCo is top form.
For example, last year's earnings per share increased by more than 10%. It is due to increased sales of food that supports growth. Analysts expect that PepsiCo will continue to grow steadily this year. On the other hand, analysts expect Coca-Cola to decline profits from weak carbonated beverages.

Coca-Cola is more popular among investors than PepsiCo.
That's because Coca-Cola has better distribution of dividends than PepsiCo. Coca-Cola is more advantageous in terms of the number of years of continuous increase and dividend yield.

Nonetheless, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have a tremendous dividend record in both worlds. The reason for this is because we are building a profitable business model. Both companies achieve high profit margin through strong brands and overwhelming global share. Furthermore, by reducing costs and improving efficiency, you can increase profits even if sales decrease.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Both of them have the world's strongest brands, and there is no difference that they are going to make money in the future. However, PepsiCo is expected to grow at a higher rate than Coca-Cola due to diversification of business portfolios such as snack business and health food business.

If PepsiCo's profit growth rate greatly exceeds Coca-Cola in the future, investors may start investing in PepsiCo rather than Coca-Cola.

Both are the world's strongest companies, so if you get lost in choosing,

Buy both.

That's it.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

[WMT] The future of Wal-Mart.

Wal-mart who recorded the greatest stock price decline in the last 30 years.

The cause was a stall in online sales.
Especially, it slowed drastically to Horaidaysen, it fell to 23% growth from 50% growth in the last quarter.

Well, investing in such British market is controversial both in home country USA.

Things that have become good companies have turned into disappointment, but it is sad.

Wallmark is currently trying to sell furniture online, but they do not feel like competing.
Looking at this company the feeling is like watching people drown. There is no hope ...

If he wanted a chance to survive, he should set up a smart leader to run this company and do what he has to do to save the company. To do that, first of all, it is necessary to cut down dividends and share buyback entirely and take serious efforts to improve the company using that fund.

But I do not believe Walton will allow that.

Walton owns a large share of this company. Instead of getting as much dividends from the company as possible, they seem to be pleased about the company's death.

I do not think that this company has any future hope.

There is no reason to own the stock of this company now.

There is nothing. If you invest here, you will lose future investment funds.

All investors must recognize that they can not compete with Amazon. They threw away everything .... I will understand what they did after a while.

This company has a history of the past. For example, in the 1960s there was a large Sears catalog at the living group 's coffee table in all American homes, but now no one thinks about Sears. (Sears = catalog expanded by large scale retail store Sears)

In other words, I think the window will be the same pattern as the major retailers in the past.

History continues repeatedly.

Investors can now withdraw investment funds from the graph and leave from here!

People hate Wal-mart 's online purchase.
Watermarks can never compete online with competitors, consumers will stop accessing their site.

I have bought a lot of Nylabone NUBZ (dog 's snacks) for dogs, but I will buy COSTCO which is not shopping. The regular price of COSTCO is $ 12, and in the case of 22 bags the price will be changed.

I feel that Wal-Mart is the limit.

Walmart is digging her own grave by himself.

I think that Wal-Mart can win the war with Amazon when doing business tactically. Although Wal-Mart has plummeted more than 10%, Wall-Street guys are doing things like stock price manipulation all the time by making bad news. To me they do not look like cheaters.

Amazon has sales of $ 68 billion, profit of $ 1.8 billion and PER of 239 times. Amazon is a champion of fulfillment (whole business that originates from ordering goods on mail order or EC site until it arrives at hand), but customers actually visit the Wal-mart.

Wal-Mart sold 500 billion dollars in turnover, becoming the fourth consecutive leader in 500 sales sold by American companies! What is the decline in Wal-mart's stock price?

Do not underestimate a 500 billion dollar company!

Those who think that WMT will go out need to travel all over the country and visit Wal-Mart's shop. There is no place except Wal-mart where you can buy all of WMT under the store. Everyone loves WMT.

One thing that is certain is that AMZN does not enter the oil and gas business like XOM.


It is impossible to predict the future in front of the window because everyone has no crystal ball to see the future. The only thing that you can say is to ask for items that people will live everyday.

If it is a company you can believe, it should be held.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stay-at-home investor. It's a very, very tough world! ! ! !

There are people who make a living by trading such as stocks and FX.
In other words, they are those who abandon their main business and are eating only through investment activities.

Speaking of a representative stay-at-home investor in stocks is Mr. BNF.

Based on the 1.6 million yen saved in part-time jobs and senior citizens as part of college years, starting with zero investment from zero state with no knowledge or experience, in just 5 years it will be 16 billion yen, in the 8th year it will exceed 20 billion yen We have increased our assets.

At that time it was equal to none securities such as internet securities that can be easily traded on the Internet, and there were naturally no books or blogs such as "How should I trade?"

For that reason, Mr. BNF has been constantly looking at the chart screen of the stock, studying how the stock moves and laws, and building a technique to make money with its own theory.

The reason that Mr. BNF became famous is that J: COM stock mass mis-ordering incident occurred in 2005. J: COM shares temporarily collapsed temporarily as Mizuho Securities staff inadvertently entered "1 yen 610,000 shares selling" as an order that should be "610,000 yen 1 share sale". Toward that gap, Mr. BNF bought a large amount of J: COM shares and succeeded in raising a large profit, so it came to appear frequently in the media.

While securities firms and TSE will raise a trial as "who is responsible for erroneous ordering," BNF said,

"There is no particular impression, I do not have anything to do with me, but as individuals continue to mis-ordered, no one will help us, so I will be careful not to mis-ordered myself anymore only"

I also remained commenting on the impression.

... Nobody can help us.

Stay-at-home investor.

Yes, that is a tough world that no one will help.
Organizations and laws will protect workers as long as they belong to a company, and even if they make serious mistakes, a system is built in which salaries will be issued monthly.

There is a tendency to declare a company as a company employee, "It is a slave of a company! It is a slave!", But the meaning that a salary is paid properly every month is greater merit than the imagination = value.

For example, a monthly salary of 300,000 yen is the salary received by Mr. A.
To earn 300,000 yen a month, if you are a day trading you have to make sure you earn 10,000 yen each day. How bad the market environment is, is.

Also, even if you intend to finance with dividends, you need to hold 120 million yen in stock with a simple calculation annual interest rate of 3% to earn 300,000 yen monthly income. Considering the tax side, you will have to possess more.

In other words, Mr. A's "worth 300,000 yen salary every month" is that "you earn 10,000 yen every day, no matter what day trade is," as mentioned above, or "100 million yen generating dividends It is said that it is equivalent to the value that "we are constructing the above assets".

Mental aspects are also great.

As long as it is a company worker, you can obtain salary regularly, regardless of whether it is included loss, so it does not hurt to say at all in life. However, if it is a professional investor, it will be sorely hurting if crash etc. occurs. Actually, immediately after the collapse of the other day, many accidents occurred in the train. Fear that is driven down leads people to ruin.

Be a slave to the company!

Although not saying, which of merit "employee + investor or stay-at-home investor. " has benefit? If you are told, definitely choose the former.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Smart phones have changed the world. But who truly changed the world?

Smart phones are amazing!

Currently you can gather information seamlessly on the go. This has drastically changed people's lives. Also, recently, it seems that the proportion of people who use only smartphones is increasing, without using even personal computers.

Indeed, Choco also uses a personal computer at the time of work and writing a blog. I feel that the use scene of the personal computer has also decreased considerably. Even a blog is written by a smartphone.

Well, it was Apple's iPhone that brought such a revolution. Several years ago we had to use different devices according to the application. However, it has now made it possible to realize it comfortably seamlessly only with iPhone.

The influence that Steve Jobs gave to people around the world is immeasurable.


But there are real meritorious persons.

That is the existence of telecommunications carriers.

In order to lead the evolving digital society, telecommunications carriers have always been researching and building high-speed networks in a short period of time. Especially the evolution of mobile networks is fast, standards started from 1G are already trying to reach 5G. With 5 G, ultra high-speed communication (100 Mbps or more), which is comparable to fixed lines, can be realized anywhere. Considering that the 3G era when the iPhone became famous was only 14 Mbps, I improved the communication speed ten times in less than 10 years.

This is a "revolution"!

A device overwhelmingly surpasses the personal computer called iPhone X has appeared, but if the mobile / network network was still less than 14 Mbps, iPhone X would have been converted to a stress MAX device that got mocked.

In other words, it really is AT&T , Verizon, NTT and KDDI that changed people's lives. These operators survive even if the iPhone gets out of order, and you can collect monthly usage fee from users for eternity.

That is why they can spill abundant cash on a continuous and stable basis to shareholders.

There are as many uncertain factors as there are in the world! do not worry about.

The US market on the 21st was steadily rising in stock prices up to the middle stage, but the long-term interest rate surged sharply! Stock price fell sharply as the yield of 10 - year US Treasury note approached the level of 3%.

The Japanese market also followed the United States and became fully compromised shortly after the start.

After the historic plunge, investor psychology also recovered, the stock market that seemed to have entered the rise phase. The market has once again experienced a rise in long-term interest rates, and concerns about the economic downturn are increasing.

The Federal Reserve released the FOMC minutes on the 21st, but since it was optimistic about the growth of the American economy and the prospects for inflation, the caution against accelerating the rate hike also raises investor psychology It deteriorated.

Anxiety factor is a bad material for the market.
Stock prices do not need to worry at all in the medium to long term, as the stock price eventually links with the business results, but in the process until the interlocking there is a high possibility that the price fluctuation will continue.

However, even if it says so, there are as many uncertainties as there are in the world.

For example, last year there was a problem of North Korea. With Kim Jong-I accelerating the pace of missile launch, the targeted USA and Japan are wrapped in fear and the stock market is hurting! Investors were swayed by the stock price fluctuating ignoring the achievement at all.

However, ultimately, resistance to the provocation of North Korea proved to be resistant, stock prices entered the recovery phase quite easily. I was shouting that it was such a shock, but if there are strong fundamentals, the stock price will recover soon.

Even if the rise in long-term interest rates this time, I think that it will recover soon if market resistance develops! !

Even with an uncertain future, keep in mind that the economy will continue to grow, if you continue to invest firmly in your company firmly there is no problem. Stock prices will rise as long as economic growth is steady.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

About purchasing S&P 500 ETF on about 20th of every month ☆

Since I purchased one S&P 500 ETF around 20th every month, I also purchased this issue in accordance with the rules this month. In February, there was a crash in the market price, so it was also a month in which S&P 500 was charged much more than this time. I would like to actively pick up if it seems to crash further.

S&P 500 is the world's most famous ETF (Listed Investment Trust) that boasts a long history.
It is made up of about 500 companies representing the United States, and since it contains many world-famous monster companies, it is adopted as an important index alongside NY Dow.

There is a famous word that shows how strong S&P 500 is.

Warren Buffett called investment god. After death of himself, Buffett instructs his wife, "We should invest assets at S&P 500." Buffett gave the word of the word to his wife that it is the optimal solution that can build assets steadily even if it is not specific to investment.

In other words, individual investors should buy only the extreme S&P 500 ETF.

S&P 500 The Strongest Legend ~! !

Well, ETF linked with S&P 500 has SPY, IVV, VOO, but there are 1557 listed on TSE. Chocolate is buying this, because buying fee will be free by using

In stock trading, the fee is a troublesome problem and it is a factor that pushes down the overall performance. However, since foreign stocks are free of fee, and there is also no spread of dollar exchange, " × 1557" is currently considered to be the strongest.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NY Dow fell for the first time in a long while. The fall in [WMT]Walmart affected the market as a whole.

Since the United States was a continuous holiday, last night became the first deal at the end of the week.

NY Dow fell to a loss of 254 dollars for the first time in 7 business days (it seems that the profit has been confirmed mainly one after another), among others, Wal-mart, a major American retailer, is. Although Wal-Mart announced the settlement on 20th, it was substantially lower than the analyst's expectation, and the stock price fell to -10.18%.

The reason for the stall in Wal-Mart is the slump in the net business.

The company was concerned about being deprived of customers by Amazon and other ECs, and he was actively investing in the net business. We have also partnered with Google and have also started a service that allows you to purchase items from Wal-Mart via the Gooogle Assistant.

However, despite recording the 50% increase in net sales in the settlement of accounts for the period from August to October last year, it slowed down in a blink of an eye. This is nothing but Amazon too strong. The enemy of Wal-Mart is now an Internet company, not Costco, which operates in a real shop.

However, I think that there is still a need to shop in real stores. Shopping in a real shop is fun. It is also conscious of Wal-Mart, so how can you stay shopping without stress? We are introducing various services.

For example, "Scan & Go". Scan & Go is a system that customers themselves shop while scanning the product barcode with the application downloaded to the smartphone, and settles within the application, so you can shop smoothly without going through the cash register.

In addition, we are planning a project named "Project Kepler" to have the shopping experience unnecessary for full checkout. This is similar to "Amazon Go" which Amazon has open, aiming for a completely unmanned store.

Amazon's threat, Japan is no exception.

By Amazon's advancement, a lot of bookstores have been destroyed first.
And next is supermarket, convenience store, medicine, finally .... Amazon is trying to erode seamlessly regardless of industry. It may be said that this is all a credit from the Internet revolution.

Nonetheless, Amazon's PER is 322 times more expensive.
If you are scared as an individual stock, it is safe to incorporate it into the portfolio with ETFs such as S&P 500.

Contribute to the performance of P&G! !

P&G is a major US daily goods company.

At the end of last month, P&G announced quarterly results for the period October - December 2017, but net income dropped by 68% compared with the same period last year to 2.495 billion dollars.

This is not directly attributable to P&G's business because of the large impact of tax reform. If confirmed in the business segments, sales in the beauty and healthcare sectors were strong. It seems that SK-II which is familiar to Japanese is considerably selling.

I got a dividend from such P&G!

Hooray! Hooray!

How is P&G closely related to the lives of Japanese people?
By checking the items you can feel P&G close.

Contribute to the performance of shareholders, P&G! !

Although it is said that the goods themselves are superior and they actually use it in private life, but it can be said.

Herbal essence shampoo & conditioner is also recommended to use chocolate! !

Because it is non-silicon it is also gentle on hair ~

I am buying it on a regular flight ☆

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My portfolio

My portfolio.

[1557] SPDR S&P 500 ETF
[VZ] Verizon Communications
[T] AT&T
[KO] Coca-Cola
[PG] Procter&Gamble
[AWR] American States Water
[RDSB] Royal Dutch Shell
[IBM] International Business Machines
[PM] Philip Morris International
[MO] Altria Group
[XOM] Exxon Mobil
[8306] Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
[8411] Mizuho Financial Group
[9501] TEPCO Holdings
[8410] Seven Bank
[9412] SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings
[7177] GMO Financial Holdings

A time will come when people who do not invest will become 'super poor'!

The gap between investors and those who do not invest will expand further in the future.
This is not a story specialized in Japan, it is because America is the center of the world.

There is a towering wall between America's wealthy people and the common people. There is a reality that 1% of wealthy people in the US are holding half of wealth. In the past 30 years, income gaps have spread rapidly in the United States, and the common people remain as rich as ever.

Today China has become a similar trend, while assets of wealthy people are exploding, the money has not fallen to the common people (= poor). It is inevitable that the spread of inequalities will accelerate in this global society.

Then, what is the "difference" of this disparity?

The biggest reason why wealthy people are rich is that they are good at financial literacy. Those who are good at financial literacy will never do folly like money leaving their money in the bank. I do not sleep money, do not take a break, I always keep my labor as equal as my own capital, and I am producing a lot of horsepower from the financial asset itself.

In particular, economic growth and inflationary society continue in the United States. In such an inflationary society, assets will wear away simply by keeping deposits, and it will become nature and poor.

Wealthy people turned their assets to real estate, stocks, etc. at least as much as half of their assets, protecting their assets, increasing their wealth, and becoming rich. There are also people who were originally wealthy people, but in many cases, the common people became rich.


In Japan, the government is leading inflation.
As mentioned earlier, there is a reality that inflation will be reduced by deposits alone, but not many Japanese are aware of this fact. Despite the fact that the government has been leading "savings to investment" carefully, Japanese people are thinking stupid things like saving money as bonus as ever.

According to the survey results on "Bonus Usage" conducted by the Career Design Center at the end of last year, there is a result that "saving money" was the largest at 33.8%. Although the NISA system that can receive tax exemption benefits from 2014 has also appeared, in fact it is said that there are many accounts that are sleeping just by opening up.

"The concept that savings are regarded as virtue does not change overnight."

Well, although this data is a global comparison in personal assets, we can see that there is 31% of shares in the United States, even in that US it is only 31% (53% including investment trusts and bonds) .

This is the "difference" of the disparity.

The 31% layer succeeded in protecting the assets by inflation in the US, increasing the assets by raise the stock price, but the other layers only became poorer. And this time the same wave will come to Japan. If you keep deposits you will lose to inflation and you will not be able to receive any benefits of increasing stock prices (= benefits of economic development).

In addition, as you can see, the overwhelming majority of Japanese have deposits, and 3% are not investing in stocks. In other words, 3% of people are increasing assets due to future inflation + economic development, but assets will decrease more and more by 97%.

It is said that riding the wave of globalism, the wealthier will continue to increase. And the gap between the wealthier and the poor will expand rapidly.

A time will come when people who do not invest will become 'super poor'!

People who have a sense of crisis even a little can make a good investment and think in the future!

The protector in the declining phase and the accelerator of the return.

NY Dow and the Nikkei Average are super recovering as if to return the time after recording the historical super crash.
Today's Nikkei average is over 400 yen big trading! It seems that the stock market is again wanting to return to the previous rally as NY Dow can also withdraw plus every day.

Well, once you have invested in stocks, you've heard it once "Siegel".
In his famous phrase, there is a story about the protector in the declining phase and the accelerator in the return.

As the market price declines, dividends contribute to investors, in particular with the following two roles.

First of all, because we can reinforce our holdings extra through reinvestment, this will be a cushion to take down the value of the portfolio.

I call "dividend protector (safety device)" which is a declining price, as a result of reinvestment in the falling phase to increase the holding stocks.

Moreover, once the market price recovers, the stocks that have bought increased will play a role not to say a cushion against falling.

The more shares held, the faster the future returns will be accelerated.

In other words, dividend reinvestment becomes a protector in the declining phase, and once the stock price turns to rise, it becomes "return accelerator (acceleration device)."

That's why stocks paying dividends bring the best return while repeating the market cycle.


Mr. Siegel is a doctor of economics who has proven the correctness of Buffett's value investment method based on enormous market data over the past 100 years. According to
Mr. Siegel, it is a bargain sale that can buy cheap stocks at a falling price, and when stocks recover, it is said that the stocks that have been added will function as an accelerator.

Actually, scenes called crash occur periodically, but investors who can buy each time can get future returns. By choosing a high dividend issue, you can earn high dividends at the same time, and you can also aim for a profit increase by simultaneously buying a representative index. (By buying indices, you can prevent individual stock risks that are not linked to exponential rise)

Indeed, this is the reason why chocolate bought up S&P 500 and high-dividend shares in the historic declining phase over two times.

Did you guys buy more when you crashed?

By the way, we expect that this year's stock market will also be solid at Choco's standpoint. Too much money all over the world. Investors want to invest in companies (Stock) which will produce good results.

It is probably the strongest investment method to buy more when buying it, while buying it.

[INTC] Intel's wide-moat business.

January 3rd.Vulnerability information related to CPU has been released. This vulnerability is something called Specter, Meltdown.Intel officially acknowledged the existence of bugs hidden in its CPU and announced its view on vulnerability.

· Spector

It comes from "Speculative Execution".Vulnerability existing in various CPUs such as Intel, AMD, ARM and so on.


It comes from the idea of ​​"melting safety".Vulnerability only present in Intel's CPU.

These are vulnerabilities originally discovered by Google. It affects the system with products of the above company. Since Intel's CPU share has an overwhelming share of 90% for personal and 99% for enterprise, it is not an exaggeration to say that almost all users are affected.

In case of being vulnerable, the worst system can take almost all information processed by the system (hacking), so it became a big problem involving the whole world. OS and software vendors immediately released an urgent update program, vendors and users were forced to deal with it.

In response to this issue, Intel declined stock prices, but business problems were said to be not that large, and we immediately returned the value. Because there are no users that will not use Intel 's CPU due to this vulnerability problem, the impact is considered minor. Also, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate vulnerability in the world of the system in the first place, there is no choice but to modify every time.

Intel is no longer an infrastructure that is the basis of IT.

■Intel stock details

Dividend yield: 2.63%
Number of years of increase: 10 years
Stock price: $ 45

On January 25, Intel announced its fourth quarter financial results. Net sales increased by 4% from the same period last year, achieving a record high of $ 17.1 billion. It surpassed analyst expectations greatly. Considering Intel 's wide moat, Intel will continue to be the central entity playing the backbone of the IT infrastructure.

Intel is Inside.

I have an Intel ~? What?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

With the collapse of the Lehman shock class, what happens to the 10% consumption tax increase?

This image, Prime Minister Abe appeared in WBS last year,

"As long as the situation of the Lehman · Shock class does not occur, a 10% consumption tax increase will be made"

It captured the scene he said.

The recent collapse of the NY Dow that occurred in the United States far surpasses the Lehman shock, and the falling width has become the situation to monopolize the first and second place in history. Besides, as the historical crash happened twice in a week, it turned out that it had a strong impact.

Nonetheless, the point that the government's thinking "Lehman shock class" refers to the fact that the real economy is taken to the Lehman shock level, and not on the stock price basis. The current Japanese companies are booming since the bubble, and there are results that 1005 firms have a prospect of renewing their record high in the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies.

Considering this entity, the government will surely make a consumption tax increase tax.

The strong performance of Japanese companies is largely related to the improvement of profitability in overseas business. In other words, Japan is also benefiting because the economy continues to grow steadily globally.

And the world economy is steady because the American economy, the center of the world, is solid.
As the president of ITOCHU Corporation said at the beginning of the year "Japan's economy is up to the US", Japan, the world depends on America. Since the possibility that the US will remain steady economy will continue in the future, the booming economy of Japan will continue in the future.

However, it is obvious that the Japanese economy descends at a stroke if the consumption tax is increased.
Consumption will decrease if you increase taxes, and corporate sales will decrease if consumption decreases. Then, as the performance declines, salaries are reduced, and negative spirals such as further reduction of consumption are completed.

Unlike the United States, Japanese companies earn the majority of their sales domestically.

If we do a consumption tax increase tax again, only Japan will be back again to deflation and there is a possibility that we will move forward towards the lost 40 years.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Too much speculative source! To the 105 yen level with the rapid yen appreciation!

To what extent speculators can devastate the market, you will feel better! !

The dollar exchange rate rapidly appreciated the yen, and it became 105 yen at one time.
This is the first time in 1 year and 3 months.

Analysts have revived concerns that the US budget deficit will expand due to investment in trumps infrastructure and dramatic tax cuts, and the value of the dollar will decline in future Although it is said, stock prices are inversely proportional to the exchange rate, and we are returning the value with favorable infrastructure investment and tax cuts in the first place.

Crash started from virtual currency. And stocks. The next place will be the exchange rate as a target.

The fact that the chain is continuing is already a kind of worker and this is no reason.
Therefore, there is nothing pointless as to be swayed by short-term volatility, so it is the royal road to buy calmly in the crash phase.

Well, as such a market also forms a recovery trend now, the dollar yen will soon be restored calmly and it is considered to return to the original price. As mentioned earlier, the chain of market quake has spread from the virtual currency to the exchange, but now the virtual currency and the stock are recovering. If it is, it is the currency to recover next if you think normally.

Nobody knows whether it is the bottom, but since the 105 yen range in the short term is really overkill, I think that it is almost at the bottom.

What you should invest in US stocks is to use this yen appreciation dollar.

US stocks are bullish and powerfully rising.

I think that a lot of people realized the risk of fundamental investment risk that "the principal will fluctuate" due to the global stock price crash shock that started from recently in the United States.In 2017 when the world brought about "investment" with the rise of the virtual currency and the stock price.  

A number of investment books were also stacked in the magazine section and said they were selling well. However, many investors who voluntarily participated in the stock market are reality in many people who retired due to panic selling due to the collapse this time.It seems that the shock was also great that the United States that came up with one climb up to now has become the epicenter.

... Nevertheless, NY Dow has started a strong rise again after recording the highest crash of the past two consecutive times. There was a large repurchase on 5 consecutive business days, and it has already reached the point of recovering the stock price by half of the crash. On the way, the dow futures contracted sharply because the long-term interest rate rose again, exceeding the US consumer price index (CPI) market forecast on the way, but as a result ultimately recovered and closed the transaction I was allowed to. 

"US stocks will be strongly and strongly rising" 

American strategist is optimistic about the American economy.

 · Fundamentals of American companies are strong
 · Many investors were waiting for the adjustment phase
 · Tax reduction brings stimulation effect to the entire economy 
· Although long-term interest rates are high, starting points are extremely low 

If you only listen to the facts, you can assert that US stocks are never abnormal stocks, etc. and are stocks backed up for just cause.It is common for all times and the future to be uneasy in the future, but worldwide population growth, economic development, globalism · · · · There is a history that human desires have been pursuing a rich economy without exhausting.  

This history will never end overnight and will continue from now on.And, it will be America that is a hegemon country that will benefit from it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Coin check, Countdown to ruin! What?

Coin check opened a news conference on February 13 under the issue of NEM spill.
Mr. Wada of the president was absent on that day, and only Mr. Otsuka who is a COO appeared in appearance.

Such a coin check resumes the withdrawal of Japanese yen on the same day and said that it confirmed the payment record of 40.1 billion yen in just one day. However, this is only the withdrawal response to "Japanese yen" that the user has entrusted to the last, it is not the compensation of NEM that flowed out.

About NEM compensation coin check keeps the word turbid.

By the way, the story that such management of the coin check is dangerous is overwhelming on the Internet because it is exposed by the person who seems to be an employee.

I think that a smart person knows it, but I really do cancel the project itself. It is a fitting technique that we have been tackling customer's assets and customers' assets that we did not buy, so it would not be bad anyway.

It was originally scheduled to apply for bankruptcy on Friday merely by emergency on-site inspection, it is just extending time, so even the tax payment date will not be in time.

As I mentioned before, the company 's money is escaping to the hands of Otsuka and Wada, so it only escapes.

Everyone is reporting on retirement and I also quit such a company ○ company, so I have to find a job. You'd better understand that it is impossible for other currencies with Maji.

There are not 30 employees right now.

My annual income is 5 million. I do not know anything else.
Plus, incentive with new account opening.

Only seven people retired from just yesterday.

I have not done any work that seems like work.
Recently I just answered the question.

Otsuka is having a company. Wada is not from me.

After the end of the first meeting was over, we were laughing at Wada and Otsuka normally.
Ask a decent question.
I do not have any intelligence to understand even if I talk about virtual currency anyhow

I live by myself.
From my parents' house, I will stop calling such a company everyday.
Why did you join the company?

It is until mid-March. I will declare.

Seriously planning fraud company.

After Otsuka and the interview, this is the only thing I'm afraid of
I will do it. I was receiving defense counseling for police fraud countermeasures.

... Aside from authenticity, if the coin check actually fails, NEM compensation will naturally not be taken, so the user will be betrayed again.

No, in the future era, it is necessary to go out with companies that users can judge as 'trustworthy'. Especially if you are involved in investment the amount will also increase and the impact will also be great.

Remember that investing and choosing a company are all self-responsibility.

[CSCO] Cisco purchase buying fraud. Oh god! !

Cisco Systems announced the settlement of accounts.
Net sales increased by 3% to 11,887 million US dollars, an increase for the first time in nine quarters. The reason for increased revenue is that the hardware division, such as routers and switches for enterprises (corporations), was strong. Cisco has announced increase in dividend and share buyback.

Cisco is a stock that I thought would like chocolate from the beginning, but I have not bought to say buy buying it all the time!

In the world this is called Cisco buying fraud.

... Why did not you buy it? Considering that probably because I buy AT&T and Verizon if I buy Cisco, I think that it is because I am doing it. Because Cisco routers and switches are spending all the time in the communication network they offer, it is like purchasing real Cisco. It was because there was a feeling that. (Dividends are also higher)

Nonetheless, the management of Cisco will continue in the future and I think that there is a promising potential, so I am thinking that I should buy it as well.

First of all, Cisco aims to break away from hardware and switch business to software. While boosting its solid performance, Cisco has restructured hardware engineers and actively welcomed software engineers. In other words, Cisco is promoting structural reform properly according to changes in the times.

In the past, virtualization of servers and the like has already matured, while network virtualization is full of challenges and there are few companies actually going to virtualize. However, according to TechTarget's survey targeting network engineers, 57% of the total survey is proactively investing in virtualization technology in the future. Also, since last year we have increased the number of services corresponding to the wide-area network at the carrier level rather than enterprise level virtualization, I think that the wave of network virtualization will become stronger in the future.

Also, at the end of last year, Cisco partnered with Google and announced a hybrid cloud solution. Hybrid cloud is a cloud system that combines on-premise (physical) and cloud (virtual). We provide users with functions covering the entire hybrid environment (physics & virtual) that seamlessly links them. This makes it possible to build a more cloud native environment.

It is also said to be a competing horse to Amazon's AWS.

Do not you think it is good to attack?

■Cisco Stock Details
Dividend yield: 3.14%
Number of years of increase: 8 years
Stock price: $ 41

Stock prices that were weak due to uncertainty are picking up, and we can expect even greater expectations.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

HDV US High Dividend ETF.

When I was watching the chart of HDV (iShares' Core US High Dividend ETF), it felt good.

HDV is an ETF that collects Black Rock 's high - tier high - yield shares in the United States.
It can be an owner of good companies that pays out high dividends just by having this one.
The current distribution yield is 3.43%, which is too high for ETF, trust fee is also considerably cheap, 0.08.

Even the top secured brands are stocks of chocolate favorite.

1. Exxon Mobil
2. AT&T
3. Verizon Communications
4. Chevron
5. Pfizer
6. Wells Fargo
7. Phillip Morris
8. P&G
9. Cisco Systems
10. Coca-Cola

Hmm ...

It is a repertoire where drooling is going to be seen for many times! !

slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! slurp-slurp! ! ! ! !

I want it! I want it!

I will change the dollar ~! I will change the dollar ~!


As you can see, dividends are the essence of stocks and there is no doubt that it is the real pleasure! !

Chocolate will keep chasing the dividend from now on ...

Do not stop ...

Well, yesterday's Nikkei average dropped sharply from 21,371 yen, which is a high price, to 20,950 at a stroke, for those who are investing mainly in Japanese stocks in a very busy situation, maybe Haradahadokidoki did not stop? That should be that, the thrilling of Japanese stocks is the world's most thrilling, and the pleasure of their volatility has become an attraction that can be tasted only by Japanese stocks. Therefore, Japanese equity investors are called volatility, stress stress specialists and the world.

If such a Japanese stock is aimed at the price rising profit, it will be preyed by the hedge fund in no time and will never come back from the market again. Whether it is a US stock or a Japanese stock, the basic will be happier as a result of continuing to pay dividends. If there is a volatility in the market price, it is because you can pay unrealized loss immediately by receiving dividends steadily. Moreover, once the market price recovers once it can also get on the wave of unexplained profits.

Such a chocolate piggybacked on a demon lowering after a long time and bought 300 shares of Mizuho Bank.
I will have bought a Japanese individual stock after a long absence. With this, Mizuho Bank owns 5,500 shares.

Mega Bank has fallen stock price because of overly selling hedge fund ogre. Among them, Mizuho Bank is trying to reach a dividend yield of 4%, and there is also a prospect that if Avenomics' Teppen is 270 yen, now it is 194 yen it will reach up to 250 yen.

Choco does not emphasize honesty at all as megabank's "viewpoint of future". What matters is whether the company has physical strength to keep returning high dividends. From that point of view, in Japan, which is a cash bigger country, megabanks are unlikely to be culled out and we believe they will survive bluntly.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

[Virtue] I get lost in the market! NY Dow went on for the third day.

Last night 's NY Dow finished trading at $ 24,640, up $ 39.

Even though I checked the chart, it seems that it gradually narrows the runout width and regains calm.
However, if you learn from past examples, it is often the case that the big adjustment phase will not be recovered as it is but a further bigger downward trend will come. Therefore, the actions that investors should take are to defend their defense.

For example, Goldman and JP Morgan say "the adjustment phase is over", but they do not have crystal balls that can see the future. It is a bit dangerous for individual investors to receive their remarks truly, as the market is a living creature that does not move according to theory.

However, if they say that the adjustment phase is over, they say little by little, but I think that we will also pick up the upper price aiming for the peak of 30,000 dollars. The best way for individual investors to take now is nothing more than buying in tandems when they are greatly lowered.

"Desperately getting to the market"

It can be said that the secret of individual investors to win the market is condensed here.

Well, as with the virtual currency, it seems that some investors are engaged in leverage transactions considering recent volatility as an attraction. However, when looking at the results, the chart seemed to be suffering a lot of losses, as the chart moved largely largely to the direction you think, "opposite". And when you make a big loss, you are going into a loop that scratches further, leverage a big leverage to regain loss. (Actually, lol)

If you think about winning in the short term, the investor will have many heads filled with short-term interests, and it will come to a big game not to be expected, but in simple terms

1. Pick up firmly
2. Pay the included loss by dividend

Just by practicing, you can almost certainly win the market. No, rather than winning, the expression that you can get along with the market will come nicely.

Whatever the genre, the final win is a universal way of accumulating achievements.

Well ...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Does the high dividend defense still pass? No, no, I will pass indeed!

To the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

"US stocks, defensive still can not pass."

There was an article that was published.

To summarize the contents, until now, high-dividend defensive stocks were considered strong as they are strong against crash, but the defensive investment taste diminished in the rise in US interest rates this time. As a result, the ETF which is regarded as "defensive" such as daily necessities and utility business was sold to Bokoboko and it fell greatly. And this is a problem, as the rise in interest rates is the main factor in the weakening of the stock market this time. If interest rates continue to rise, this defense will not work.

... WSJ will also blur what you say every time ~

Horse race's anticipation shop or consonant! !

Mr. Choco, please report on behalf of WSJ (^ ∇ ^)

Ha ha

Well, in the first place, by taking a strategy of high dividend defensive in equity investment, there are two benefits of rising prices due to the rise in the stock price of the market and accumulation of stable income, and that companies that pay high dividends have produced high growth It has been proved historically.

According to Credit Suisse's report, paying attention to the fundamental nature of "able to pay stable dividends in a stable manner", companies that can continuously pay dividends will prove that they are steadily making cash say. It is even more if it is a company with an increase in age. In other words, simply passing a filter called "dividend" will make it possible to determine whether a good company is possible or not.

In addition, although it may seem wonderful, it is revealed in several surveys that firms that can pay high dividends tend to have higher long-term profit growth rates. If ordinary thinking, Amazon and so on are dare to dare, and it seems that companies doing business investment seem to have growth potential.

So, why would such a thing happen if a high-paying company could invest only in the remaining profits paid dividends to shareholders for business investment?

That's because high-paying companies are thoroughly investing in selected businesses.
High dividend companies are strongly aware of the remaining cash after paying dividends to shareholders, and also to maximize the effective utilization. As a result, even if paying dividends, it is possible to make a fruitful business investment and lead to company growth.

In other words, companies that have been able to maintain high profit margins and increase shareholder value while maintaining a high cash flow while maintaining corporate internal reserves to the minimum necessary by paying high dividends = stable for many years You can define a company that has continued to pay high dividends you have made.

To the contrary, it is not necessarily a good performance to say that it is not dare to give it all out, even if you turn all the profits into business investment.

Furthermore, if you draw history, you can confirm that the return of high dividend defensive shares exceeds the overall stock market.

The accumulation of dividends contributes greatly to this return.
The high dividend defensive strategy has already proved to be able to acquire considerably high performance.

Incidentally, the same is true for Japanese stocks.

It is over from the scene.

GS, JPM "Now we are encouraging customers to buy them."

Last night's NY Dow rose by 410 dollars.
Movement of buy back due to the sense of inexpensiveness of shares became active from the reaction that caused the highest crash of the past twice. In addition, it is also said that the expectation for a huge infrastructure investment that is included in the budget teacher announced on the 12th of this month is expanding, also being a factor of stock repurchase.

By the way, FBB Capital Partners said, "The market has reversed greatly, investors are relieved greatly," and "On the market" the adjustment phase of 10% decline is over, I think in the better direction "The view that it seems like spreading" is spreading. Goldman and JP Morgan said that they are changing the cautious attitude that lasted until last week and encouraging customers to buy them.

In the first place, as I said before, the rise in long-term interest rates is an indication that the country of America is becoming more rich and strong. From now on, American companies will take turns of increasing storms and favorable settlements due to the tax cuts. Even if it says that investment eroticism of shares has declined due to the rise in interest rates, it is natural that the investment interest in stock will inevitably increase if the performance further increases.

In other words, if you do not judge the background of "Why the market is falling?" Properly by yourself, it will be swayed by the noise of the market, becoming a prey to the hedge fund

---------- Termination -----------

is. If you are firmly grasping the current state of the economy and policies of the United States, it will not be dismayed any time soon, even if there is a situation where a collapse will occur again due to the hedge fund program runaway.

Well, even if the yield of the long-term interest rate is raised, if you look back on the past, it was even higher than it is now, but there is still the fact that stocks have continued to rise. Looking at such history, it is also understood by monkeys that there is no damage in the long-term perspective at a place where stocks have declined as a result of rising interest rates.

It seems to repeat, but buying is a crash that is not related to corporate performance. Indeed, Goldman and JP Morgan in the world say that "The adjustment phase of the 10% decline is over now, and we are recommending customers to buy a bargain now" is the reality.

Have a nice day ~ ♪ ♪

Monday, February 12, 2018

[Banzai] Relieved by watching the increase chart ☆ Target high dividend increase stocks in the crash! !

There was a special feature at Moseste that it was an opportunity to pick up dividend stocks at the time of crash.
However, it is said that there are conditions to be screened even at high dividends.

· Blindly do not jump to high dividends
Dividends are derived from the profit earned, so to begin with, companies like octopuses should be careful. Therefore, we should select companies that earn profit properly.

· Stable dividend → Stable growth company
Investing in companies that earn cash under any circumstances is crucial.

The solution is to aim for stocks of the dividend aristocratic index.

In terms of JPX, the dividend aristocratic index is designed to measure the performance of the company with the highest dividend yield that has increased annually in TOPIX over 10 years or has steadily paid dividends It is an index.

Moreover, it is an index that is designed to measure the performance of superior large-scale stocks that are increasing annually in the past 25 consecutive years among S & P 500 constituent stocks in the United States.

By the way, even though such brands were influenced by the Lehman shock class, past performances were solid. Because businesses are closely tied to people's lives, companies have the power to generate cash that will pay dividends properly regardless of any economic downturn.

In other words, buying stocks of such companies is said to have the effect of two birds with one stone, not only because of the price rise but also the benefits of high dividends, at the time of market recovery.

Ha! !

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · It is unbelievable that US shares



US stock blog (limited to high dividends) the strongest legend, coming! ! !

It is the moment that Mosesight proved that the US stock blog (limited to high dividends) is the strongest.


Well, in order to forget such as the largest collapse in the past, let's realize how the high dividend payment investment strategy is a divine technique, also in the increase chart. With this, no matter how much collapse will happen, you can be in bed with peace of mind.

Huh! ! Mr. Choco, I'm all right rising! !

There was not the word "crash" in the continuous increase dictionary ah ah ah ah ah! !

The chocolate empire! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Let's join the chocolate empire aristocracy with your rocket launcher called Kimi also a continuous increase share! !

If it seems to be "worth it," it is a good idea to buy brand items separately.

Article entered yesterday "Dividend's Strongest Legend !! However, in the case of stopping brand wasting with dividend payment in a good-taste?" (Big tears)?, He expressed a critical view on buying brand-name goods By doing so, we received comments and e - mails that were contrary.

However, in chocolate, I do not think that brand name is bad separately, I think that it is okay to buy it at all if it is really like that brand or has a thought. Money is used to make yourself happy, it will not cost money to die just to endure.

In fact, Choco liked Vivienne Westwood from a long time ago, still using the same brand for watches, wallets, key cases, etc. I feel better just by wearing those items. It is also attractive to have many sophisticated designs that can be used with Unisex.

In other words, buying brand-name goods is also a type of self-investment. Well, that item itself does not produce any money.

So, for example, if you like Vuitton and you think that the 120,000 yen sneaker in the article mentioned above is seriously nice, it will be a worthwhile shopping at all.


Then, what did you want to say?

The content that Choco raised is a dependency on Japanese brands.

Japanese people are remarkable in ethnic groups who jump only by saying "brand" even if viewed worldwide.

· The country with the world's best sales at Starbucks is Japan
· Only countries where young people own expensive Vuitton, etc. are owned by Japan

This is because everyone wants to put on honesty just because there is not such a feeling or actually it is just buying high money.

First of all, do you know why brands are so expensive?
Again, it is because the cost of advertisement expenses etc is passed on to price.

Because images are very important, brands are hired by famous artists and models of huge galleries to hit advertisements on huge expensive media. And by raise the price range to the high price deliberately we produce scarcity.

In other words, the brand product itself has no value in fact, and its value depends on the "invisible image of the brand" which is invisible to the eye. It can be said that it is consolidated in the "logo" of the brand. Ironically, it means that Japanese consumers are the world's best gala supporters for directing brand value.

Next is the company level talk.

I think that brand value has properties close to "goodwill" in the company, and Japanese have the property of paying more money than necessary for goodwill. Goodwill is something of exactly the same quality, because it sells at that shop so you can sell higher. The factor that sells high is literally coming from the brand power of goodwill. In the accounting world, such invisible profitability is collectively called "goodwill".

M & A in Japan is very hectic.
Toshiba's Westing House, Japan Post Toll · · · Either of them paid "enormous goodwill" more than corporate value, and it made a big mistake.

As you can see from these examples, the Japanese are basically "the way you use money is the ultimate hetaku".
So even though stock investment has great merit and value both individually and socially, it has gambling and meaningless images, but while studying unnoticed virtual currency and understanding value, the masses are getting big money You put it in.

Is not it anymore, right?

If you do not set the habit of properly judging the value of things by your own head and shopping, you will be sluggish to live a life that keeps you in trouble for your life.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Draw contingency plan (conti plan).

Due to the recent stock market crash, scenes reporting interviews by securities companies in the media have increased.

At the time of collapse, personal telephone consultation and panic selling are also quite large, not only the telephone but also the web site of the securities company has been temporarily heavily loaded and it is said that it has become difficult to log in. Also, the trader was in a state of chaos so much to describe as "crazy".

The collapse seems to have had a considerable impact in the world.

To be impatient, to be dismayed, to panic sell.

Why do investors take such a foolish behavior? That is because people are living creatures who wish to observe. If you buy it will go up forever, no, I want you to go up! It is normal to trade stocks with the hope that there is no scenario such as "stock price plummeting". In other words, because you are not thinking about any defense at all, you are in a panic.

In the business world, there is a concept of contingency plan (conti plan).
A contingency plan is an emergency response plan that is set in advance in preparation for an unexpected situation. With this, the organization will be able to minimize the range of interruption due to unforeseen circumstances, and to restore necessary work quickly and efficiently.

Especially when carrying out a project, it is a routine situation such as an unexpected situation.
Despite all thorough designs, when you move the system now, the scene called scenes in which you can not determine the continuity of the error and the cause can occur frequently.

In that case, how to make it recover? By preparing a scenario called "scenario" in advance, it is possible to minimize damage and minimize business impact even in unexpected situations.

This is applicable not only to business but also widely.

If you think of a contiplan in stock trading, you will probably assume a crash situation at any time. Even assuming that a crash will occur, preparing cash in advance is one measure, even if you minimize the risk by arranging high dividend stock so that it can be crashed in the first place It will be a Conti Plan.

It is also a measure to analyze factors when crashing and act.

For example, we do not know how much we will adjust this crash, but eventually the stock price will rise.
This is because the economy of the United States is in perfect condition, so long-term interest rates have risen and the hedge fund program runs out of control as a result of the overbearing feeling. In other words, it is only one kind of large-scale worker, it is no longer necessary that the stock price rises beyond the American economy.

In addition, America will benefit greatly from playing cards tax cuts.
It is decided that the business performance will be better when companies that are making profits all over the world will benefit from demon tax reduction further. So, the scenes that are sold without relation to corporate performance are "buying stocks".

Even if the extra buyer's saving money runs out in the middle due to the crash more than expected, it does not change what you put in a great buyer if you look at the long-term perspective.


If you plan a contiplan after drawing the scenario of yourself in advance, you will not have to be impatient in any situation. And you can enjoy the benefits. It is important to prepare your own plan in preparation for future crash.

Always presume the worst situation and draw your own scenario. Then you will be able to deal with anything. Rather, if you do not get into that situation you will face things with a feeling of lucky.

Let's formulate the strongest Contin plan!

My heart skipped a beat.

I quarreled with him on a long phone call from Osaka - Kanagawa distant love phone yesterday.

Over the phone during a fight

The sound of a fire alarm rang from the apartment where he lives.

I thought it was a fire and ordered to evacuate outside the heavy rain.

After a while

It seems that the alarm was malfunctioning

I called back because I returned to the room.

He cries crying

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I got soaked! "

... and kept apologizing all the time.

Thinking of something like that, I asked ...

'I would not be able to meet you without this ticket! ! "

He took him out of the room in a hurry,

It was a ticket for dividends towards the other side of the explosion.

My fighting no longer matter.

I did it for the first time to be happy.

I will treasure a lifetime.

Thank you.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

【Buy a crash! 】 XOM, PM, S&P 500, willing to purchase more Nikkei ☆

Buy a crash!

I'm fueling it! It may be caught.

However, in the crash phase, it is important to buy tightly by dividing it several times, which will benefit in the long term. Therefore, it is important to leave a minimum of 1 million yen cash in preparation for a crash. (I think that said before.)

Well, in response to the second crash this time, chocolate purchased a total of 450,000 yen.
Together with the 150 thousand I bought last time 600 thousand yen, if we match the purchase of last month it will have bought for 1 million yen this year. If it seems to crash again, it will only pick up the lower price again.

【XOM: Exxon Mobil】
It is purchasing 100,000 yen worth.
Dividend yield has exceeded 4% due to demonic crash. The number of years of continuous increase has also exceeded 35 years. Oil is the most important resource indispensable for humanity. I got lost as Royal Dutch Shell, but this time I chose XOM which is more violent.

【PM: Philippe Morris】
A world famous world cigarette largest.
Because it divided 100 dollars, it is purchasing 200,000 yen. There is no foreign source withholding tax, it is highly recommended since it is highly compatible with NISA at high dividends.

【1557: S&P 500 ETF】
Yen-denominated S&P 500 ETF.
It is purchase for 120,000 yen. If you have, you can buy it for free, so it is perfect for buying it for a while. Buffett is the strongest big-selling stock that can recommend as much as saying "Individual investors buy only S & P 500! Konoyarou!"

【1321: Nikkei Average ETF】
I bought a little about 20,000 yen.
Fundamentals in Japanese companies are top form, and in the short term we aim for 30,000 yen. If there is a possibility of being crushed by the United States to crash, we will continue to buy more.

With the feeling that you understand the "background" of the crash firmly, it is possible to purchase happily without pleasing the brain of some sort of boy.

Well ...