Saturday, March 31, 2018

Even in Japan, workers get fired by AI.

Nomura Holdings holds Nomura Securities, Japan's largest securities company. I found that the number of new graduates recruited for this company in fiscal 2019 is the lowest level in the past five years.

The reason is that the use of AI realized significant improvement in operational efficiency. Especially securities companies are large trading revenue projects, but AI has made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in personnel.

This is a global trend.

For example, Goldman Sachs, the world's largest securities company. Goldman was proceeding with the introduction of AI as soon as possible and reduced the number of ultra elite traders who had been assigned to the cash equities trading division of New York headquarters in 2000 to only 2 people.

Wall Street traders and fund managers are frightened by the wave of AI restructuring. AI has proven to be superior to humans, and 23 hedge funds that introduced AI have high results in terms of their performance over the board.

AI vs human.

AI continues working without complaining 24 hours a day, 365 days, and it is possible to derive an optimal solution from enormous data. On the other hand, humans do not perpetuate concentration like AI, and repeatedly fail due to "prejudice and emotion".

There is no advantage such as the merit of hiring a human with paying high cost.

In other words, "human beings have no chance of winning AI".

Well, not only Nomura HD but also megabanks in Japan will halve the number of new graduates hired.

The Mizuho Financial Group announces a policy to halve the recruitment number of about 700 people in the next term compared to last year. In addition, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank adjusts it from 1030 to 10%, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. in the direction to decrease from 800 to 20 to 25% respectively. This reduction is also due to the large effect of eliminating labor by utilizing AI.

Also, Dai-ichi Life Holdings Inc., the largest insurance company, has been told that it is a policy to reduce the work for 2,100 people by 2023 as a result of achieving operational efficiency at AI.

The era in which a large number of workers are needed is clearly changing. It is a big point that the waves of workers' selection are thrusting up to high-income people called white collar.

The time when AI is deprived of work is just around the corner.

People who have noticed have already started full-scale measures with investment and self-improvement skills. If you do not have a threat to AI and there are people who have not done anything, I think that it is seriously serious.

Friday, March 30, 2018

America is a country of God.

Crude oil price crash that occurred in 2015.

The cause was due to the American Cher Revolution.

Speaking of crude oil was a Middle Eastern country, but now America is the world's largest oil producing country.

Cher is a kind of petroleum that is contained in the mudstone layer deep underground, meaning "shikiwa". Technological innovation (a method of cracking and removing cracks in the bedrock with strong water pressure) makes it possible to extract oil of the layer which could not be mined until now. This made it possible to drill a large amount of shale oil in the United States, causing excessive supply of crude oil worldwide and a collapse of crude oil prices.

In the shale oil mass drilling in the US, the influence was especially in the Middle Eastern countries that depend on the income of crude oil. OPEC, an oil exporters organization, decided to adjust crude oil production as a measure to stabilize prices as crude oil prices collapsed due to excess supply. We also stabilized the price by agreeing to reduce production in non-OPEC non-member countries around the Middle East.

However, since the United States is a non-OPEC member country, there is no need to cooperate in reducing production. As crude oil prices rise due to OPEC cutbacks, the US tends to increase production soon. That is why crude oil prices do not rise quite well.

In other words, if crude oil price declines due to increased shale in the US, the reduction in production at OPEC will be diminished, and it can be said that the chicken race is playing each other. As a result, Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producing country, has a budget deficit.

Saudi Arabia is planning to list Saudi Aramco, a state-owned enterprise, but it is said that this has a significant meaning to promote depreciated oil dependency structural reform as it is unlikely that it will be able to overcome the shale increase in the US. The Middle Eastern countries are as good as being dominated by America.

There is a proverb "Heaven gives you two things".

It means that God does not give two things at the same time,

God gave America the strongest resource of human beings, oil, and gave magic to crow the world.

Really, what country is the United States? .

Well, recently the crude oil selling position has increased again. Crude oil selling position by hedge funds has recorded the biggest increase this year. The reason for this is that concern is rising that crude oil will be oversupplied again. By doing this, oil majors such as XOM and RDS are in trouble. If crude oil price does not rise sales will be sluggish and profits will be reduced.

Nonetheless, no matter how much innovation progresses crude oil is finite. As in the 20th century, as many wars over crude oil occurred, it is still a valuable resource for mankind. Oil major that continues to generate high dividends is a stock that should be added to the portfolio as income issue.

President Trump will prioritize elections over stock price.

The stock market is shaking again and again.

Both NY Dow and the Nikkei average have suddenly fallen sharply.

The war criminal is President Trump.

It is due to the fact that the United States reassessed investment restrictions from Chinese enterprises against important technologies such as semiconductors and next-generation high-speed communication 5G, and concerns that adversely affect the economy were reheated. In addition, we are launching a messy policy like daily strengthening Amazon taxation.

Although President Trump, who has triggered the market crash triggered by the import restrictions on steel and aluminum, it is said that "Under the water is America coordinating with China", it is said that once the stock was on a recovery trend market. Because it was such an incident, I think that many investors have anger at President Trump.

However, people have forgotten with Tweet going diagonally and on parade of foolishness, but the cards are originally a very good super elite. Therefore, I am very aware that stock prices are the most important to the American state. But why does he just carry out cold water on the market in a row?

The answer is in November middle election.

Mid-term election refers to the election of elected officials such as upper and lower house lawmakers and state governors, which will be held in the United States in the absence of the presidential election. This election is "virtually confidential vote for the president", so it will be a very important event for playing cards.

That is why we are promoting the performance that pushes the United States First to the full extent.

please think about it.

His supportive level is nationalism.

In the world where globalization has progressed rapidly due to the Internet revolution, it has brought great benefits to people as well as giving some people unbearable pain. Workers in industrialized countries such as the United States and Europe confronted with competition from developing countries are panting for loss of employment.

Increasing immigrants and refugees ....

People thought that their country was invaded by other peoples, and the ideology of nationalism quickly expanded.

It was the result of the victory of an indecisive playing card in the presidential election as a result of receiving support from people opposed to such globalization and it is essential to have a strategy to appeal to the conservative strat which is the supportive layer to win the election I can not do it. In short, repeated reinforcement of regulations is all for election.

If you EXIT the election campaign, President Trump will give priority to the stock price again.

Massive tax breaks and strengthening government expenditure, solid world growth will work positive for the American economy. Therefore, until the 2020 presidential election after the midterm election, "It is highly possible that the American economy will continue to develop under President Trump".

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Investment strategy of investors with low investment capital.

Nice to meet you.

It is a newbie who is just beginning to start investing in US stocks from the beginning of this year.

Although it is a question, it is about frequency of purchasing US ETFs and selection of stocks of purchased ETFs.

I am in the early thirties and can only turn about 3 to 40 thousand a month.

The savings is also a little under a million.

I will buy it at SBI Securities (NISA).

1. VOO goes by one
2. VOO, HDV or VOO and VDC
3. VOO, HDV and VDC

I am thinking of going with one of them.

Because the funds are small, how about dispersing too much?

I do not know which is more efficient, so I'd appreciate hearing your opinion for reference.

Also, how should I purchase ETFs (once a month, once a half year, etc.)?

Thank you.

If investment funds are small, we can not receive much of the benefits of dividends. Therefore, it is necessary to select stocks that can also capital gains to some extent.

In the case of VOO, the growth market such as FANG, which leads the US market, and the defensive shares such as consecutive increase price are distributed in a well-balanced manner. It is possible for individual investors to achieve better results than most hedge funds simply by piling up themselves.

Since HDV is an ETF of a policy composed of high-dividend shares, it is excluded from the constituent stocks when constituent stocks rise and the dividend yield declines. Therefore, it is not an ETF that aims to raise the stock price, so it is unsuitable when the funds are small.

VDC is a necessity for daily living, but this is a biased sector.

As a conclusion, it is definitely a VOO option.

Although it is buying frequency, I think that if you are NISA of SBI SECURITIES, the purchase fee will be free. Therefore, you should buy it once a month so that there is no divergence from the chart as much as possible. However, although it will be an error in the long term even once every six months.

Also, although it is advice from here, if you have a high possibility of investing in the future from 3 to 40 thousand in the future, we recommend "accumulated NISA". Because it is possible to benefit from tax exemption for a longer number of years than normal NISA.

In that case, I think whether to select S&P 500 interactive ETF such as iFree S & P 500 index.

In the collapsed phase, there is investment interest in the increased shares.

The momentum of the global simultaneous stock depreciation will not stop.

Until now it has often been fallen by geopolitical risks in other countries, but the fast-paced collapse that made the epicenter of the United States a long time ago, hence the world's shock was great.

Well, many people leave in such a situation. It is a professional trader who makes leverage with short term buying and selling daily money and investment beginner who is not tolerant to crash. Although a professional trader feels like it has its own advantage, those who are beginners of investing are doing very unnecessary things.

Because, if the holding stock is a good stock, if it keeps holding and holding it, it is because there is a law which returns to the former value.

The longer the investment calendar is, the more it finds "my own good stock" and it gets strayed, but if the investor who is shallow in calendar will buy shares that are closely attached to daily life, Often you have excellent stocks in many cases.

In the crash phase in the case of holding a good stock, it is not "selling" but "buying".

For example, P&G, a high-grade stock champion who is the chairman of an increased share.

Due to the rise in US long-term interest rates, so-called defensive shares of increased shares are sold to Bokoboko. However, in the long history of the United States many interest rate hikes and interest rate cuts are being made, and the increased shares have survived such history, earn huge cash for many years, and continue to increase dividends for more than 30 to 60 years .

In the collapse phase, it can be said that "selling" is a short-term perspective, but for this reason it is definitely saying "buying" in the long-term perspective.

Furthermore, you can understand well by checking the long-term chart.

Meanwhile, various geopolitical risks hit the stock market, but companies that provide super-large products and services, which are said to be indispensable to people's lives, gradually rise sharply rather than crashing It continues. Moreover, it continued to increase dividends and brought profits to shareholders during that time.

On the other hand, stocks that had been bought due to expectations, etc. were not accompanied by actual conditions of corporate performance, but the stock price also plummeted as investors left.

In other words, during the collapse phase, there is investment interest in the increased shares.

In magazines, websites, etc. "Losing cut is important!" It is easy for people to be brainwashed as they are shouted loudly, but only investors who are running short-term traders like moneymakers like short-term traders.

Investors who clasped high-quality shares are OK if they are satisfied with the time until buying good-quality stocks or recovering the market price, without feeling more concerned about immediate events.

The momentum of the global simultaneous stock depreciation will not stop.

Until now it has often been fallen by geopolitical risks in other countries, but the fast-paced collapse that made the epicenter of the United States a long time ago, hence the world's shock was great.

Well, many people leave in such a situation. It is a professional trader who makes leverage with short term buying and selling daily money and investment beginner who is not tolerant to crash. Although a professional trader feels like it has its own advantage, those who are beginners of investing are doing very unnecessary things.

Because, if the holding stock is a good stock, if it keeps holding and holding it, it is because there is a law which returns to the former value.

The longer the investment calendar is, the more it finds "my own good stock" and it gets strayed, but if the investor who is shallow in calendar will buy shares that are closely attached to daily life, Often you have excellent stocks in many cases.

In the crash phase in the case of holding a good stock, it is not "selling" but "buying".

For example, P&G, a high-grade stock champion who is the chairman of an increased share.

Due to the rise in US long-term interest rates, so-called defensive shares of increased shares are sold to Bokoboko. However, in the long history of the United States many interest rate hikes and interest rate cuts are being made, and the increased shares have survived such history, earn huge cash for many years, and continue to increase dividends for more than 30 to 60 years .

In the collapse phase, it can be said that "selling" is a short-term perspective, but for this reason it is definitely saying "buying" in the long-term perspective.

Furthermore, you can understand well by checking the long-term chart.

Meanwhile, various geopolitical risks hit the stock market, but companies that provide super-large products and services, which are said to be indispensable to people's lives, gradually rise sharply rather than crashing It continues. Moreover, it continued to increase dividends and brought profits to shareholders during that time.

On the other hand, stocks that had been bought due to expectations, etc. were not accompanied by actual conditions of corporate performance, but the stock price also plummeted as investors left.

In other words, during the collapse phase, there is investment interest in the increased shares.

In magazines, websites, etc. "Losing cut is important!" It is easy for people to be brainwashed as they are shouted loudly, but only investors who are running short-term traders like moneymakers like short-term traders.

Investors who clasped high-quality shares are OK if they are satisfied with the time until buying good-quality stocks or recovering the market price, without feeling more concerned about immediate events.

If you want high tech, S&P 500 is enough.

Choco works for an IT company in Tokyo.

Therefore, I always realize the amazingness of American companies. It is not an exaggeration to say that America's technical strength is the best in the world, and it is said that you are cowling the world. It is not an exception in Japan, but the system is composed using American made hardware and software. When I heard that new products and services attracting worldwide attention are released, it is definitely from the United States that I can say it certainly.

It is no wonder if you think about it normally, if you are in such an environment, you can consolidate your portfolio with high-tech individual stocks such as FANG.

So, why not buy high tech?

The reason is as follows.

· There are many young companies because of new industries and few dividends
· Technology evolution and changes in trends are too fast = caught quickly
· The degree of difficulty of selecting individual companies to survive in the future is considerably high

As you all know, the speed of technological innovation in the high-tech industry is tremendous and the trend continues to change. Products and services that were extremely popular until yesterday are often not used in the blink of an eye. In that era, it is judged that having a high-tech stock as an individual stock is too difficult.

Therefore, if you want to own high-tech stocks, we recommend ETFs from individual stocks.

ETFs in the high-tech sector include QQQ and VGT. These are ETFs made mainly of high-tech stocks listed on NASDAQ, past performances were overwhelming in the 21st century of high-tech prime. If you want high-tech stocks, these ETFs are a fairly reasonable choice.

However, since I am buying S&P 500 in chocolate, I feel that QQQ and VGT are redundant, so I do not plan to buy it so far.

Since QQQ and VGT also include companies in the future, there are stocks that are bought with expectation. Will those companies be able to earn stable profits in the future? That is unknown. On that point, the high-tech brands adopted for S&P 500 have super high-quality high-tech stocks carefully selected from among those ETFs. FANG is also incorporated at a considerable rate.

In other words, growth expectation and market share are in proportion, and it is said that stocks with a high possibility of bringing profits to shareholders in the future are also indispensable.

After all S&P 500 is wonderful! !

Hooray! Hooray!

I continued to buy such S&P 500 around 20th of every month, I purchased this month as well.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Japanese people who like brand goods are thought to be foolish from abroad.

GUCCI's new bag to make 100,000 yen is very popular among Japanese women, and it is in a state of waiting several months due to the reservation rush.

This bag is engraved with the logo of "GUCCI" in a basket that puts the laundry in and it sells to selling just by saying "GUCCI's new work" despite the design that is too dasa.

Besides, the point that the Japanese are overwhelming is the point of purchasing.

On the net, "It seems to be sold at the home center", "I can buy normally with Daiso", "Laundry basket for the rich", has become a reputation in a certain sense.

If ordinary feeling is too dasa, goods not to be seen will be sold at a price of about 1000 times just by attaching the GUCCI logo.

Why do Japanese have no eye for brand name so far?

That means that Japanese are too many people who do not know the value of the essence of things. Because what is valuable or important is not clearly established in myself, it is satisfied by acquiring a brand item that has already been recognized as a value to many people, enhancing his own value It is a misunderstanding.

This trend is remarkable for Japanese, and about half of the sales of overseas brands is said to be supported by Japanese people, not the country of birth homeowners. The Japanese are being made a prey from foreign manufacturers.

In other words, it is believed that the Japanese are stupid and stupid.

There are many people who can acquire brand goods overseas, but the most different thing from Japan is not to buy brand goods by force. People in the class with the brand name buy it possessing assets as it is. Having a big house, driving a luxury car, I bought a brand name as a suitable item.

Also, like Japanese people buy brand items every year or buy every season when new work comes out, it is about once in 2 years or once in 3 years. People who are poor do not know the brand name, they say that there are people who have never heard of it. On the other hand, the Japanese want to have brand-name goods as poor people, they make money by debt and gray work and buy brand-name goods.

Balenciaga (Balenciaga) has a brand originating in France and Paris.
A Japanese corporation has also been established by GUCCI's investment, bags, wallets, etc. are famous and popular among women in their 20s to 30s.

Called a so-called IKEA bag, an employee of IKEA is extremely honored that Balenciaga 's bag looks like an eco - friendly blue bag symbolizing 99 cents of IKEA, it' s a great honor to use a very big and blue bag Because there is not anything effective! "I mean, I'm making a comment that makes a meaningful Balenciaga stupid.

Also, bags recently released by CELINE (Celine), France 's Paris brand, are also talked about. At first glance it looks like a plastic bag, but it is sold at a price of 60,000 yen just by stamping the brand logo.

Although this product is not released yet in Japan, it is understood how brand-name products look like valuable and it is a cheap sweet business that plunges a lot of money from commoners. And the Japanese who buy the brand goods accordingly it is indeed "Duck green onion" state which is made a prey to foreigners.

Japanese brand orientation is a symbol that lacks thought power.

If you do not learn how to use the right money that is truly valuable, it will just become poor with waste. Increasing the Japanese financial literacy has a meaning to enhance the basic behavioral value of living as well to promote shopping besides promoting investment.

Japanese stocks oversold. America's whim.

The Japanese market is the first to be sold if there is something. The Nikkei average on the 23rd resulted temporarily lower by more than 1,000 yen, and it recorded the decline much more than the epicenter, NY Dow.

Why are only Japanese stocks sold?

That is because only investors participating in the market are foreign investors and there are few Japanese individual investors. It is said that foreign investors are so-called hedge funds, and it is said that it is possible to manipulate the market freely with overwhelming financial resources. The hedge fund can make use of the automatic trading program making full use of AI which is the newest system, and it is possible to order a large number of trading orders according to the trend.

For example, one super hedge fund (per gold man) makes big sell orders. Then, other hedge funds also follow, and the trading program places the sell order at the second speed. Then, global selling trends are formed in a blink of an eye. That is why performance and share prices are not linked at all.

And, when a large stock is sold, individual investors who can only judge by winning or losing will throw out their holdings without enduring their temporary feelings, thus negative chains will overlap and cause a massive crash.

In other words, why Japanese stocks are sold most in the world is unlikely because hedge funds are free to play around. In order to solve this problem as much as possible, it will be essential to increase the number of individual investors participating in the Japanese market and to educate literacy that does not judge on short-term win or lose.

By the way, according to Reuters communication, the short selling ratio to Japanese stock on 23rd is 50.3%, it says that it recorded the highest ever. It is the first time ever that the short selling ratio surpassed 50%, it seems that the fact that short-term sources of hedge funds that anticipated the stock market moved largely into short selling was reflected.

Hedge funds also sell bigger at the beginning of the week. NY Dow also fell sharply on Wednesday as the trade war with China became more concentrated as the US triggered steel and aluminum import restrictions. Japanese stocks will follow the movement of US stocks again.

It is also a matter of concern for Japan to continue to deliver bad materials.

It is inevitable that the Japanese economy will be adversely affected because Japan was not included in the country where the import restrictions of iron and steel and aluminum imported by President Trump have been excluded. In addition, President Trump has criticized Prime Minister Abe "for a long time in the United States, Abe is smiling with America outstanding and smiling," and since the concern that sanctions will be received further emerged in the future, The shock has run into the regime.

There are also opinions that it is pressure to conclude a Japan - US FTA, not being concerned about TPP 11 without American, as the intention of saying trumps.

Our government is being touched by the Mori friends problem and it is in a state where we can not concentrate on economic measures and we can not prevent yen's high trend. In Japan, which is a major exporting country, strengthening the yen and strengthening tariffs is fatal.

Japanese stocks ran up from less than 20,000 yen to 24,000 yen in just six months but we could not have imagined anything other than hedge funds that it will be restored in just one month. In other words, it is inevitable that the Nikkei average will be below 20,000 yen in the short term.

America is "a whim" and has the power to move the world as you want.

And Japanese stocks are in danger of extreme crisis.

America is trying to set up a global version "Barrier".

The stock market has fallen sharply.

On the 22nd NY Dow fell by 724 dollars as all issues went down. By brand name, big selling entered into the main export companies such as Boeing and Caterpillar, and pushed the index down. The decline so far is the fifth largest downward trend since February 8th.

The background of the crash is the announcement of new tariff measures by playing cards. The formal announcement of sanctions imposing heavy tariffs on China has brought about concern over the war on trade again. In response to this, China has also announced that it will "limit some investment in the United States" as a loser, and we can not deny the possibility of taking further countermeasures against the United States further.

The world is up to America.
In 2018 concerns from the United States emerged one after another, and it has been a big shadow on the stock market. Even just the recently occurring bad materials, there are the following things.

· Concern about trade war
· Long-term interest rate rise
· Facebook risk

What can not be overlooked most is fear of trade war. The world became a global society and it became possible to achieve rapid economic growth. Protectionism is like going to the opposite of this, so if the world is taking various measures against the United States, the downturn in the world economy is inevitable.

There was "Barrier" in Japan until the Sengoku period.

Barrier was managed by authority by region. And I was getting profits by taking toll tax from the general public. "As long as paying toll taxes, try to do business in different places ...", it became difficult for products to circulate in some areas, and Barrier was creating a major obstacle to Japan's overall economy.

In other words, the protectionism undertaken by the playing cards is the installation of a global barrier.

As there is a big risk from the United States, unstable markets are anticipated in the future. Investors should not immediately inject large amounts of funds, we recommend picking up them finely or watching them till the trend turns.

Friday, March 23, 2018

What is the intention of the FRB to raise interest rates? Way of US economy.

The FRB announced rate hikes.

I decided to raise the interest rate from 1.25 to 1.50% of the current rate to 1.50 to 1.75%. The interest rate rise was forecast three times this year. However, the Fed said, "The labor market has become stronger and economic activity is rising moderately," confidence in the current state of the economy, so if the US economy is solid it will raise rates more than four times There is also possibility.

So why does the Fed rate need to raise rates?

Its purpose is to "prevent the economy from overheating", ie suppress inflation.
Rapid inflation can hurt people's lives and cause adverse effects such as causing social unrest. For that reason, the Fed will reduce the money that has been circulated so far by raising the interest rate by raising the interest rate so that the value of money does not drop sharply.

■ Higher interest rate effect
· Banks reduce borrowing from central banks
· The supply of money in the economy shrinks
· Banks reduce loans to businesses and consumers
· Enterprises and consumers have difficulty in borrowing due to high interest rates
· Consumption and investment slow down, economic growth slows down
· If economic growth slows down, inflation is suppressed

Because Japan is doing a rate cut policy called "negative interest rate" contrary to the United States, the fact that the Fed raises rates so much is that the economy in the United States is quite good. To Japan, it is a very envious story.

So what is the effect of cutting rates like in Japan?

Rate of interest reduction
· Reversal of the interest rate hikes effect occurs
· Banks increase borrowing from central bank
· The amount of money supply expands in the economy
· Banks extend loans to companies and consumers
· Enterprises and consumers are easier to borrow due to lower interest rates
· Accelerate consumption and investment, leading to economic growth
· If you lead to economic growth, inflation will also accelerate

In other words, since Japan is recessionary, it is promoting economic recovery with monetary policy. Japan is in recession, America is booming. This difference is very big.

However, concerns that economic growth is suppressed by raising interest rates on the Fed has lowered the US stock price.

Is it okay to invest in such a state?

Although I think that some people will be uneasy, the rate hike is to prevent rapid inflation, and there is no difference that economic growth will continue gradually in the future. Therefore, the American economy will expand as it is seen in the medium to long term. To grow economically, corporate performance also grows.

In other words, stock prices will eventually rise if we consider the nature of stock prices converging to business results.

The pension system will collapse.

When I entrusted pension recipient data input from the pension organization to a company called "SAY project", it is a topic pension that it turned out that it was re-entrusted to a Chinese enterprise. In the first place, what is a pension?

Pension is an insurance system that can receive regularly the insurance premiums paid by active generations, over the age of 65. The lower generations support the above generation. However, as it is said by the world, there are major flaws in this system.

Design flaw.

Because the pension is "a mechanism that the generation below supports the above generation", if the population numbers between generations are equal or not, then the amount of funds will naturally decrease, the money that can be paid by the beneficiary will be depleted To go.

In fact, in Japan, the declining birthrate and aging population is progressing rapidly, so the pension decrease, the extension of the pension payment start, and the insurance premium increase by the working generation are progressing step by step. In other words, it is obvious that the pension system has already collapsed from the design, and it will become worse in the future.

Why did it make such a defect system?

That is because Japan was the "future country" at the beginning of the pension system. In 1961 when the pension system began, the number of young people increased steadily in Japan and it was at the height of the bubble. At that time, there was no dust like the idea of ​​becoming an aging society with fewer children in Japan.

There are many layers called "baby-boom generation" and "baby boom junior" in Japan. Currently, the baby-boomer generation is in his 70s and the baby - boomer juniors are also in their 50s, so the population of the female generation that can give birth has decreased significantly. Then, even if the birthrate rises at the lower generation, the number of children born will inevitably decrease.

The most realistic realistic scenario in the future pension plan is that "while the insurance premiums of active generations continue to increase, countermeasures will decrease when pension benefits begin. There is no investment that does not fit this. However, we can not quit as long as we have started running even with the defect system. Unfortunately, active generations only have to keep investing "not payable".

Therefore, you should never rely on pensions for working generations.

By the way, how do you live in old age when "pension can not depend"?
As a conclusion, it can only be said that "Please take care of yourself by yourself without relying on the country".

In fact, the government is also aware of the design failure of the pension system and promotes investment to the people. NISA, Tumitate NISA, iDeco etc. We are promoting extensive promotion as public and private unity. If you can count on the pension, you do not have to bother saying "Invest yourself and make assets ♪".

In other words, if you wish for a lifestyle in the future,

1. Studying by yourself
2. Investing
3. Form an asset

There is no technique to live only by doing.

On the other hand, savings can not be recommended.
Inflation will gradually accelerate in Japan. It is not that inflation is bad, but in the capitalist society it is the principle of economic growth while inflation, so we can not go against this trend. Because deflation causes the country to collapse due to recession.

Under inflation the value of money is decreasing, meaning that savings = assets will decrease.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The reason why Facebook changed the world.

[FB] Facebook's stock price has fallen greatly.

As background, the election consulting company (Cambridge · Analytka) who contributed to the trump election in the presidential election of the United States held suspicion that the information of tens of million users of Facebook was held without the consent of the person himself, and the suspicion that illegal use was made.

In response to this problem, it was reported that the American authorities asked him to testify to Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg, and the stock market was shocked.

Facebook with a strong influence at national level.

What is such "charm" of Facebook?

Facebook is a company that was founded with the great vision of Zuckerberg. With the idea that "sharing a lot of things makes the world better", I grew up as a company exceeding the market capitalization of 500 billion dollars (about 60 trillion yen in Japanese yen) in one generation.

Originally Zuckerberg launched while at Harvard University "Just a campus site" Facebook is an innovative service connected with "real extension" unlike other social networks, attracts attention in a blink of an eye It began. With the opening of photograph functions, timeline and university, the service expanded explosively.

In September 2006, Facebook was equipped with a news feed and open registration was adopted at the same time. Originally, the newsfeed bounced back to say, "Not too! Stalker !! Disappearing! Good !!", but in fact the time the user spent on Facebook definitely increased.

Facebook's opening has been successful, there are 50 million active users in 2007, "If opening fails, if you think that selling for a billion dollars might be the right answer" Zuckerberg Won the bet and the valuation jumped to $ 15 billion. What we invested in Facebook was Google and Microsoft, the IT industry giants.

Facebook was listed on NASDAQ in 2012. As you know, it is also selected as a member of the world's top attention, called FANG, and has grown to be ranked within 5th world market capitalization ranking.

Facebook was a latecomer as SNS, and there were several similar services such as My Space at that time. Among them, the biggest factor that Facebook has succeeded is always creating a service with the user's eyes, and beyond anything else it has been the belief that "we will change the world."

What is the capability required for the CEO?

Zuckerberg taught that it is not a skill or justness, it is intention and charm. Most of the modern large companies are president of salaried workers, basically there is no vision, there are many CEOs saying "You have to complete the term of office safely". As a result, Japanese corporations have revealed numerous scandals that have accumulated in the past.

What we need for Japanese companies today is definitely the presence of a CEO with a belief like Zuckerberg.

SNS is the most vulnerable and evil service in IT, but Facebook may be invincible as long as Zuckerberg remains at the CEO.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reasons to form a portfolio centered on US stocks (American stocks).

What I would like to pay attention to is the global simultaneous stock price depreciation with the epicenter of China called "China Shock" that began in August 2015. The biggest influence was on November 27th when "Black Friday" came, and the Shanghai Composite Index recorded a drop of more than 5%, involved in the world of confusion. At this time, the Nikkei average was largely sold, while NY Dow was almost unaffected.

What I would like to pay attention next is the collapse of international crude oil prices called "crude oil shock" that began in December 2015. The price of the WTI crude oil futures market in New York fell to a level of 34 dollars per barrel, falling to less than one third of the peak value of 106 dollar range. Nikkei average was selling well this time as well, while NY Dow was almost unaffected.

What I would like to pay attention next is the bankruptcy crisis of Germany's largest Deutsche Bank called "Deutsche Bank Shock" which began in February 2016. He found that he had huge bad loans and huge liabilities, pushed concern over the world economy and crashed stock prices around the world. Nikkei average was selling well this time as well, while NY Dow was almost unaffected.

What I would like to pay attention next is the British EU withdrawal called "Breggit" that began in June 2016. In the UK, a referendum on whether to withdraw from the EU was made, and the number of votes for withdrawal from the EU exceeded the vote for residual EU. Concern overshadowing the European economy broke out as a result of the withdrawal of the UK which is the essential part of the EU, and it caught up in the turbulence of the world around the world. Nikkei average was selling well this time as well, while NY Dow was almost unaffected. The Nikkei average went down by 1,374 yen.

The extremism is the event that President Trump was born in the US presidential election called "trump shock" that occurred in November 2016. It was not the Millennium Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton who controlled the presidential election in the United States, but since it was a Republican candidate Donald Trump, he was involved in the turbulence of the world around the world. The Nikkei average once again plunged more than 1,000 yen, while NY Dow rose sharply to $ 18,259, up $ 256.

After that, in 2017, Trump Rally effect produced NY Dow just rising price and ran up to 25,000 dollars. The Nikkei average changed to an upward trend at last by being formulated by NY Dow.

When there is something the most popular in the world, the Nikkei average is the least recoverable in the world.

Nikkei average, you are serious! What? (Lol)

Responsible person, please come out! ! !

Stress is a natural enemy for stock investment. US stocks have low volatility and are not easily influenced by external factors. Even in the sense of eliminating stress, it is very effective to form a portfolio, centering on US stocks.

Monday, March 19, 2018

"Japanese" who rely solely on salary will become poor!

Japan has been booming since the bubble economy, such as stock price hitting for 26 years by avenomics. Even at the corporate level, regular raise has become active a lot for the time being, and it is a topic in the news, Japan has shown signs of departure from deflation after 30 years lost.

However, there are many people who tend to head their heads as "a really good economy? The reason is that there is a sense that at the ordinary level it is not changed from the standard of living in the deflationary era.

Actually that feeling is correct.

If you check the data, you can see that the Japanese "Net income" has been decreasing year by year, and even in developed countries it is in a very miserable situation.

Actually, even in the same annual income, "take-home" is Japan that continues to decline for 15 years.
Without a rise in salary during the 15 years, tax cuts and discontinuance of preferential treatment system have been repeated one after another.

· Increase of social insurance premium
· Partial abolition of spouse special deduction
· Abolition of fixed rate tax reduction
· Abolition of deduction for some child dependents

In the future, in Japan where there is a fatal bad material such as declining birthrate, events such as consumption tax increase tax and amendment of spouse deduction are enormous. Japan will sink without tax increase. Even if you upgraded several thousand yen a month in a base - up water to the rocks. Well, it will be a tenton.

In other words, doing with a single salary is definitely a risk in the future. "If you work for a company anyway and you earn salary!" Is safe! "It will collapse as a concept of Showa.

To raise income even a little, investing and having money work. Otherwise, Net income will decrease steadily and it will not be possible to save money either. This is because net income of salaried workers is decreasing, while Japanese corporate earnings are record highs, stock prices continue to rise, and dividends continue to record the highest level.

While salaried workers are exploited, capitalists are increasingly disciplined.

In other words, even in Japan, which is said to be a middle-aged society, it is getting clearer that Japan in the 21st century will be in "poor investment" age.

However, it can be said that Japan's total midstream society was abnormal if the back side was returned. That is because in a capitalist society, the capitalist's process is far from normal logic.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Skylark" declined due to the expansion of Shareholder incentives. I recommend selling stocks. "REAL GACHI".

Gusto love ☆ Chocolate!

For the Shareholder incentives, we had 300 stocks of Skylark shares.

This issue always had a bomb that "All shares of Skylark sold by US investment fund Bain" was sold. Bain, which succeeded in obtaining a large number of individual investors by tripling Shareholder incentives, sold a large number of shares at a time and pushed down the stock price each time.

But, this is good! !

Everyone knew that the expansion of Shareholder incentives was Bane measures, and if the sale of Bain was completed, the stock price will rise again ... Individual investors have drawn such a scenario.

The problem is the company's settlement data announced at the end of last year.

Hmm, that in FY 2017 it was an increase and a decrease in profits.


Mumu · · ·?

Factors of declining profit

Expenses due to expanding Shareholder incentives! What?

Well! ! ! ! ! ! I think that it was understood from the beginning that expansion of the Shareholder incentives will result in cost increase! ! ! ! Do not bother writing such a reasonable thing in the accounts settlement! ! ! ! ! !

In retrospect, we stuck the information of Shareholder incentives to the table seat of the shop with a sticker, appealed the information of the shareholder benefit at the cash register, and gathered all the individual shareholders.

So the shareholders are declining profitably (Ha Oh) - something! ! ! ! Does not it be a shareholder Name? ! ! ! ! ! Come out of the management team! ! ! Well! ! ! ! ! !

As it was said that, aside from Bain, the risk like a nightmare of a profit decline was revealed in Shareholder incentives, so this stock was already sold on January 4 this year, but we finally got the last dividend and Shareholder incentives It was.

So, it is the key stock price, but the dodge has come down.


You should sell it quickly and you should go then.

As far as Degawa is concerned, it is "REAL GACHI".

Pecori ☆

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It is the Japanese citizens themselves who suffered the most when they have defeated the Abe administration with the "Moritomo problem".

In a public opinion survey conducted by Newsletter, we found that the support rate of the Abe cabinet plummeted to 39.3%. The disapproval rate was 40.4%, exceeding the support. It goes without saying that this is influenced by the "Moritomo Gakuen problem" which is showing excitement every day.

From overseas, I do not understand why the Japanese are excited at this "Moritomo Gakuen" so far, but rather a crisis in the "constitution of Japan where the regime base will be shaken due to issues of weekly magazine level" I am recruiting a feeling. Because Japanese stock market is mainly from foreigners, political unrest will lead to stock price falls inevitable.

Many people think that "stock price decline is unrelated to myself" in Japan, but the influence that dragged on the "Morihito problem" affects the entire Japanese economy. Indeed, not only is there no discussion on economic issues in the Diet, but diplomacy is beginning to be affected.

In the G20 to be held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina in March this year, Mr. Aso is reporting that Mr. Aso is not going to attend due to reasons of prioritizing parliamentary correspondence. In G20, international regulation of virtual currency and issues concerning strengthening of steel and aluminum tariffs are scheduled to be discussed and it was also an opportunity for Japan to lead the discussion.

G20 is a very important event. Total G20's gross domestic product (GDP) will account for 90% of the world's GDP. To be absent from this meeting means that everyone can understand that Japan suffers a considerable disadvantage even if it is a Japanese in the brain's flower garden, just by looking at the numbers.

The economy is the blood of the country.

If the economy is sluggish, it directly hits the income of each citizen, and any employment will be deprived either.

The Japanese who had prioritized emotion theory over the past, national interest, elected the Democratic Party as a government administrator. As a result, work has drastically declined in Japan, restoration storm. Besides pay raise, even the continuation of employment is dangerous, and we have fallen into a long-term depression. Even so, the administration continued to mitigate economic measures, creating the weakest stocks in the past, industrial hollowing out and employment loss.

The Abe administration is saying that it realizes a virtuous cycle of corporate earnings growth, wage increase and consumption increase by avenomics, and it carries out talking and saying quietly. Corporate earnings are a record high, base-up realization, unprecedented seller market, stock price for the first time in 26 years · · ·. Japan has revived miracles from the bottom of Don and is booming since the bubble economy.

On the other hand, opposition parties are still unable to show Japan's rehabilitation plan to replace avenomics.

It is the Japanese citizens themselves who suffered the most when they beat the Abe government with "Moritomo problem".

The key to IBM recovery is the departure from the human business.

Before talking about IBM, let's take a look at the IT industry in Japan.

Japan's IT industry is the only SIer (system integration) business that provides combined US products. Some manufacturers manufacture and sell their own products, but they remain in a very niche industry. In fact, even if domestic products are used, there is no need for only domestic, of course, so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is extremely saying that "Japanese IT companies are only SIer".

SIer spends time and effort on manual tasks of Cisco's routers and switches, Amazon AWS, Microsoft's Azure and O365, Oracle database software, HP hardware, RedHat OS, etc. as requested by each company We need to work in combination, package it and deliver it.

America which can sell things you made once to the world just.

And it is Japan that can not do it.

The fact that the profit ratio of American companies is overwhelming is actually such a difference between Japan and the United States. America's IT product is the de facto standard of the world, and its superiority is also overwhelming.

"People" is the most costly in business. In business that depends on people, profitability is pushed down by deducting a large amount of personnel expenses from sales, making it difficult to grow greatly. In short, SIer generally has a low profit margin.

So I will return the topic to IBM.

In the early days of IT, IBM sold hard and soft all over the world, it was possible to enter a large amount of cash without doing anything. However, now the time that "IBM 's hard and soft standards" has passed away.

IBM declined as no other company selling its products sold to sell was able to sell and it was forced to make consulting (SIer in short) as a business pillar. As mentioned above, people dependent business is costly.

In order for IBM to break away from the current "losing group of the IT industry", Watson etc, which is their own product, will blossom again.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Unilever. With the closing of the UK headquarters, will the "UL" in the London market will be delisted?

Unilever, like P&G, is one of the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers.
We are headquartered in both the Netherlands and the UK, and we have stocks listed on both the London market and the Netherlands market.

Unilever announced that it will close the UK headquarters that had been maintained for nearly a century and will base its headquarters in the Netherlands. Well, what will happen to Unilever (UL) listed on the London market ...?

Because UK shares listed on the London market are treated as ADR and no foreign withholding tax is imposed, UL was popular with Japanese foreign stock investors. However, if the UL listed on the London market is abolished, it will be only UN in the Netherlands market, which is very disadvantageous in terms of taxation, so there is a risk that the investment taste will be diminished.

 - London market: UL: foreign withholding tax 0%
 - Netherlands market: UN: Foreign withholding tax 15%

As you can see, the Dutch stock has a foreign foreign withdrawal tax of 15%, and if you join the Japanese dividend tax, 35% will be deducted from income. Taxes are too expensive, which is not very important, but I do not feel like investing in Unilever.

According to the Financial Times, the Netherlands side says Prime Minister Mark Lutte has asked Unilever to decide the headquarters as Rotterdam. Furthermore, it seems that the Netherlands had already decided to abolish the 15% dividend tax in spite of the domestic rebound in December last year, and from now on "Policies to promote foreign investment" policy Respectively.

In conclusion from the press coverage, Dutch stocks as well as British stocks can be read as foreign tax withholding tax is tax free in the future.

In addition, the Netherlands has set special rules (for details, unknown) to investors who are long-term perspectives. Perhaps, it may have the expectation that the Dutch shares will have more investment flavor than the British stock.

By the way, according to Talekomi information (London cooperation), it turned out that even after unifying the headquarters in the Netherlands, the listing on the London market will continue. In other words, it turned out that investors owned by UL in British stock had no particular impact.

Shareholders are safe.

Incidentally, as well as Unilever, Royal Dutch Shell, an oil major, has its headquarters in both the Netherlands and the UK, and shares are listed on both the London and the Netherlands markets. Since Shell could follow Unilever's movements in future, I would like to keep an eye on future trends.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

If you want to make monthly income up, buy Toyota shares for 500,000 yen.

Under the benchmark of "Avenomics", there are many companies that earn record high profits, but many companies responded to a base-up exceeding last year, but the global economic uncertainty and intensifying international competition .... Even earning profit for the past, even leading companies that are considered to be in the best condition, conspicuous firms were also conspicuous for a drastic base-up.

Meanwhile, Toyota replied the amount exceeding the previous year's 1,300 yen.

Although the overall base-up response is one after another, it is a reality that there are many complaints from the standpoint of workers.

Prime Minister Shinzo asked companies to raise wages, "Government Spring Fight" has entered the fifth year this year, Prime Minister Abe presented the specific value "3%" for the first time this year, but requested the economy to raise wages, but Japan Even even Toyota, the largest company, it is actually 1,300 yen per month.

"Increasing income by labor", I think that it is quite a difficult case to take an example of Spring Fighting. Since there is a history of deflation that lasted for 30 years, it is difficult to raise it to easy in Japan.

Well, here is the suggestion.

If you are getting an eye on raising income of 1,300 yen per month, please buy Toyota shares for 500,000 yen. Since Toyota shares exceed 3% annual dividend yield, simply by placing Toyota shares in NISA and leaving it alone, "Bear 1,300 yen" can be achieved easily.

Indeed, the amount of dividends of Japanese companies paid to shareholders is increasing year by year.
It was reported that the amount of dividends for listed companies in fiscal 2017 has reached a record high for five consecutive years. The dividend amount increased by 4% compared with the previous year, and the dividend of 12.4 trillion yen was realized for the listed companies as a whole.

Workers now, even now,

"Money makes money"

It is necessary to make income UP realized by using both "self" and "money" by using the mechanism called "self".

Political risk from the United States is increasing. Investors should be alert.

The world stock market is shaking again.

Secretary of State Tillason of the United States suddenly told the dismissal from the trump. Mr. Tillarson was showing the intention to remain in the work despite the feud with the cards being reported. However, the cardboard announces dismissal on Twitter. It is an unprecedented situation that "Secretary of State in America knows about dismissal by Twitter".

Mr. Tillarson has already delegated all the duties of the Secretary of State to Sullivan, and he has effectively retired. In a press conference, Mr. Tillarson told the term of office over the course of a year and two months, and told North Korea's nuclear-missile issue that was more serious than ever, "With the allies nearly everyone expects" the maximum pressure We implemented "measures" and boasted results.

Mr. Tillerson was originally chairman of Exxon Mobil, the biggest oil major, and had no political experience. However, as a top executive of oil major, the achievement of establishing personal connections with the leaders of the countries is significant, and this dismissal play has brought about a great shock to Japan as well.

An analyst says, "Removing Secretary of State of the United States is concerned not only with diplomacy, but also in trade policies, with domestic political risk being smolder and negative factors for the stock market being many."

In 2018 political risks from the United States may become a source of concern for the global stock market. The NY Dow fell by 171 dollars, and the Nikkei average fell by 190 yen, both of which resulted in the political risk of America becoming a bad material and selling big.

Well, there are many people who notice the political risk of playing cards even in the United States.

Actually, the playing card rating is currently 35%, and it has declined to the level that is in line with the lowest record at the end of last year. Also, as the biggest reason why the playing card rating of the cards rose last year was that "the stock market and other economic conditions have been favorable", the stock market and the economy are confused by their own political risk and have a serious impact If it comes to playing cards, it is expected that the playing card acceptance rate falls further.

Investors may wish to be alert, such as keeping cash a little more, until the politics of America stabilize.

Because all of the world economy is up to the United States.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The 20th century was an era of oil conflict, but the 21st century will be the era of water conflict.

Most of the water on Earth exists as seawater.

According to the data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, it is said that most of freshwater is glaciers and groundwater, and rivers and lake water, which human beings are relatively easy to use, are only a few in the world. In terms of percentage, it means that there are only 97.5% of seawater and 2.5% of freshwater.

For this reason, many countries suffer from water shortages in the world.

It is said that 1.2 billion people can not use safe water, the problem is serious. In addition, since the world population exceeding 6 billion people in 2000 is supposed to reach 8 billion people in 2025, water demand in the world will also increase significantly. In the international community, the water problem raises the possibility of causing conflicts between states.

Actually India has a riot caused by water shortage. In Japan, water only comes out by twisting the faucet, but this is because there are many mountains and many good quality water sources. Water is a very precious resource worldwide.

Mr. Serergeldin, Deputy Governor of the former World Bank commented on the water shortage problem as follows.

"Although the 20th century was the era of oil conflict, the 21st century will be the era of water conflict"

The business dealing with water will increase importance and investment taste will come out.

We received a dividend from [AWR] American State Water, which manages the water business in such a US.

It is a stock issue that has a dividend yield of 1% or so, but in reality it is also America's strongest multiplier. Despite a solid business, the number of years to increase is about 63 years.

"Water" is a business with overwhelming wide moat, absolutely necessary resources for human beings. Therefore, because you can earn stable earnings, even if you just buy and leave it, I think that it will be a brand that will easily achieve over 100 years of increase in age.

If there is a fall in stock price, it is one of the stocks that I want to actively buy up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The next generation "FANG" may become a communication stock of defensive pronoun.

If the doctor could perform surgery from behind the earth, what do you think?


AT&T and Verizon communication shares which are said to be stable defensive shares. Defensive is a collective term for stocks that secure stable earnings and realize stable shareholder returns, even though we can not expect significant growth. However, there may be times when these stocks turn into next generation growth stocks.

According to Nikkei's interview, the biggest feature of the world's largest mobile device trade fair "Mobile World Congress (MWC)" held the other day is the next-generation high-speed communication standard "5G" It is said that it was proved.

Verizon said that in experiments using 5G, it was possible to play sports only in virtual space. The experiment is to have VR goggles equipped with cameras on NFL of US Pro Football and NBA of US Professional Basketball to practice in a state where only video of 5G distribution is visible. As a result, the video was sufficiently "live", so the athlete could actually "play" not only watching the images going through 5G lines.

There is also the possibility of realizing what is ridiculous that "the best surgeon in the world can perform remote surgery".
Qualcomm has proven that multiple industrial machines can be remotely controlled with a delay of as little as 1 to 2 milliseconds with 5G. With this technology, for example, the world's best cardiac surgeon comes to the point that it can be realized that the robotic arm can be operated perfectly by life-saving surgery behind the Earth and telemedicine can be done.

5G is a leading actor in the AI, IoT era.

Communication infrastructure becomes a necessity in the days when all the goods and humans are all interconnected to the Internet. Until now only humans have used communication infrastructure, but if you connect to things all over the world, it means that the number of users will be infinite.

In other words, telecommunications companies can further strengthen profitability and make it an engine of growth.

The main character of the stock market in 2017 was a high-tech stock called FANG (Fang). FANG is a coined word that connects four letters of facebook, Amazon · dot · com, netflix and google. These stocks continue to be bought by investors all over the world from the growth expectation, only to raise the stock price I have done it.

Such a next-generation "FANG" may become a communication stock such as AT&T or Verizon which is said to have no investment surprises unexpectedly.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Reason for being shouted as "Japan market Fu ○ k !!"

The reason for triggering the global stock weakening was that the US long-term interest rate rose sharply as a result of the US job statistics result announced earlier in February was too good. A large amount of funds were withdrawn from the stock and recorded a massive crash that far exceeds the Lehman shock.

The Japanese market was also fueled by the United States.
In this collapse, bad materials did not come out alone in Japan. Nevertheless, the speed at the time of declining was the fastest in Japanese stocks in the world, and the range of decrease was also great. Actually, even if I checked the chart, I can see that the Japanese stock was selling much stronger than in the United States because I can see that the stock was falling with a big window open.

And the thing that should not be forgotten is the fact that "Japanese stocks are slow to recover".
The American market, which is also the crushing crushman, has already recovered even more than half of the falling breadth. NASDAQ seems to have updated the highest value ever since the collapse. On the other hand, Japanese stocks are sadly not even recovering even 1/3. Besides that, even if buying comes in, the upper price is getting heavier due to ogre selling by foreign funds.

Again, there are no bad materials in the Japanese market.

Nonetheless, the Japanese market is defeated more than any other country in the world. This is not only a trend this time but also a trend that continues from the past, and the fact is that the number of investors who are going to be disgusted with such Japanese market and shift to American stocks is increasing.

I think that it is necessary for JPX and the government to reflect on the fact that foreign markets have made markets that will be played by the foreign funds. In this situation, it will be inevitable that investors who disliked the Japanese market will withdraw funds and foreign stocks such as American shares will become mainstream investment. , It means that even a small number of individual investors will be reduced and the Japanese market will be hijacked by foreigners more and more.

Indeed, individual investors are beginning to realize the fact that foreign stocks can be dealt with in a cheap way in this Internet society, "It is not a merit to invest in Japanese stocks on a medium- to long-term perspective".

Sunday, March 11, 2018

TEPCO shares will be rebounded after 2020 and will make a great revival.

Seven years since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., which was in danger of bankruptcy due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Due to being accredited as the worst accident level in the world at its best, the stock price which was over 2,000 yen has collapsed to 120 yen. Shareholders' equity ratio also declined to 3.5%. TEPCO was originally synonymous with high-grade high-grade shares, and there were many individual investors possessed instead of pensions. In addition, because of the large number of major companies such as the administration of Tokyo and Nippon Life, many of the major crash of TEPCO damaged Japan as a whole.

■ TEPCO is the heart of Japan

 --- TEPCO will definitely crush.

At that time, everyone of the people thought so, but TEPCO is still living now. On the contrary, in recent years TEPCO's settlement is top-notch and it is often time to update the record high earnings. The stock price has recovered to the level that touched 1,000 yen temporarily, capital ratio also recovered to the 20% level, and it is just a miraculous revival.

The reason is easy.

The country's heart is electricity. Although there are many people who hate TEPCO because of the effects of the earthquake, they also live using TEPCO's electricity in a futu. 24 hours 365 days till when I am asleep at night since I wake up in the morning, people live using electricity for all activities. No matter how much TEPCO may hate, no matter how much TEPCO is denied, there are reality that people continue paying usage fee to TEPCO.

There is also TEPCO 's efforts.
The company culture that was a lukewarm of semi-civil servants until now has been united after the accident. While incorporating improvements in the Toyota ceremony, we are working to reduce costs and launch new businesses and contribute greatly to strengthening our profitability. We have posted net income of 500 billion yen in the zero operation of nuclear power plants. In the future, if the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant is restarted, it will be expected to improve the balance of 40 billion - 90 billion yen per unit per year, so it is promised to surely achieve record high profit for the second time is.

The cost of Fukuichi accident is no problem. TEPCO receives a large amount of financial assistance from the Nuclear Damage Assistance Organization, but since it has no obligation to repay this fee by law, it is covered by the tax of the people. Since the nuclear power plant was a policy promoted by the country, there is no responsibility for electric power companies. It is natural that citizen's responsibility = tax is because the people led by the people promoted by the lawmakers chosen by the people. Even if you make a mistake, it is not the responsibility of the power company.

There are pros and cons for global nuclear power plants as well as Japan, but the IAEA forecasts that nuclear importance will continue for a long time. Looking at the world as a whole, 447 nuclear power plants are operating in 31 countries and regions at the present time, and the number continues to increase year by year. And in the United States, 99 nuclear power plants, which are the most abundant in the world, are in operation. The dominance of the nuclear power plant is overwhelming, and it will continue to function as a standard of electricity generation in the future, no matter how much Japanese people will refuse to react to nuclear power plants.

■ Dividend Revival is the default route

"Earning is not a bad thing"

Mr. Kawamura continues to chant this way since taking office.
After the accident, TEPCO has earned a record high earnings, and he says that a lot of tons of clothes claiming "What is raising profits!" Was given. However, it is not a bad thing to earn, as it is a stock company. And shareholders invest in the earning companies and have their profits reduced. That is the "capitalist society" we live in.

TEPCO is concerned about the seriousness of accidents and public opinion, and currently does not pay dividends. However, TEPCO plans to return shareholders by restoring dividends or by initiating the cancellation of treasury stocks in the event that the progress of the business situation is evaluated by nuclear damage compensation and management evaluation by the support organization for decommissioning facilities etc. after 2020 I will. From the current profitability, dividend resumption is no longer the default route.

Currently, TEPCO shares have cut off 400 yen.
Stock price that recovered to nearly 1,000 yen two years ago has halved, but this is due to the absence of individual buyers and short selling of foreign funds. There is no payout because there are no buyers, so it will not be other.

However, if it is announced that the restoration will be announced, 1,000 yen will definitely break through lightly, although 2,000 yen at that time is difficult. Since the dividend before the accident was 60 yen, if payment is realized to the same level, the dividend yield will be 15% of the threat when considering at the current stock price.

It can be said that TEPCO is an excellent stock which has been left unchecked in the world.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Almost certainly, a way to be a life-long invincible star state.

It says from conclusion.

Anyway please buy excellent stocks that can earn a lot of dividends!

It is desirable not to octopus distribution, but to earn a lot of cash, and a good company that will continue to be needed by people for eternity. Such stocks will continue to return stable high dividends to shareholders.

There is also the concept of continuous increase.
It is possible to appeal to the world that it is the best company in the world by setting corporate value to increase dividend every year, and obtain overwhelming support from shareholders. That is the real champion in the capitalist society.

Well, compared with the past, human beings have become able to live very long. People in developed countries can pinpoint and live as they are 100 years old, as the main policy of the "100 - year era of life" is highlighted under the Abe administration.

Human beings 50 years, falling inside the lower sky becomes like a dream

As it is said, in the past you could only live until 50 years. As a result, people living in the 21st century are actually given twice as many lives.

50 years old equivalent to 25 years old
60 years old equivalent to 30 years old
70 years old equivalent to 35 years old
80 years old equivalent to 40 years old
90 years old equivalent to 45 years old
It is equivalent to 50 years old if it is 100 years old

The longer you live, the more you can be invincible.

It is nothing but a stock investment.

Suppose you were 30 years old.
Suppose you bought a good stock with an annual dividend yield of around 5%. With a dividend of 5%, no matter how the stock price fluctuates, no matter how much it falls into inclusion loss, that good stock will become a benefactor after 20 years.

Grande "refers to the stock acquired at zero cost by collecting the purchase price of the stock.

In other words, the stock you bought at the age of 30 will keep on paying you money as a future if you become 50 years old as a "favorable stock". If you do so, you are synonymous with being in a state of life (Invincible) in Mario! ! You can have the ability to kill all enemies' attacks or just touch them.

Life, invincible! ! ! !

In the 100-year life, 50-year-old is still a young man. Because it is young and looking energetic, it is also age that money is getting more and more necessary.

To buy and hold a high-prize stock of a good company properly at a young age and permanently hold it is a star ticket to live more freely in the near future.

Individual stocks play a role in rebalancing ETFs. The best! !

Individual stock, the highest rate! !

Well ~ ♪

But one great man said,

Individual stocks are self satisfied! !

Okay! ! ! !

Let's drink and have some afternoon tea. (Tea, please.

Well, unfortunately, it is certainly difficult to outperform the NY Dow or the S & P 500 index in a portfolio of individual stocks.

The more investors have accumulated experience values, the deeper the analysis of stocks becomes possible, and we will find the stocks that I think are "your own treasure". By incorporating those stocks into the portfolio, we treat other investors as lay people and think that my portfolio is absolute. However, such self-proclaimed "professional investors"

Contemplating deliberation on contemplation, buying up stocks considering the timing, the strongest portfolio was completed! !

Even if you pride themselves on such things as others, after all you will lose the index. Performance is good if amateurs are doing exponential buying prudently. Sometimes it was even better than professional finance professionals.

I think truly index investment is wonderful. I can not afford it because it is possible to raise overwhelming results by just buying it without thinking anything. If it is, index investment is the strongest in asset formation.

Shut up and bought even SPY / 1557, VOO, IVV.

· · ·

However, if you are an investor you will want an individual stock.


I think that this is close to the collection soul.
Actually, "collecting" something is an universal behavior as a human habit, regardless of culture or generation. It is the sex of a human being who is born as well as children as well as collections that I like when I become an adult.

Sure enough, chocolate loves individual stocks. Great! !
It has a collection property (that is, joy to possess) as mentioned above, but there are other reasonable reasons besides that. It is not the above-mentioned treasure troublesome point of view only ,,,

I want to raise the dividend - -! !

Actually, buying an index is quite yieldy.

For example, although the S & P 500 ETF has growth potential, the yield is cut by 2%.
In S & P 500 ETF, besides high-grade stocks, it is not a stock-oriented issue because it contains a lot of stocks that focus on rising prices such as growth stocks.

However, as a chocolate that wants a dividend, I would like to enjoy a high dividend with the S & P 500 ETF as the base. . So I thought about rebalancing by myself strategy! That. We are rebalancing our ETFs by buying high-quality individual stocks with high dividends and large number of years of increase, which are mainly included in the S & P 500 ETF! !

Even though it is based on products linked to indexes such as NY Dow and S & P 500, adding high-dividend shares as spices to the portfolio will not only reduce risk but also enjoy the benefits of high dividends I declare it as recommended. (It is not because it is an individual share fetish)

Friday, March 9, 2018

People with hay fever buy health care stocks and make a happy world?

Pollen is itchy itching itch it is the worst!

After the war, murderous intense killing occurs in the policy of the country which brought only a harm such as "It is cheaper to import timber eventually" although a large amount of cedar was planted.

Gerogero ~

Hay fever is more painful than non-pollinosis people think! Hay fever is an effect of allergic reaction as an allergen when pollen goes into the body, it will not be cured completely. Moreover, pollen is increasing every year from year to year, so the symptoms are getting worse every year. I feel it is too itchy, it's too itchy to sleep, and it's too itching to stop my concentration. .

People with pollen allergy suffer from damage, so I realize that I want to claim compensation for the country.

Pollen is a bad social evil!

Indeed, even on the net you can see a spiteful word for pollen.

Cut down all the cedars.

Completely pollution

Pollen is too hot to laugh and I can not stop laughing lol

It is natural to update the worst every year. I'm increasing it
By the way, in 2050 we aim to double pollen now

Hay fever is amenable

Do you think?
Wai also died if you could afford

One reason for wanting to die

Suffering of pollen allergies hell lol

I really want to make it foolish

There was a time when the garbage box became a heap with tissues in one day

Because there are people suffering from this bite, the country should take more measures

It's serious pollution
In the public works project, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries takes the responsibility of planting sugi sugi trees and cut down it!

It is a biological weapon!

The countryside where I came to the Kanto area is hellish.
There was only the sea in the west.

Damage given to Japanese society is the strongest

The danger of hay fever is that there are too many onset compared to other allergies

I still continue to plant cedars

An old Japanese "From now on is the age of forestry! Let's plant a lot of cedar!"

A little long ago Japanese "I got bored of forestry! Stop cared for cedar!"

Pharmaceutical company "Thank you !!"


Pharmaceutical companies, so-called health care companies, have an overwhelming high profitability structure and are actively seeking return to shareholders. According to Professor Siegel, as a result of return analysis of stocks incorporated in the S & P 500, research results that the health care sector was the highest return as well as tobacco have been published.

In other words, people with hay fever like chocolate should invest in a health care company. Things that had only disagreeable feelings for pollen up to now,

Cedar and cypress do not hesitate to scatter more pollution so much more deaths eh yeah yeah yeah! ! ! People with hay fever like chocolate swallow the medicine and give me an opportunity to eat yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! ! !

Be wonderful and warm feeling ,, no! What?

! What?

I can not tolerate pollen when I become a party! ! ! ! ! ! Wow ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! ! Pollen ◯ Hey yeah yeah yeah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The country should acknowledge that the policy at the time was wrong right now, cut down all of the cedar and cypress and make medical expenses for hay fever free Mr. ah ah ah! !

Pecori ☆

Thursday, March 8, 2018

"Patience strength" and "calmness" are more important than the intelligence quotient.

Everyone has the necessary intelligence to make a profit by equity investment.

However, not everyone is liver.

If it is such a personality that it will sell everything in a hurry and sell everything,

You had better stop holding stocks and mutual funds.

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is a legendary fund manager that grew assets 700 times in just 13 years. In the world of equity investment, he is a famous person along with Buffett.

It is said that stock investment is a difficult world that can not be won without having difficult knowledge such as technical. But it is half correct, half a mistake. Because difficult knowledge is necessary only for short-term trading carried out by funds and traders, and knowledge that is difficult by raising assets through long-term investment has little meaning.

What you must absolutely avoid by long-term investment.
That's what Peter Lynch says "It flips in a hurry and sells everything."

The stock market is an unreasonable world. Recently, due to the sharp rise in long-term interest rates and the trump tariff reinforcement remarks of the cards, the stock market has shaken tremendously. However, when considering the nature that performance is properly converged to stock price, such a collapse is only a noise.

Regardless of how minus it is, if it is a good stock, the stock price will recover properly in the long run. And since we can increase the number at a low price in the process of recovery, we will increase the dividend also to the formula to be sweet.

However, although I understand it with my head, if I see a crash, even though I think that human beings, I rush in a panic and will sell them. Because human beings have emotions, it is a living being that often can not make intelligent decisions.

However, if you own a good stock, there is a great chance that you will be saved by being patient and permanent. Increased inclusion loss in the falling phase and disappointment leads to regret, so it is right to hold patient patiently according to the teachings of the great men.

If you are investing in a good company, time will be your side.

It is because it can endure.

Peter Lynch

"Patience strength" and "calmness" may be more important than the intelligence quotient.

I think so.

Warren • Buffett

In the declining phase, the mental power of investors will be the most tried phase. There are many cases that the fund 's onseller sells individuals for sale, and there are also patterns that turn to buy when individuals sell off. Individual investors are now in a desperate situation.

Let's follow the stock market! !

P.S. For those who can not bear the fall by all means "fainting investment law" is recommended.

■ What is the stunning investment law?
Information is completely blocked, and broker's bookmarks are deleted. And I will erase even facts invested from memory. By the time I remember it for a while, my holdings are often returning to profit. It is a venerable winning method that is transmitted from ancient times. by choco pedia.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Sad] Gary Kohn retires and the market environment gets worse more and more! !


Mr. Gary Kohn, former president and co-owner of Goldman Sachs and a member of the Trump regime's core "Big 6", opposed President Trump forcing the customs duties on steel and aluminum, I announced that I will retire from the National Economic Council chairperson.

Following this, it is said that the concern of trade war has been relieved, shocked the stock markets and foreign exchange markets that have been recovering once in a while, the Dow futures and the Nikkei average plummeted, the dollar yen plummeted.

Actually this retirement issue of this cardinal aides. It was a problem that had been rolling since the cards took office as the president, which was pointed out as "risky" from a while ago. Some Tsuyomono retired after 10 days who took office as a post.

"Attorney General: Sally Yeats / Inauguration Period: 10 days"

However, I will retire in ten days ...

A convenience byte! !

It is a feeling.

The shortness of these term is also a material that you can understand how the trump eyeglasses make the surroundings chewy.

Mr. Corn's retirement this time became a symbolic event to announce that the market environment has become more unstable.

Michael O. Orok, a strategist, said, "Amidst the resignation that occurred in the Trump regime, this time it will be one of the most significant implications for the market, Mr. Corn, as a regime official, It was because the resignation opened an environment in which a completely new opaque feeling was born and the possibility of the occurrence of a trade war dramatically increased. "

But because people do not stop working or living, that's why the global economy will grow more and more in the mid- and long-term.

【As of March 2018】 Dividend yield ranking of each stock of NY Dow.

President Trump has announced additional tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on the 1st of this month. Specifically, it is 25% for steel products and 10% for aluminum products.

Following this announcement, the stock market plummeted as the concern of the trade war increased. Even though it was an unstable market rate in the interest rate hike, President Cardamom had driven it down.

As an intention to announce additional tariffs, the cards have commented on Twitter as follows.

Our Steel and Aluminum industries (and many others) have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!

Originally, in the presidential election, Trump tells that "other countries are unjustly selling large quantities of steel products in the United States unreasonably, selling practically the workers and steel companies in the steel industry." In other words, this policy personally thinks that it was a predetermined route for playing cards, not particularly amazing story.

Nonetheless, this has created concerns that the world trade war will begin. Unfortunately, there is a growing possibility that the stock market will be in a turbulent era for a while.

Well, as usual monthly, we will also organize the dividend yield of NY Dow constituents this month.
Since yields will change due to increase / decrease of shares, stock price rise / fall, it is not necessarily good because the yield is unconditionally high. However, there is no doubt that it is an important reference indicator in the selection of stocks, so we would like to make use of it.

■ NY Dow constituent stocks Dividend yield ranking - As of March 2018
Position this month, Previous month, Ranking on the previous month, Company name, Ticker, Industry, Dow adoption date, Increase year, Dividend yield.
1 1 (-) Verizon Communications VZ communication April 8, 2004 13 years 4.89%
2 2 (-) Exxon Mobil XOM Petroleum October 1, 1928 35 years 4.08%
3 5 ↑ UP Chevron CVX Petroleum February 19, 2008 31 years 4.01%
4 3 ↓ DOWN International Business Machines IBM Computer June 29, 1979 22 years 3.88%
5 4 ↓ DOWN Pfizer PFE Pharmaceuticals April 8, 2004 8 years 3.78%
6 8 ↑ UP Coca · Cola KO Beverage March 12, 1987 55 years 3.57%
7 6 ↓ DOWN Merck & Company MRK Pharmaceuticals June 29, 1979 7 Years 3.53%
8 7 ↓ DOWN Procter & Gamble PG Daily necessities May 26, 1932 1961 3.47%
9 9 (-) General Electric GE General Electric Machinery · Finance May 26, 1896 0 years 3.40%
10 10 (-) Cisco Systems CSCO Information and Telecommunications Industry June 8, 2009 7 years 3.00%
11 13 ↑ UP Macdonald MCD Dining Out October 30, 1985 42 years 2.72%
12 12 (-) Johnson & Johnson JNJ Pharmaceuticals March 17, 1997 55 years 2.61%
13 11 ↓ DOWN Intel Corporation INTC Semiconductor November 1, 1999 10 years 2.45%
14 14 (-) 3 M Company MMM Chemistry August 9, 1976 60 years 2.36%
15 20 ↑ UP Wal-Mart Stores WMT Retailer March 17, 1997 44 years 2.34%
16 23 ↑ UP Home Depot HD Retailing November 1, 1999 8 years 2.31%
17 15 ↓ DOWN Dow · Dupont DWDP Chemistry September 1, 2017 0 years 2.22%
18 16 ↓ DOWN United Technologies UTX Aerospace & defense March 14, 1939 24 years 2.15%
19 18 ↓ DOWN Caterpillar CAT Heavy Machinery May 6, 1991 24 years 2.13%
20 17 ↓ DOWN Travelers Companies, Inc. TRV Insurance June 8, 2009 13 years 2.09%
21 19 ↓ DOWN JP Morgan Chase & Company JPM Finance May 6, 1991 7 years 1.98%
22 21 ↓ DOWN Boeing BA aircraft March 12, 1987 7 years 1.98%
23 22 ↓ DOWN Microsoft MSFT Software November 1, 1999 16 years 1.81%
24 24 (-) Walt Disney DIS Entertainment and Media May 6, 1991 8 years 1.63%
25 26 ↑ UP American Express AXP Finance August 30, 1982 6 years 1.46%
26 25 ↓ DOWN Apple AAPL computer March 19, 2015 6 years 1.43%
27 27 (-) United Health Group UNH Insurance September 21, 2012 8 years 1.33%
28 28 (-) Nike NKE Other products 20 September 20 16 years 1.21%
29 29 (-) Goldman Sachs GS Finance September 20, 2013 7 years 1.16%
30 30 (-) Visa V Other Finance September 20, 2013 10 years 0.70%

Because the dividend yield will rise freely in the collapse phase, it will be a great buyer for long-term investors who adopt high dividend strategies.

Let's pick up firmly!