Monday, April 30, 2018

Why is the stock price becoming "systems that rise sharply in principle"?

The economy of capitalism has become a mechanism to keep growing up, and the state will collapse in "maintaining the status quo." Today, the Bank of Japan and the government are raging at inflation of 2% inflation, but this is based on the principle of capitalism. Inflation induction in Japan is a correct policy.

The money you are using normally. In the definition of capitalism, money means "debt". The money you have is someone's debt. From the time the economy was settled in currency, people came to work to earn money.

This is working for someone to return someone's debts.

And economic growth became indispensable in the economic zone where currency was the main axis.

Banks will be destroyed if countries, businesses and individuals do not borrow. Financial instability will spread and the stock market will crash. In Lehman shock, financial insecurity was described as "the end of capitalism", but this is due to the collapse of the mechanism that debt has been spinning.

In the first place, capitalist society is a bank or an economic society that is centered on the stock market, but in recent years the role in social development has become too big and the country can no longer maintain without economic growth It is.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. A country built in a capitalist society has become much wealthier, more convenient and bring happiness to people than it was in the past.

Meanwhile, the communist state is designed to maintain the status quo, but people suffer from starvation rather than becoming happy, they are in perfect dysfunction as a state. If you look at North Korea, which is a representative of a communist country (or a socialist country) it will be obvious.

Well, as long as the capitalist society is maintained by debt, there is one thing you need to think about. That is the existence of interest. Debt is that someone will lend you money, so of course there will be a handling fee called interest.

In order to return this interest, we have to earn more money than at present. In other words, unless the whole country continues to produce a lot of wealth, the state will collapse due to excessive debt. As a result, the nation always aims for inflation and is rushing to raise people's income.

In the stock market inflation and income improvement mean stock price increase. In other words, in terms of the capitalist system, the stock price must be "system of rising up" in principle.

Long-term funded investment is recommended for equity investment, there is a solid basis based on such capitalist mechanism.

Uncomfortable feeling of Japanese stocks

I started blogging US stocks because I was aware of the discomfort of Japanese stocks. Japanese stocks are mostly always the case, but stock prices have hardly moved due to the value or performance of the Japanese companies themselves, just because they are overwhelmed by the trends in overseas stocks, foreign exchange and geopolitical risks.

For example, in 2015, various risks occurred around the world, but Japanese stocks are sold first in the world, it is the market with the slowest recovery in the world. Moreover, the reason I recovered is also a very miserable reason: "Because the Dow average rose, I also followed the Nikkei average!" Yes, the Japanese market has no initiative.

A Japanese company per 2015 years was a time when many companies were storming out of deflation just 30 years at avenomics, and the record high profits occurred frequently. In other words, there were no millimeter elements of Japanese stocks sold at that time. Nevertheless, the fate of Japanese stocks will all depend on overseas. "Or, I noticed the fact that Japanese stocks are up to the Dow average (America)!"

At such time, I met US stocks and this feeling turned into confidence. The more you compare Japan and the United States, the more you know the advantages of US companies and US stocks. And although I have never done a blog before, I started this blog just by thinking that "Japanese investors should know about the attractiveness of US stocks!"

Japanese society is a capitalist state. However, the current situation is that there are very few Japanese who specifically know the mechanism of capitalism. Also, stock investment has an image of gambling to Japanese, but in the capitalist society there is no stock company without stock investment, neither new product nor service can be created.

Most people will live a life of workers for decades with salaried workers, but in order to hire employees it is necessary to expand new businesses, and there also is money raised by investment funds from shareholders It is. In other words, in Japan of a capitalist developed country, the country will end without stock investment.

Furthermore, in capitalist society, salaried workers = workers are located at the lowest level. In capitalist society, shareholders are the top points, and workers are being exploited in reality. Therefore, it is impossible for workers to get rich only by labor.

The only way for such common people = salaried workers to become rich is equity investment.

Furthermore, if you are going to invest in stocks, I think that you first think of Japanese companies, but this book explains the rationale for investing in US stocks theoretically. Investment is becoming indispensable for Japanese while rushing into deflation which continues even after thirty years, which has entered the era of life 100 years, but even if we invest in Japan with fatal risk of population decline, long-term investment succeeds It is difficult to do. If it is, investing in the world's strongest US stock will be a very rational judgment.

US stock investment is as simple as drinking Frappucino with Starbucks!

Everything is condensed into this word. Let's asset formation by investing in American companies closer to our lives than Japanese companies.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I bought AT & T stock for 200,000 yen for poor settlement!

I bought AT & T (T) shares of the largest telecommunications carrier.

AT & T announced the settlement of accounts for which sales are below analyst expectations in the quarterly financial results announced the other day. Revenue was $ 38.04 billion, down from $ 39.37 billion in the previous year. Analysts forecast, sales were $ 39.31 billion.

However, the number of service subscribers such as fixed lines and mobile lines has increased by 158,000 in this quarter. Net income is $ 4.76 billion, which can be confirmed to have increased from $ 3.47 billion in the previous year. In the United States where population growth can be expected, the number of contractors will definitely increase gently.

However, analysts' unpredictable impact has been great, it seems that they have bought disappointment from investors all over the world. In the pre-market, it has declined more than 4%, and the dividend yield has finally approached the level to touch 6%. For investors investing in high dividend shares of continuous increase, this is exactly the time of purchase.

In the first place, the reason why the settlement gets fuzzy is due to the fact that the number of user contracts has decreased in fixed line services and video distribution services, but fixed line services are already becoming obsolete. Due to the spread of smartphones, the number of households connected to the Internet by inserting SIMs to their home routers at home is increasing, so mobile line services are becoming the mainstay of earnings.

In the future, 5G, the next generation ultra high-speed mobile communication standard, will become popular, and the era will come when all human beings called IoT connect to the Internet. If you do not go through the network, whatever the technology, it will be a treasure trouble. Because connecting to the Internet and fusing it with various technologies, it will show its true value for the first time. Since the IoT era means "everything except human beings becomes users", telecommunications carriers are the flower shape.

As a result, there is no need for AT & T to be pessimistic at all, trying to get bad settlements, there is no problem with "buying it if it falls".

In addition, because AT & T has a large weight in the domestic business in the United States, it is possible to fully enjoy the benefits of large-scale tax cuts by cards. AT & T, which continues to increase its dividend over 33 years, will continue to return significant returns to shareholders.

It is obvious from everyone's perspective that the future of AT & T is very bright.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pick up a high-dividing stock that was thrown and says "Thank you!"

Due to long-term US long-term interest rates reaching 3%, which is the highest level in 2014, high-dividend shares continue to be sold. This is because, when comparing bonds and high-dividend shares, the more risky high-dividend shares are worse than the bonds.

A stock that is said to be a high dividend is said to be a high dividend if the dividend yield is in the 3% range. In fact, P & G and Coca-Cola which are synonymous with high-dividend stocks are in the 3% range. Therefore, it is extremely natural that investors' eyes are suitable for bonds.

Nonetheless, high-dividend shares have strong advantages not found in bonds. That is "increased dividends" and "inflation".

There are many companies that will increase dividends in the United States every year for high-dividend shares. There are more than 100 companies with more than 30 years of increase in number. In other words, it means that dividend yields will rise each year only by holding high-dividend shares.

but please wait a moment. Do not you wonder here? Why is the yield level of high-dividend shares in the 3% range when dividing each year? Originally, if it has been continuously increasing for more than 30 years, it is not amusing that stocks with yields exceeding tens of percent are rumblings?

The answer is "rising stock price".

In a simple story, if the stock price rises the dividend yield will go down. In other words, since there is a history that the stock price has been rising every year in proportion to the increase in the number of high-dividend shares, there are many stocks with yields currently in the 3% range.

For example, if stock prices such as P & G, Coca-Cola, etc. who are the chains of consecutive increase are parallel lines for many years, now the dividend yield should be a tremendous number? It is not so because the stock price has been steadily rising for decades.

In other words, even if the yield of consecutive shares called high dividends is the same yield as bonds, you should know the logic that "high-dividing stocks with consecutive dividends have fundamentally different dimensions from bonds". Therefore, at this point the advantages of the bond are gone.

Next is inflation. Stocks are the strongest at the time of inflation. As inflation increases prices and corporate profits are raised, stock prices tend to rise.

Inflation is essential for the country to develop, if you respect history. Prices will rise due to inflation, corporate performance will rise, salary will rise, consumption will increase, the economy will go around.

In Japan, 30 years of extraordinary deflationary economy continued, it declined as a nation. The Abe administration led inflation and the Japanese economy finally breathed back, but inflation is very important. Inflation is a necessary matter for national prosperity.

America has always achieved moderate inflation. Under the control of the Federal Reserve, the United States will continue to achieve economic development with inflation.

Higher dividend shares continue to be sold due to the rise in long-term interest rates in the United States, but those who mainly invest heavily in high dividend stocks with continuous increase are likely to buy with the intention of saying "Throw selling, thank you!" It will be necessary.

That will be an accelerator in your future asset formation.

Why can not people keep investing?

In the investment world, "continuation becomes the most necessary element to succeed", but there are surprisingly many people who can not continue in the world.

Lifetime tournaments! Even though I pledge, there are a lot of people who quit their investment in accumulation in less than three months.

We will also continue to reinvest in the US consecutive shares. Even though I pledge to swear, I quit due to the crash of this year, or I changed to another investment law easily.

Well, popular lisap in Japan (RIZAP).

It became a big hit service as a result of the impact of the physical remodeling Before, After, "committing to the result" of the television commercial. It is said that there are few people who have not been able to lose weight by joining the riser, and from that amazing achievement, now we are beginning to develop multi-service such as golf and English conversation.

Even though we have visited the body rebuilding boom in the gym several times, there were not many people who got tired of getting bored or frustrated on the way. So why did Rizap succeed so far and succeeded in raising reputation?

The reason is that trainers are one to one and they are going out with each other from the beginning to the end with a cutout. Moreover, it is possible to receive advice by reporting to the trainer by e-mail even if it is out of time.

The fact that Rizap tried to differentiate for success was in "One Man's Three Legs". Even when you have to endure, being a follower and supporting existence is a secret that the success rate is quite high.

Risapp is now expanding into multi-service such as golf and English conversation, but the common policy for them is to follow where you follow with one-on-one.

Well, in the investment world "Continuing is the most necessary element to succeed", but there are surprisingly many people who can not continue in the world.

Lifetime tournaments! Even though I pledge, there are many people who quit their investment in accumulation in less than 3 months.

We will also continue to reinvest in the US consecutive shares. Even though I pledge to swear, I quit due to the crash of this year, or I changed to another investment law easily.

In the first place, both investment in investment and reinvestment of consecutive consecutive shares in the United States are investments that are ineffective unless they are seen in spans of decades. Despite this, many people quit in less than a year because "humans are originally weak creatures of origin".

In addition, in today's Japan, investment is nothing other than minority, so it's always a fight against loneliness. In such investment life, it is not amusing to be frustrated immediately.

In such a case, "RIZAP" is necessary. Risap does not have investment services, but Choco wants to be a lazy investment circle and is writing this blog desperately every day.

For the long investment life that will continue for decades from now on, Choco wants to try hard with you one-on-one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We have bought more than 300,000 yen for P&G (PG), whose stock price is plummeting!

The stock price has been plummeting, I bought P&G 300,000 yen more.

Although P&G's share price was $ 95 a year ago, it has now fallen to $ 73. At the beginning of the decline of the stock price, the shares of high-dividend stocks And other external factors, such as tsunami, which suggests a trade war between the President and the President, but it also has a factor in lowering the stock price in P&G itself.

First of all, it was M&A news that I thought as P&G's management risk announced on the 19th of this month. We announced that it will acquire consumer healthcare business such as general-purpose medicines for about 450 billion yen from German pharmaceutical leader Merck. Because the short-term financial burden was conscious, it got disgusted by investors.

This is also attributable to a 0.4% decline in the results for the January-March quarter. Investors are disgusted that we are getting back on the momentum of corporate growth. The stock price fell by minus 4% after announcing the settlement of accounts, and it achieved the low price renewal for 52 weeks.

Nonetheless, the good news is that sales have increased by 4% to 16,281 million dollars, exceeding market expectations. An increase in sales is also a proof that P&G's daily necessaries continue to be used by more people all over the world. I can not deny the impression that the current share price is "somewhat over - sold".

Well, P&G announced that it will increase the quarterly dividend 0.7172 dollars, a 4% increase from the previous dividend 0.6896 dollars. Because the dividend yield has recovered to 3.89% due to recent stock price declines, it is said that the best buyers have come to investors who have a high dividend strategy.

P&G is familiar with the lives of Japanese people. If the development of developed countries continues with the trend of globalization, the opportunities for more people to use the product will increase. At that time, it is important to pick up the thrust firmly so that you will not regret that "That time was a great place to buy!"

It is never too late to start something.

I wish I had made so many more quickly! !

Many people mourn.

However, most people mourn the past, but will not end up doing actions for the future. Such people already have given up their lives.

Looking back on the history, it is clear that opportunities are rolling no matter what age of life, and those who actively act are understood to have success, so those who want to do are challenged without fear of failure I recommend you watch it.

For example, KFC founders Kernel Sanders.

Sanders' life was wrong but it was not sailing smoothly.

There are also many job change jobs, including paint painting, farm, tramway conductor, military, blacksmith apprentice, engineer, attorney practitioner, maintenance worker, insurance sales of Prudential Life Insurance sales, business of a ferry operating company, secretary of a chamber of commerce, parts We had a lot of occupations, including manufacturing company management, Michelin / tire sales, petrol station management, restaurant management and so on.

And when Sanders was 65 years old, I came up with a fried chicken business. Instead of teaching chicken recipes, we receive 5 cents per selling chicken "franchise business.

But the reality is tough. The business did not suddenly blossom, and a big difficulty was awaiting.

Sanders runs nationwide to get a franchise agreement, but you can stick NO from any restaurant. Sanders sold his assets and kept on selling his fried chicken to the restaurant owner.

When Saunders passed the age of 70, I finally succeeded in increasing the number of franchise merchants by the matter. KFC brought about diversification of the market by spreading fried chicken in the fast food industry and challenging established control by hamburgers.

Success stories of Sanders are exactly "handed down as a good example of success at any age" and handed down all over the world.

Why could he continue to challenge without being given up as he became elderly? That is because there was a firm policy like the following.

"Life is self made, it is never late."

"People think that it will end with this at the age of 60 or 65. However, the age of that person depends on the age that he felt, the age that he thought, regardless of his age, he can do a lot of work is there."

"I have only kept the two rules," Do everything you can do "," Do your best if you do it. "Is not this the only way to achieve something?"

"Man is much more rested than rushing and ruining rather than being overworked."

Fortunately for the most part the lifespan is prolonged so that most people can survive for 100 years. In other words, even if you are 50 years old or 60 years old, you live in an era when you can say that life is about to come.

Law that only Hira who looks only at the future like the Sanders and who continued to challenge can succeed will not change ever since.

The modern age, which is said to be a century age of life, is full of possibilities.

It's never too late to start something.

Even investment is the same thing.

Monday, April 23, 2018

I bought more than 60,000 yen for S&P 500 which is the best for investment!

In the world of equity investment, it is said that it is most important to continue to accumulate. It is because in the capitalist society stock prices are always designed to rise sharply (scheduled to be explained at a later date), so it is possible to form assets according to economic growth.

Nonetheless, not all countries and companies are the same even if the stock price rises sharply. Naturally, some companies go bankrupt in the process of economic growth, and in countries like Japan where capitalism is not thoroughly implemented, inflation is sometimes suppressed. It will be difficult to form assets when investing in such countries or companies.

Therefore, when choosing targets to invest,

· Thorough capitalism
· Company not going bankrupt

It is necessary to choose based on.

· Thorough capitalism
Though the capitalist thorough country looks all over the world, the United States is outstanding and remarkable. Even a venture can grow into a global company in no time because the well-equipped enterprises with excellent companies can grow soundly. America is good, bad and dry, so if you are an excellent service, whether it is a major player or a venture, I will use it regardless and regard it.

In the United States metabolism is appropriately performed, it can be said that it is a true strength-oriented society. As a result, it is for this reason that US stocks are rising.

· Company not going bankrupt
Also, although it is a company that does not go bankrupt, there are no companies that do not go bankrupt absolutely. While the times are changing, there are no companies that can prosper forever. So, what should we invest in?

The solution is the investment of S&P 500 ETF in US stock.

The S&P 500 ETF is the ETF with the longest history in the United States and boasts the largest investment asset in the world. It is a stock that includes 500 companies representing the United States, and the first-class company S&P Dow Jones Index, a S&P 500 index management company, will do the arbitrary exchange of stocks according to the times.

In other words, even if one of the 500 companies goes bankrupt, its impact is rare. In addition, because it is designed to include rival companies in the same industry, even if one is eliminated, it also has the merit of supplementing with other company growth.

The S&P 500 ETF can be asserted as the best solution for all investors.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The reason why Tobacco companies such as Altria can continue "overwhelming increase in dividends".

A tobacco company is known to investors as a company that gives enormous profits and continues to increase dividends. The biggest cigarette [MO] Altria group, Phillip · Morris [PM], British · American · Tobacco [BTI] has been a reliable high shareholder return for many years.

Especially, Altria who works in the United States is a rookie of increase and has been increasing dividends for 49 years. In fact, confirming the company 's press release reflects the intention to emphasize the increase in dividends and to return large dividends to shareholders.

Moreover, "Our company (Altria) has increased the dividend amount 52 times in the past 49 years," confidence full of confidence can be confirmed. In fact, Altria has doubled the per share dividend between 2009 and 2017.

Because smoking cessation boom is spreading in developed countries, tobacco companies tend to mistake that it is bad fire, but coupled with the spread and dependence of heated cigarettes, tobacco companies can strike a steady high profit in the future It is considered possible.

Particularly in Altria, which works in the United States, there is plenty of room for increasing dividends, as it also benefits from a large tax reduction by playing cards. Altria has increased its dividend by 8.2% last year. Earnings per share has increased more rapidly than expected by analysts.

Tobacco companies also prohibit excessive advertisement and promotion from the viewpoint of health risks. For this reason, the majority of the profits tend to be used for dividends and share buybacks, as well as the attractive reason for the shares of tobacco companies.

Nonetheless, there seems to be concern in the unbeatable Altria which has increased the dividend by 52 times in the past 49 years. That is the existence of electric cars.

Actually, in the United States, since more than half of cigarette sales are done at gas stations, the spread of electric vehicles means eliminating the point of contact with real gas stations. Therefore, the widespread use of electric vehicles can have a negative impact on tobacco sales in the future.

Therefore, Altria is in a hurry to sell iQOS which is a heated cigarette.

Phillip · Morris (PM), British · American · Tobacco (BTI) stock prices are plummeting! However, I purchased 250,000 yen!

Phillip · Morris (PM) and British · American · Tobacco (BTI), worldwide cigarette manufacturing and sales company. I bought 250,000 yen. Recently the cigarette brands are all in constant failure. Regarding Phillip · Morris (PM) in particular, the depression of minus 16% or more overnight, the "single financial crisis" state was.

Americans are surprised at this.

Feeling the whole world quit smoking all night long? (Lol)

Thanks for the bargain sale! But I will buy a lot more cheaply.
I say to those who bought with a higher stock price, but I think this is a good opportunity to lower the average stock price.
Moreover, dividend yield is insanely enchanting.

A yield of more than 5% can be a big entry point. The stock price may be a little lower, but this is also very cheap, historically it is a good buying opportunity. If you try to buy it in the big floor, you will overlook it if you ease this opportunity.

Let's buy PM here and say "Thank you" later!

Phillip Morris shares are crushed · · ·. The minus of 16% is the biggest drop in the last 10 years.

Phillip · Morris' stock price has declined nearly 19% at the beginning of the year. Philip Morris reported that the shipments of the tobacco division increased more than twice as compared to the same period last year, but tobacco shipments are down 5.3% in the first quarter. In addition, the total shipments of cigarettes and heated cigarettes decreased by 2.3% from the previous year.

Economic analysts will evaluate as follows.

"The company is developing business mainly around IQOS, and the recent management team was a very bullish stance, but demand growth in Japan has slowed, especially in Japan (15.8%) and Korea (7.3 %) In January was weaker than the previous one in Japan (16.3%) and South Korea (7.6%) Also in Saudi Arabia the demand for tobacco is weak due to the rise in taxes. "

Cigarette brands are in trouble due to the global smoking cessation boom. However, since the dividend yield of tobacco issues in general has exceeded 5% and continues to increase in number for decades, I think that now is a great place to buy if you think from a long-term perspective.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

It is the cause of Japan that illegal contents become popular.

Netflix, a video streaming company in the United States, recorded a stock price rise of more than 9% in one day. The reason is that the number of paid subscribers in January to March this year was 40% higher than the previous year, because we announced a surprisingly large increase in sales surprisingly far surpassing analyst expectations.

A high-tech stock called FANG is leading the market in the US stock. I do not know that momentum will wane. Regardless of young management years, FANG is within the world's top 10 market capitalization, it is no exaggeration to say that it is no longer an exaggeration to say the world.

Why is America so strong?

That is because in America there is a philosophy that new technologies and concepts "first try to use". It is considered good to create new culture by destroying existing regulations and common sense and rebuilding business. That's why new companies can easily grow and spread the service that the world is surprised.

Before digital distribution music began to popular, Apple still had no weapons yet Apple banged SONY's WALKMAN with iPod and MP3. At that time, the Japanese music industry protected the CD, record companies and rights protection groups moved towards regulating MP3.

As a result, Sony could not deal with MP3, it was only possible to watch Apple to deprive the music portal market with fingers. In addition, in Japan, we implemented a copy control function which also prohibits even converting from CD to MP3, thoroughly suppressed MP3.

As a result, the Japanese have lost the way to get MP3 content to capture music on the iPod, so people ran into illegal MP3 downloads full of nets. And it also became a big social problem. It is this time that the Japanese music industry suffered a lot of losses and became an introduction to the decline.

Finally the record company and the rights protection group raised a heavy back after more than three years since the illegal downloading problem surfaced. Meanwhile, Sony continued to be deprived of Apple's share. Sony came to be able to comply with MP3, but finally rival Apple made successful download distribution business of iTunes and built a big music market.

Today, Apple, Amazon and Spotify are full-blowing music streaming distribution services, and we are increasing the number of members of paid contracts ascending. The music streaming distribution service in Japan has not succeeded in making excellent service such as this because the walls of record companies and rights protection groups are thick.

The same phenomenon as these happens to the cartoon industry.

Yes, it is a cartoon village. Manga village is a pirate site where illegal disclosure of various cartoon contents was made using overseas servers to which Japanese law can not be applied. Japanese media and politicians criticized as "illegal content extincts Japanese creators", but the reason behind the popularity of manga villages and others is attributed to Japan's negligence It is clear.

For example, let's say that America, not Japan, was a cartoon powerhouse. Perhaps the United States, like music and movies, entered negotiations with rights protection groups and correspondence between publishers to quickly adapt comic books to net service, and immediately started manga version streaming distribution service Probably. Naturally, since it is a regular service of paid contracts, profits would have been returned to manga artists and publishing industry as well.

Just focusing on illegal content is focused in Japan, but simply by saying "manga village is evil" without analyzing the process of people flowing to illegal contents in the first place, just by creating similar pirated services in the future It will not take any measures.

Consumers are not using it because it is free, and I am dissatisfied that there is no service that can be enjoyed cross-sectionally and easily in this net heyday. Consumers can pay in order if they can dig into their needs and make good service possible. As a result, creators are also protected. This is obvious from the number of paid subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon, Spotify.

Japan is trying not to learn anything from the history of the decline of the music industry, even sacrificing even Japan's proud manga content.

If r > g, it needs to be changed from g to r.

"Capitalism automatically generates unsustainable gaps."

Several years ago, there were more than 700 pages, books that cost 6,000 yen per book were sold out. The title is a book called capital of the 21st century, and the author is Mr. Piketty a French economist. As a result of collecting and studying vast amounts of data over the past 200 years on income and wealth around the world, Mr. Piketty discovered the fact that the return on capital is always higher than the economic growth rate.

r > g

The return on capital is r (investment return such as stock), and the economic growth rate is g (labor income). In other words, no matter how much you raise salary with labor, it turns out that the return that investors earn is three times more income than labor. On the mechanism of capitalist society, you might rightly think is Tsu course, is caught with a surprise in the world the layers you do not want to keep the money literacy is large, also it became a social phenomenon.

Now, as a result of this fact being conveyed to the world, has the number of people investing in stocks increased?

Unfortunately, in reality workers still depend on salaries and are in a state of embracing in the company. They are in the middle of the rat race and do not realize that they are going through the endless path without a winner.

If news with rising stock price flows, the comment "There is nothing to do with us" still overflows on the net, and you can tell the stock investment to events of distant fairytale.

Especially, those who do stock investment in Japan are minorities. Even in modern times when stock investment became easy to carry out on the net, they are not even in the idea of ​​the "KA" of stock investment. On the other hand, I am interested in raising annual salary which does not rise much.

In this way, the disparity is increasingly spreading in Japan, no, in the world. Mr. Piketty's data prove that the disparity will expand even in modern times where the mechanisms of relief for vulnerable groups such as centralized exclusion of capital, antitrust prohibition, social security, progressive taxation were well developed.

The disparity of wealth is expanding. In Japan, due to the high economic growth which is said to be a miracle of the Orient, 100 million midstream society has been considered to be a country with little disparity under common sense. However, in fact, the disparate society has been accelerating in recent years, and it is predicted that rich and poor people will be separated from clear in the future.

If the structure of the world is "r > g", it needs to be "g to r".

In the future, whether you belong to r or g depends on your actions now.

President Trump 's support rate 40%, Prime Minister Abe' s support rate 26.7% truth.

It was revealed that the support rate of Trump president rose to 40%, the highest level of the year since the end of the year. On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe's support rate for Japan is 26.7%, which has fallen to the lowest record since the administration was inaugurated.

Of course, the falling support rate of the Abe administration is affected by the "MORIKAKE problem". Due to problems with Morihito Gakuen and Takumi Gakuen, the confidence of the people from the public dropped sharply as a result of the fact that Abe had the degree of Prime Minister Abe 's degree of frustration.

There is also the problem of forgery of official documents. The forgery of public documents is a matter that could shake the foundation of official document management, and the fact that the suicide has appeared also contributed to shake the administration.

However, President Trump is far more serious than Prime Minister Abe compared to the severity of the scandal.

President Trump has reached today without suspicion of suspicion of Russia before he assumed office. It has not been elucidated whether the presidential obstruction of justices had been made in the 2016 presidential election. In addition, in a series of dismissal plays of the main posts of the administration, there is an unprecedented situation that "a key person knows about dismissal of himself by President Trump 's Twitter.

Sontaku is a misconduct for politicians who can also be referred to as citizens' representatives allegations of infidelity with porn actresses. In addition to this, President Trump also has a scandal against various morals, and it is a runaway train that does not work well.

However, President Trump 's support rate is rising, not to mention the falling approval rating. Is the truth of the difference in support rate between the United States and Japan unified?

It is related to the temperament of the people.

First, Americans judge based on actuality rather than emotional theory. For example, although it is scandal in the above-mentioned trump president, Americans regard it as a type of wide show, and there are not many people who care.

The most important thing for practical American Americans is that your country will be enriched economically. For this reason, we are evaluating economic policies of cards such as strengthening of foreign trade tariffs and immigration control policy. I am praying that the Americans are protected and that we can continue as a rich country from now on, and there is noisy for them such as Trump scandals.

On the other hand, emotional theory takes precedence over economic policy in Japan. Old media and opposition parties have used the Diet as a place for public trials because Prime Minister Abe has refrained from Morike's problem. However, the evidence that Prime Minister Shinzo Arai has failed has not yet been found, and wasteful use of taxes and time continues.

Why do old media and the opposition focus so much on MORIKAKE? That is because the scandal simply attracts viewership and support. In other words, this is the result that the public gives priority to justice that "politicians should not have any scandal". In other words, rather than the economic policy that is most important in Japan, emotional theory excluded from the income account is superior.

This has a culture that is familiar to Korea where "emotions" take precedence over theories, academics and laws. In the first place, humans can not make various decisions without paying the income account. It is only when you can clearly distinguish your losses that you and your surrounding people can be happy.

The world situation is moving greatly. North Korea problem, Syria bombing problem, trade tariff problem · · ·. Furthermore, in the near future big events like summit meetings are fascinated. In April, the Japan - US summit meeting, the inter - Korean summit meeting, the summit talks between Japan - China and South Korea in May, the Russo - Japanese summit meeting, the US - North Korea summit meeting in June, and the Japan - North Korea summit meeting.

Despite these important events being refrained in the near future, there is no evidence and the problem of Morike which has no productivity is being done in no time even in Japan. And this is all due to the intention of the Japanese citizens.

If Abe will collapse, all employment and stocks that could be achieved with avenomics will be lost and it will be inevitable that we will return to deflation.

If there is an alternative to Prime Minister Abe, no matter who will be the prime minister in the first place, there is no problem in the first place, even two LDP members can not be expected from the LDP.

For example, Mr. Kishida is famous for politicians who do not know finance, and if these people become leaders of Japan, no one, including overseas, will buy Japanese stocks. Meanwhile, since Mr. Ishiro is an anti-agnomics theorist, he led the policy opposite to the Abenomics, and there is a danger of returning to the deflationary state.

In the past, Japan fell into a historical recession due to the policies of the DPJ government. It was thought that Japanese citizens finally woke up by the intense shock therapy of this time, but the national temperament seems not to change so easily like that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

There will never be a global financial crisis again.

Even in the American market, which is said to be a stable market, the trend of volatility (price fluctuation) has continued for about three months recently. Originally, the United States is too big to say because of market size, so it is impossible to make it into a piece, that is, to make money games. Therefore, the American market has drawn a beautiful upward trend in the form linked with corporate performance.

However, the US economic indicators were much better than expected, suggesting that the Fed raises rate hike. The rise in the interest rate of US long-term government bonds and the posting by Twitter who is not quickly read by President Trump is influenced, and the stable market has reached the chaotic period after a long absence.

The shock with the epicenter of the United States as an epicenter will spill over the world, and in 2018 it is causing the global simultaneous stocks down since the global financial crisis.

Well, according to Black Rock, the world's largest asset manager familiar with iShares ETF, the recent inflow of iShares ETF was 34.6 billion dollars, which revealed that it was 46% lower than last year. Blacklock company CEO Fink noted that the drastic collapse of NY Dow is affecting the sharp decline in inflow of funds. The unstable market environment made negative inflows into the ETF negative.

As you can see from this figure, the sentiments of investors worldwide have not improved. That is because the bitter experience of the global financial crisis threatens investors.

It took more than six months from 9th September 2008 when the global financial crisis broke down, until 9th ​​March 2009 when NY Dow fell to half price. In 2018, which has become a major crash since the global financial crisis, many investors try to make use of lessons learned at the time.

Nonetheless, it is clearly insufficient to believe that the global financial crisis will come again, investors should not refer this stupidly.

Originally, the cause of the global financial crisis was that financial institutions in the United States had massive amounts of securitized products of low-income house loans (subprime loans), financial instability at the end of the collapse of the housing bubble is. In Wall Street, severe financial regulation has progressed due to the lessons learned from the global financial crisis, now sound systems are being built and operated. At the moment there are no financial risks comparable to subprime loans at the time.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

You should buy a stock index.

The stock price index is an indicator used to measure the price movements of the stock market in the country or specific sector. Normally, it is common for index to calculate the average stock price based on various stocks. Typical indices of the world are as follows.

■ America
NY Dow: Stock price average stock index index consisting of 30 major US stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

S&P 500: market capitalization weighted average price index consisting of 500 major issues in the US traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

■ Japan
Nikkei Average: A stock price average stock index consisting of 225 stocks listed on the First Section of the TSE among stocks traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

TOPIX: A floating stock-based stock index index made up of all shares listed on the First Section of the TSE among stocks traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

■ United Kingdom
FTSE 100: market capitalization weighted average stock index consisting of 100 top stocks with the market capitalization among securities traded on the London Stock Exchange.

■ China
Shanghai Integrated: Market capitalized weighted average stock index consisting of all the shares traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

■ Germany
DAX: market capitalization weighted average stock index consisting of 30 major German stocks traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In the stock market, there are several financial products designed to link with these representative indices. For example, S&P 500, an important index of the American economy, is an index provided by S&P Dow Jones Index. Typical examples of ETFs designed to work with this index include SPY (State Street), VOO (Vanguard), IVV (Blacklock) and others. These ETF Investment Managers have relationships by paying fees to companies that provide indexes.

Well, there are many policies that only investors buy individual stocks, but we recommend that you surely incorporate the representative index into the portfolio. Because the index is very excellent and it can be an investment stress reliever.

Although there are excellent funds, there are funds in the world that keep assets from customers and operate them in various ways to make profits. It is said that most such funds are nearly impossible to deliver better results than the representative index S&P 500.

Also, to follow that fact, Warren Buffett, the investment god, also has the word "should be operated with S&P 500 ETF". In other words, the index can make excellent investment results with overwhelmingly low operational costs.

Next, although stress relief is reduced, stress is an enemy in equity investment. Human emotions are troublesome, and once we have decided our beliefs have the nature that collapses nicely with stress in front of our eyes.

For example, suppose that there are brands that decide to hold permanently. Investors feel a great deal of stress if the market is started and the index is rising but the stock does not rise. If the movement that is too far from the index continues, there is a possibility to remember the illusion of "why only my own stock is not raised!"

However, if you buy an index, the stock price moves naturally in conjunction with the index, so "If you raise the index it will go up and you will gain a share, if the index goes down the stock price will go down" will be a simple move. Even if the stock price goes down, it can be convinced because the index itself has declined.

In other words, it is the stress that investors feel the most stress is "stress that does not raise the stock even though the index is rising", so this situation needs to be avoided at all. The index clears up the task easily.

For long-term investors, you should definitely buy the stock price index. And we recommend S&P 500 which is the most powerful American economic index in the world index to buy.

Japanese companies have no choice but to survive on overseas M&A.

Fiscal year 2018. There is a result that Japan is likely to beat China and it is highly likely that it will jump to the top of the year of overseas M&A. After the Lehman shock, Japanese companies have actively carried out overseas M&A, but in recent years acquisition deals have increased dramatically.

As overseas M&A makes a mistake a lot of loss will be incurred, and Japanese companies will shop at a price much higher than the market value in the first place, so overseas M&A has become a business strategy with many negative opinions It's closed.

For example, Toshiba's Westing House and Japan Post's Tall is a major mistake of overseas M&A. Japanese companies purchasing high-priced companies and having no skills to control business at the end of the phrase have announced major financial loss results. There was public opinion that was ridiculed as "overseas M&A is like holding bombs".

Nonetheless, overseas M&A itself is not a bad thing. It is a right strategy to find a way to go abroad, because you can only see the future that is going to be jilly, even if you do business in Japan where population decline does not stop. In addition, Japanese companies that accumulate enough internal reserves to buy overseas capital using this weapon is a very effective method of using gold as a strategy for the future.

Recently Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry, the biggest pharmaceutical company, announced that it will M&A a biotechnology manufacturer, Shire. The M&A amount is reported to be over 50 billion dollars, which is one of the largest in the past as an overseas M&A project by Japanese companies, and will succeed one of the world's leading companies if succeeded.

Moody 's analyst with the largest rating in the United States appreciates Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry as Sayer' s M&A is "an attractive takeover offer". Shire has already established a position that other companies can not follow in the rare disease area, and since it carries out business development on a global scale including Europe and the United States, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., It will lead to a worldwide presence in the industry.

Nonetheless, overseas M&A is a double-edged sword. Without business control power, M&A costs will be not only water bubbles but also a significant loss will be recorded. However, since the possibility that the future Japanese economy will sink is high, Japanese companies have no choice but to survive on overseas M&A.

Just like Japanese companies, Japanese investors are better off investing abroad than crossing the "dangerous bridge of domestic investment".

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Why are hedge funds profitable?

Strategist at Morgan Stanley announced that it had declared the target stock price greatly that Asian stocks including Japan should be immediately sold.

According to Morgan Stanley, "The likelihood that stock indexes in China, Hong Kong, Japan etc will approach approaching the high in January this year is unlimitedly small" is expected, and investors investing in Asian stock " It will be a more harsh environment this year. " In the report, it is stated that the global economic statistics, which is lower than expected, are greatly affecting the pressure on corporate earnings.

As a rule of thumb, I think that "Who cares about this predictor's report?", But the stock market unexpectedly reacts too sensitively. In fact, they are doing corporate evaluation that raises / lowers the stock price target of a specific company often, but each time the stock price moves to their desired way.

Hedge funds such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are able to control the market. Before reporting the goal, I will pre-sell and buy it, so in all cases hedge funds are doing legal insiders. There is such a mechanism behind their overwhelming favorable achievement.

In addition, hedge funds are building an amazing "mechanism to make money to profit".

Greg Smith of former Goldman Sachs says that there is a quarter that will generate revenue every day in Wall Street where the world's strongest hedge funds gather. During this period, hedge funds continue to raise profits steadily for 90 days. This is like hitting the baseball in a sudden manner, clearly transcending human capabilities.

Are they magicians or something? If it is a magician, what is the seed of magic? Actually, there are seeds. The hedge fund knows that all the actions of a large customer are available.

For example, a casino. In the casino, if the management side can fully know the hands dealt to the customers, if the casino side can decide which ticket to distribute to the customer, the casino management side can not lose at all.

On Wall Street, the most intense traders all over the world gather at hedge funds, handling investment trusts, pensions, national wealth, and trading assets of super-leading companies all over the world. So, I know everything, "Who is on which side of the seller or buyer?"

In the case of the casino in the past, it is synonymous that the casino administrator has all the hands of customers who are on the table. In other words, the Wall Street hedge fund is unbeatable as it has a mechanism to surely win the whole game.

Also, if hedge funds can persuade customers to buy and sell financial instruments that satisfy their needs, it is as good as "hedge funds have decided their hands to hand out to customers" It is possible to make the probability of losing more and more close to zero. And they actually do their acts and make a lot of profit.

Wall Street hedge funds are playing a legal, losing game.

Which is better, S&P500 (1557) or VTI?

Nice to meet you. I always read my blog.

I am a beginner investor in my 20s.
Thank you for always informative information.

I read chocolate's blog and recently noticed the importance of investment and started investing.
Contents are funding NISA and couples 400,000 each year, Rakuten's VTI.
Apart from that, we are thinking about investing in about one million in another year.

There are two candidates.
The first is to the headquarters VTI that most people are doing US stock blogs.
The second one is recommended by chocolate blog 1557.

Every time I read articles of many US stock bloggers, I also worry that I would like to invest in dollars as well as being troublesome.

Since I am a beginner, I would like to invest in the entire US rather than an individual stock.

Can not you give me an opinion on choosing which one would be chocolate?
It can be another investment destination other than those mentioned above.

I think that I am busy, I would appreciate it if you could teach at the time of your hand.

Above, thank you.

I think that it is good with VTI.

First, I will organize the outline of stocks.

1557 is ETF of TSE listed version of SPY designed to be linked to S&P 500 which is representative index of US stock. Like Japanese stocks, you can easily purchase with yen settlement.

VTI is an ETF that can be purchased in the US market, designed to cover nearly 100% of investable stocks in the US stock market. After establishing a foreign securities account, you can purchase it by dollar settlement.

First of all, the reason why chocolate is buying 1557 is because 1557 is included in free ETF (buying commission free service) of Securities.

With SBI SECURITIES and Monex Securities, the purchase fee of foreign stock ETF will be free by using NISA, but because NISA frame has been exhausted as individual stock, it is purchased separately to purchase S&P500 's ETF A fee is incurred.

Since it is a reality that the fee is still high to purchase shares in the American market, accumulation of fee costs will adversely affect investment performance.

For that reason, we have chosen 1557, which does not incur any purchase fee or dollar commission fee. If there is no free ETF service, you will choose a way to buy SPY, VOO, IVV directly from the American market.

Also, to be honest, there is not much difference between S&P 500 and VTI. Because the top of the constituent brands of each other,

· Apple
· Microsoft
· Google
· Amazon
· Facebook
· Berkshire Hathaway
· Johnson & Johnson
· JP Morgan
· Exxon Mobil
· Bank of America

Because the contents are almost the same, the performance is similar even though VTI has more constituent stocks. Therefore, either extreme can be said to be good.

Nonetheless, if there is a hope of "investing in the whole of the United States", VTI will be the best in terms of feelings. Since investment in equity is everything, "feelings of myself" is more important than anything.

Pecori ☆

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Russia is an American slave.

The Russian stock market recorded a massive crash of 13%. The cause is sanctions for Russia newly indicated by the US government. Russia announced that it will implement economic sanctions against Russian companies and governments, saying that Russia made a cyber attack on the presidential election in 16 years and had a huge impact on the presidential election.

According to this announcement, UC Roussar, a leading Russian aluminum producer, saw a dramatic increase in selling due to risk avoidance from investors who were concerned about sanctions. Closing store sale state like gag, 50% lower in one day. The Russian stock is just wonderful.

Treasury secretary of the United States of America strongly criticizes, "Corrupted Russia has gained huge wealth, the Putin administration is doing worldwide intervention in democracy, cyber attacks and other bad things around the world."

It is also rumored that Russia tried to make Americans fight each other by sending a lot of fake news to encourage confrontation between American white people, black people, poor people and wealthy people using Facebook. All of these series of blackouts are seen as Putin.

Putin assumed office as President dates back to 2000. Since its inauguration, Putin has succeeded in obtaining great support from Russian citizens by appealing powerful politics.

People around the world tend to think that Russia is a mighty state as Russia is tough from the Putin's strong impact and from the image with the world's largest vast country land, but in reality Russia has different circumstances.

Russia has a population of only 140 million people, most of the country is extremely cold so that people can not live. For example, 60% of Russian land is a permafrost, soils and rock grounds are always below 0 ° C, 51% are large forest areas called taiga and tundra areas. Because it is difficult for people to live in the Taiga forest area or the tundra area, 60 to 70% of the Russian land is real, people can not live, or no people live.

Oi Mikon in the Russian city, which is said to be the coldest in the world, has always been said to have the temperature of minus 70 ° C, which is said to be the death of the world in the world at all times. In Russia where such land spreads, naturally industrial development has a very difficult aspect.

Furthermore, since Russia needs to manage a vast country land with a population of about 20 million more than Japan, there is a disadvantage that the wealth per capita is substantially reduced. Also, because it possesses a vast land, the expenses for national defense will inevitably become large, so it has become a very economically inefficient country.

As Russian stocks crashed in the sanctions announcement this time, it turns out that Russia is only an American slave. It is one of the capitals of the United States and it is easy to grasp the economy of the country easily.

It is obvious from anyone's perspective that investing in Russian shares a high fee and paying taxes, "Investing in the world's strongest US is the most reasonable".

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Japanese are hated by Silicon Valley.

It was broadcasted on the WBS that a large Japanese corporation was going to accelerate IT innovation by sending employees to Silicon Valley, which is the sacred place of innovation.

Automobile giant Honda says it is collaborating with a local venture to implement a car navigation system with a smartphone application. Speaking of car navigation systems in Japan, dedicated equipment is common, but in overseas applications car navigation systems are popular.

Insurance giant SOMPO Holdings says that he is participating in the training to promote Insurutech which combines insurance and IT. Because there is a tide where large movements occur from Silicon Valley, SOMPO are doing activities locally.

A large Japanese company finally actively cooperated with a company in Silicon Valley and began showing a posture to push business with IT innovation. This activity itself tends to be praised, but it is too late for more than 10 years to begin in the first place.

From the beginning that Japan will always be hanging out from the beginning, as we are planning to hurry, we will go backward.

Speaking of dispatching to Silicon Valley by Japanese companies so far, it was raging response that can be said as a school trip. As a result, Japanese companies are hated by Silicon Valley.

The local people accept the Japanese as an observation thought that it is naturally a business talk, but the Japanese will return home after listening to only the story. If there is something, we will say, "I will consider after returning home", and there is nothing to start with negotiations on the spot. Japanese companies are not sending people who can make decisions to Silicon Valley, they just send out technologies to young people who do not have the right to decide.

Silicon Valley hates the Japanese who are doing "free-time rice" of information. The Japanese who gathered information will also end up with "gathering fluffy information", so no innovation will occur in the enterprise.

It is true that "Japanese companies are hated".

First, Japanese companies make decisions slowly.
If it is "No" No, I would like to take a business talks as soon as possible, but on the day I was told that I will take it home, I do not have trouble.

Also ... to say ambiguous reply is often said.
"I will do my best" or something.

Then ... well ... well.
When I visited Phillips in Frankfurt a long time ago, the director came to visit but it was exactly what was said at that time,

"What did you come to do, huh?"
They have no decision to go with inspection / survey nominations.
A young fellow is sent as a training expert.

Although the partner company hopes that the business will actually proceed,
I will consider returning to Japan, I will conference. Then there was no moment (lol)

It is hated by doing this not only in America and IT industry but also in Asia.

If you want to promote innovation in the first place, executives and others should take the initiative and send them out to the site, so you should not dispatch one flat employee. Innovation will not happen unless executives who have the power to decide on the project show a commitment to "Let's do it first". After doing the decision, afterwards, employees in the field should do research and investigation for implementation.

Before promoting IT innovation, it is obvious that japanese management's awareness reform is absolutely necessary.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Something that goes down someday.

February 5, 2018. NY Dow, the most important indicator in the United States, who has driven the world's stock market, plummeted. It resulted in a reduction of more than $ 1,500 in just one day, and it recorded the falling ranking of the first ranking over the Lehman shock.

Economic analysts explained that this collapse is the result of the massive movement of funds from risk equity stocks to safer bonds as long-term interest rates in the US approached the 3% point, but long-term interest rates The old one was far higher, and the direct cause is always entering the labyrinth. And economic analysts have not tried to predict a crash in advance, it is always a retrofit theory.

In 2017, American shares kept on a steady upward trend as it was said to be a miracle. Since then, the US stock market was bubble and some of it was pointed out that it crashed, but the market turned against their expectations and continued to rise all year round. In other words, there is no basis for short-term sharp rupture or collapse, it is simply the result of the algorithm being traded depending on materials such as geopolitical.

In the long run, the stock market will link with economic entities. In 2008 when the Lehman shock occurred, NY Dow fell by more than 50% and eventually went to $ 6,440. Economic analysts gathered that "dollar will go out" or "America will collapse", but NY Dow has recovered amazingly rapidly in just over two years, and the eight consecutive year of rise in stock price Was recorded.

This is natural in a way. Despite the collapse of the financial bubble, people are not quitting their past activities. The products and services of the high-tech companies that continue to be celebrated continue to be used by people all over the world, and products and services of super-large enterprises, which are said to be Old economies such as P & G, JUN, and PM, are of course constantly used I continued.

Ultra-large enterprises that established worldwide standards have steadily continued their business, creating profits, despite financial collapse. In other words, financial collapse and corporate value are totally different things, and it is also evidence that American companies are equipped with corporate value that is not defeated by the financial crisis.

However, when the rise speed is too fast stock price will come when the adjustment will take place. "Something goes up falls someday".

Black Monday in 1987
2000 IT bubble collapsed
Lehman shock in 2008
2018 Trump shock?

With stock markets there will be periodic degassing so that the stock price may collapse over 10 years span. Gas venting is necessary for the stock market so that humans need to remove gas. In other words, adjustment can be said to be "a brief rest for the stock market to rise further".

Considering that any past crash was just a push, I understand that buying at the time of crash is absolutely necessary for future asset formation.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Reason why Japanese young people can not get married.

The total population of Japan is around 125 million people. The population of youth (0 to 14 years old), production age (15 to 64 years old), elderly (65 years old and over) are 15.78 million, 76.56 million and 34.59 million, respectively, the proportion of the total population Are 12.4%, 60.3%, and 27.3%, respectively. According to the Cabinet Office, the total population of Japan will be cut to 99.24 million people in 2053 by 100 million people, and by the year 2065 will be reduced to 8.88 million people.

The direct cause of the declining population is declining birthrate. The number of babies born was 981 thousand, 2016 when it was the first time in Japan that fell below the one million mark. It was for 10 consecutive years that the number of births fell below the number of deaths, and it was revealed that signs of a halt in population declines can not be seen.

Declining birthrate gives the economy a huge blow. If the population decreases in Japan, even if you do business in Japan, the number of people who buy products decreases, so corporate profits naturally decrease. As corporate earnings decline, employees' wages are reduced, so people tighten their wallets. Then, the product becomes more and more difficult to sell ... and falls into a negative loop.

In other words, the key to the revival of the Japanese economy is to resolve the declining birthrate. However, as the number of people who do not get married is increasing now, it is in a state that it is accelerating the declining birthrate rather than the declining birthrate. Once in the ages it was natural to get married if you became an adult, why did more people get married?

It is because there is no more money than it used to be. Especially young people do not have money. I assumed that I got a job in my 20s and got about 150,000 yen for my salary. When paying 60,000 yen for rent from among them, paying utility fee, food expenses, mobile fee with the remaining money, even if I live alone, it will only last about 2 to 30,000 yen at hand.

High income people such as 6 million yen in annual income in 20's are different, but the average annual income in the early 20's is 2.48 million yen and in the late 20's it is 3.44 million yen. This is the number before taxes and social insurance premiums are deducted, so the takeover amount is only 20% minus the average annual income, that is, it is only 198 million yen in the early 20's and about 2,750,000 yen in the late 20's. It is impossible to feed my wife and children in that state.

Young people continue working as they are without marriage, they will be in their 30s and 40s. The annual income has risen to a certain extent, and I have the income that I can have home. However, problems will also occur at that stage. That is a mismatch with the person you want to marry.

For example, even if you are in your forties, men tend to prefer young biologically young women, so dating is not quite established before marriage. Men prefer young women, but young women like men who are about the same age. But young men can not get married because they have no money. When a woman becomes married, he / she begins to think about the real problem of annual income more than love, so the hurdle to marriage increases more and more.

If you can not get married when you are young you can say that it is highly likely that you will remain single for the rest of your life. In fact, there are shocking data that marriage after marriage is 3% for men, 2% for women, and that both men and women are almost impossible to marry after the age of 35 years.

In other words, getting married while young is a practical solution to the declining birthrate measures, but it is impossible to get married, so it is accelerating the declining birthrate.

In the bubble era, monthly salary of 500,000 yen was also natural even in 20s, and the initial salary exceeded 300,000 yen with extra margin. Separately, it is a world of a large bonus. In Japan, policies are implemented by the government using taxes to counter the declining birthrate, but essential problem solving is only to raise young people 's salary.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Do not buy the Coca-Cola listed on TSE for Shareholders.

In Japan, a Japanese corporation develops business under the company name of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan. It is listed on TSE 1st section, stock price is rising to the right. The achievement is also good. In addition, the company has introduced a special benefit plan for shareholders of Japanese companies, and you can get products such as assortment of Coca-Cola products simply by holding it at 1 unit price.

However, you should not buy this stock for preferential treatment. If you want a Coca-Cola stock, it is certainly to buy NYSE-listed [KO] Coca-Cola. The TSE Coca-Cola is financially healthy, seemingly looks good at first glance, but I will schedule a reduction. When you confirm the dividend record of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, you can see that the dividend is uneasy by repeating the reduction and increment.

On the other hand, NYSE's Coca-Cola has continued to increase consolidation without reducing it for 55 years. This is one of the world's largest number of incremental records, and it is a proof that it carries overwhelming return of profits to shareholders. When confirming the Coca-Cola dividend record, it can be confirmed that dividends are constantly rising and rising.

The difference in business size is also important. Coca-Cola, a member of the group, who is not doing business in Japan only, and NYSE Coca-Cola who is the group's principal and business worldwide. In the world, profits are made to be sucked up by the waist, so it is obvious which one you should buy.

If the TSE Coca-Cola is also seen in Japanese stocks, it must be a good stock, but if you compare it with NYSE Coca-Cola you will not deny the feeling that it is inevitable. If you are an investor, it will definitely be NYSE Coca-Cola.

Clearly, buying Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan for preferential treatment is not an investment, it is just a hobby.

Please do not be painless simply by saying "There is a benefit".

You should save money rather than salary up!

The key to asset formation is whether you can spend larger money (money) on the market for a longer period of time (investment). As a result, general salaried workers with limited income have only to aim for salary increase by labor in order to make seeds. Aiming at salary increase once a year, it is necessary to continue to work on madness death every day.

Well, the Abe administration is calling for companies to raise wages, the so-called government-led government official spring labor continues. Last year we announced the expectation of "3% wage increase", so that the large companies that are organized on the Nikkei average responded to the government's expectation by adding bonus as well as base up.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of people who actually raised their salary, others who did not raise their salary. Although employees of large companies raise their salary to a certain extent, it is said that the fruits of avenomics have not dropped to small and medium-sized enterprises. Initially, while there are about 4 million companies in Japan, 99.7% are positioned as small and medium enterprises. On the Internet, it is highly likely that those who benefit from raising salary are actually less than 1%, as the voice saying "Small and medium enterprises do not care about salary increase" is large.

If there is such a reality, it turns out that it is quite difficult to raise the salary. Also, even if you raise your salary well, thousands of yen will be Sekiyama. If you want to raise your salary by 3,000 yen per month, you need to be recognized by the company with outstanding results. And the company's performance should continue to be strong for several years to come. If it becomes, it will inevitably be difficult to increase the investment cost.

So I would like to recommend that investment seeds "save money instead of pay raise!" If you save money, you can control anything depending on your own efforts. Raise depends on luck and economy, but all savings are up to you. For example, without having to raise 3,000 yen a month, I try to endure a monthly lunch of 1,000 yen three times a month. Then, 3,000 yen remains at hand, and it is possible to make it as an investment as it is. Real, 3,000 yen It is no better than raising salary.

There is a book called 'My neighbor millionaires' that became the best selling in America. As a result of surveying the actual millionaires in the United States, it turned out the fact that the fundamental reversal of the rich image which the world draws. The fact is that "real rich people have been living a normal life both past and present".

Speaking of the rich people of the general public, I thought whether to ride a luxury car, possess a brand name item, and imagine a bubbly Hills tribe, but their lives were spectacularly true and true flesh itself.

· Living at a much lower income than income.
· We allocate time, energy and money efficiently for asset formation.
· I think that it is much more important to avoid having to worry about money than to cover the public.

In this book, the billionaire who is said to be "honorable superior student", trying to save thrifts, instead of spending money on wasteful things, investing in stocks, real estate, bonds, etc. that generate money and making assets I have built it. In other words, they have managed to save (save) expenses and continue investment, so they have become billionaire, and still live well. It describes the fact that it is not related at all, such as the size of income.

The key to asset formation is whether you can spend more money (money) on the market for a longer time (investment). Therefore, general salaryman investors with limited income think that there is no choice but to aim to raise salary by labor in order to make seeds, aim to raise once every year, and continue to work madly to death every day. However, rather than aiming to raise money in fact, it is more important for asset formation to save how much saving and wasteful expenditure.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Does the US stock market enter full-scale adjustment phase?

S&P 500, which is a representative index of the US stock market and is a reference value for many institutional investors. The 200-day moving average line, which has become a low-price support line over the past two years, finally fell short of the other day, and the disappointment of investors peaked. This accelerates selling. The downside of NY Dow reached 758 dollars at a time. The stock market is considered highly likely to have entered a full-scale adjustment phase.

There are many bad materials, and the trade war between the United States and China and the high-tech sector that has led the US stock market are getting caught up.

First, although it is a trade war, China has decided to impose up to 25% retaliatory tariff on 128 items such as American pork and wine as measures against the United States. China is ready to thoroughly fight against the United States. China does not have anything to do with the US tariff strengthening measures, rather it has a smile of surplus. Now that is the customs strengthening, it does not at all suffer a setback in the Xi Jinping regime, it would be disadvantageous material for the United States.

Secondly, although the high-tech sector is out of order, it is exacerbating investor psychology that playing cards as usual still strikes Amazon. Amazon was the leading role in the recent stock market here. The leading actress was beaten and the optimistic theory has begun to disappear in the high-tech sector as a result of a significant fall.

Also, Facebook's information leakage is also a cautionary material. Due to fear of strengthening personal information on the Internet, it has been greatly sold to Google. In other words, investor sentiment is negative as FANG as a symbol of the US stock market is becoming total pessimistic.

This is not the only bad material. Due to the automobile driver's death accident caused by Uobar Technologies handling the dispatch service, related stocks have been falling across the board as concern about regulation strengthening concerns. Among them, the negative impact was spurred further by having a big impact on NVIDIA, a semiconductor manufacturer who was the main character next to FANG.

By the way, what kind of stance should investors take for investors while it is said that there is a high possibility of entering full-scale adjustment phase? The answer is nothing but to buy excellent stocks that were sacrificed quietly. As we say over and over, good times and bad times are alternately repeated on the stock market. And US stocks have built up the rally with the momentum of that wave. The adjustment phase after a while is "definitely buying".

Mr Scott Ren, who is in charge of the investment department of Wells Fargo, a major American bank, is very optimistic about the US stock market.

"If you look back on this plunge in six months, one year later, you would think that everyone was a great buyout place. If there are people who do not buy US stocks in fear of plunge, surely regret It will be. "

Investors will change greatly in the future, depending on how much you can pick up the high-quality stock that was cheaply sold in the past year.

My aunt who worked at a certain factory who became a "millionaire" by continuing to buy its own shares.

Aunt who is working at a certain factory.

She keeps buying 30,000 yen of stock every month for 10 years.

Stocks have risen almost tenfold, now the value is nearly 100 million yen.

I think there are many such aunts all over the country.

Depending on the industry more stocks are rising, so aunty of hundreds of millions of assets should also be around you.

No, this is the real thrill of stock investment.

It is impossible to build 100% assets with just labor alone, so it is essential for modern people to invest in the stock.

Many people misunderstand that it is necessary to trade stock investment every day on a monitor every day, but anyone can build assets by accumulating up to 30,000 yen a month without thinking anything I will. Stock investment is said to rich people 's hobby and the world, but ordinary people should invest equally and should effectively use capital other than yourself.

Well, for chocolate, we have a slightly negative opinion about buying our own shares. The system that buys own shares is called "Employee Stock Opportunity System", which is a system that allows you to contribute a fixed amount by salary deduction and buy your own shares. Generally speaking, incentives can also be bought less than the market as a few percent leave the company.

It seems like seemingly otoku, but relying on the same company for "myself" and "stock" is risky.

The speed at which the times change is accelerating now, and it is a time when super enterprises are likely to fall into a depression soon. Companies such as Tokyo Electric Power Company, Sharp Corporation, Toshiba and others who were active in the stock holdings had unexpected accidents, scandals, and poor performance, salary cuts and share price turmoil, and employees took a double punch.

Besides, there are almost no firms that are strong in management for more than 100 years and will continue to prosper forever. For example, it is said that there is no shop that lasts three generations in the neighboring Korea, and there are only a few companies that are 80 years old at the most. In China, the world's largest herbal medicine manufacturer, Beijing Dong Jing is founded around 340 years, and there are some established long-established stores over 100 years such as Chinese tea and calligraphy tools.

In Japan, over 100 thousand foundations exceeded 100 thousand companies, and it is a country with many long-term businesses that are among the best in the world. However, even long-term management does not mean that everything is going to be robust. Recently bankruptcies are increasing even in companies that have been operating for over 100 years.

For example, Kagaya, a wholesale paper wholesaler in Nagano Prefecture, had a history of over 100 years, but in 2009 it began to invest in tenant buildings as part of management diversification and it made a big mistake. It began a curtain over 100 years.

In addition, Suruga shop of Japanese sweets with a history of over 500 years since the Muromachi era was a company that is rarely listed as an old-fashioned Japanese confection shop, but the stock price fell as a result of sluggish performance, and was on the verge of delisting. Finally the president of the 20th generation founder was arrested by a fictitious capital increase, and the path to bankruptcy advanced without the successor's prospect.

Among 100,000 companies, many old-fashioned town factories are included besides these examples, and many companies have difficulty in management. Unfortunately, bankruptcy of companies that have been establishing for over 100 years is expected to increase in the future.

That's why I do not know when the company I work for will fall into recession. If our company continues to lose in deficit and management becomes in danger, salary will be cut immediately and the stock price may collapse as well. In other words, the capital of both "myself" and "stock" will collapse in a stroke.

As there is a saying that eggs are not included in one basket, it is fundamental to invest risk as a risk hedge by "diversified investment". It would be prudent to buy S&P 500, which can be diversified and invested in the US strongest company, by 30,000 yen every month if it buys its stock.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It's OK with easy things. Ignore the opinion of self-qualified experts!

Do something simple.

Buffett sends a message to the investor, "Do not put out only what you can understand." Buffett is the top investor in the United States, Berkshire Hathaway and is rich. Today it is a manager, but originally it is a legendary investor living up to building the world's top asset only with equity investment.

In fact, Buffett owns its own favorite Coca-Cola, as well as Ketchup's Craft Heinz, iPhone's Apple, etc., just as it is said to be easy things.

In the first place, stock investment tends to be difficult for the general public.

"I do not know which company's stock to buy"
"I do not know when to buy or sell at what timing"

And in the books and the net, the investor who had a professional feeling (laugh) is a chart analysis with the doya face, the analysis of the stock, the significance of the trade etc. is talked, and threatening investment beginners.

"Stock investment is not sweet so much"
"I need expertise like me"

But please think carefully.

Is stock investment difficult?

Is it right?

Choco thinks that equity investment is a familiar existence that is closely related to people's lives. It is no exaggeration to say that I started "Chocolate Equity Investment Diary" because I wanted to convey the truth that investment is not so difficult.

For example, Amazon.
Amazon is a global company that operates an EC site that everyone no longer needs to explain. Everyone uses their services as long as they live normally, and everyone is indebted to them. Just merely being stunned by investing in familiar Amazon for everyone, such stock investment succeeded.

Next Apple.
Apple is also a global company that produces IT products that everyone no longer needs to explain. Everyone uses their products as long as they live normally, and everyone is indebted to them. Just being stunned by investing in familiar Apple for anyone, stock investment succeeded.

Next is Nintendo.
Nintendo is also a global company that produces TV games that everyone no longer needs to explain. Everyone plays with their games as long as they live normally, and everyone is indebted to them. Just being stunned by investing in investing in Nintendo familiar to anyone like that, stock investment succeeded.

Stock investment is fine with this kind of thing.

It is good for companies that I like and companies that provide products and services that I use everyday. There, an investor who has a doyy face and an expert-looking investor (laugh) says, it's a chart analysis, it's a stock analysis, is it really necessary for trade's extreme? Is not Buffett 's word "Invest in simple things close to you!" More important? Actually, as investors who put hard knowledge on the hedge and invested in maniac stocks in Heta are following the way of loss of losses, self-experts' opinion is not even a fucking role .

GPIF to operate the pension.
They are talked about issuing unrealized profits of 69 trillion yen in stock investment, but do you know what the biggest stock they possess?

· Toyota
· Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
· Honda
· Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
· SoftBank
· Mizuho Bank
· Apple
· Microsoft
· Amazon
· Facebook
· Johnson and Johnson

There are only familiar companies! ! ! !

Yes, there are only companies that everyone knows. Stock investment is familiar. It is truly worthwhile to believe that stock investment is difficult by truly accepting the opinion of the theorized armed experts in a strange way.

Do something simple.

The message that legendary investor Buffett sent to investors should be cherished.

Equity investment is a familiar presence to you, just do simple things.

[Blog management] Monthly 300,000 PV each month for 3 months.

"Chocolate's stock investment Diary" has passed for 10 months since the operation started.

For the past three months, it has remained stable at over 300,000 PV per month (※ PV number = number of blogs read). It feels like an average of 10,000 PV a day. In the stock market, we are in a state of forming a box quote.

As a matter of fact, (1) the stock market crashed in early February, (2) the job is busy and the pace of updating the article has been once a day (I'm doing my best), influenced and dramatically increased the number of accesses Decrease ! It was a pleasant miscalculation that I did not lead to a direct reduction in PV as I expected to feel like.

If the back side is returned, if the stock market was steady and maintaining 2 article updates a day, the possibility of reaching 40 - 500 thousand PV a month was extremely high! ! It can be said.

I'm sick of you! ! ! ! !

Nonetheless, blogging is not about talking about just the number of PV. Supported by readers who always bookmark us and those who come from new search from Google and Yahoo search, I am always filled with gratitude that I have come so far. Since I am planning to offer Bang Bang high quality and interesting articles in the future, I would like to ask for your continued support.

Well, about the possibility of a US stock blog, Choco is hoping that the US stock blog will become an increasingly demanded field.

For example, in the investment magazine Diamond Zai sold in Japan, US shares are being featured extensively. US equity investors are expected to increase vigorously as more investors who have invested only in Japanese stocks have increased their chances of having contacts with US stocks. In other words, the possibility that the US stock blog will be able to capture an unlimitedly large pie called "Japanese stock investor" is extremely high in the future.

Also, the fact that investment infrastructure for US stocks has been improved is also great. In Internet securities, we have increased the stocks handled by US stocks and have reduced the transaction fee to the same level as the Japanese stock. The threshold for investing US stocks in the last 1-2 years has fallen sharply. I think that Internet securities companies also feel the high demand for US stocks.

Originally, while living in this global age, "If Japanese are to invest only Japanese stocks" it is Tanchan chanka story, and Japanese people are confident that US stock investment will become indispensable from now on.

Even looking around the lives of Japanese people, I can see that they live surrounded by American products and services far from the past. Among them, to dare to invest only in Japanese companies is unlimited nonsense. It is evident to anyone to forget US stocks when comparing the United States, which overlooks the world as a hegemon country, with Japan, where anyone can not afford to decline.

It is inevitable that US stocks will be the standard of Japanese investors.

So, Choco will continue "American stock investment + US stock blog" for the rest of my life.

Everyone, please come along with chocolate! !

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