Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why is Japanese financial literacy low?

While watching TV in the middle of the night, Mr. Takashi Sugimura, famous for earning 26 million yen in one year, appeared on the program and was talking about stock investment.

However, despite lamenting the merit of stock investment, other entertainers dismiss with laughing that "stocks are gambling! lol". So the topic of the stock is over.

The Japanese are famous for hating investment. As you can see from being the world's largest insurance loving country, Japanese people do not like to take risks excessively. There are many people who cause allergy only by listening to the term "investment" and it seems that speculation and investment are completely misunderstood.

Among developed countries, there is no country with lower financial literacy than in Japan. That is because it will become an adult without taking money lessons at school or other educational institution. Although becoming interested in money for the first time becoming a social worker, I do not know what to do with money, while encouraging savings, on the other hand, spending money.

If I do not teach at school, should I master my knowledge in my parents and my daily life? In the first place, the parent generation is savings and insurance love generation, and wisdom to operate money etc. does not have 1 mm. In addition, there are many people who think seriously that "money making is bad", and there are many citizens who are braintered by the religion "money is dirty and evil".

There are many such ideas in Japan, so in daily life there is a reality that "story of money is taboo". Especially, as with parents, when talking with friends etc, the topic about money is taboo more than talk of politics.

In other words, because Japanese have few opportunities to talk money with school, parents, friends, etc., no matter how old you are, you can not acquire financial literacy.

According to a survey by the Central Bureau of Financial Public Relations, the proportion of those who answered "confident in financial knowledge" was only 13% for Japanese, compared with 76% for America. In the United States, financial education is done as usual, so the high-level figures shown are shown, but you can see that Japanese who do not have money and contacts are too numerically too numerical.

If you reverse the back, Japanese people are definitely smart people, so if you properly incorporate "finance" into your educational program, it is possible to knock out numbers beyond Americans. The reason for the low financial literacy of Japanese people is that there is no education (because they do not know) literacy is lacking, and there are also places that can not be totally attributed to the people.

However, because there is no thing without it, if you want Japanese people to acquire financial literacy as a matter of reality, you have to study by yourself.

In Japan where the deposit balance finally exceeded 1000 trillion yen, despite the unusual negative interest rate policy of the Bank of Japan, people are struggling with saving money. The problem of No. 1 is that many Japanese think that what the Japanese mean is that the government aims "the inflationary society in which the value of money diminishes" through the BOJ's quantitative easing? It is not noticed at all.

Those who study and do not do, the gap between rich and poor will continue to expand.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The credibility of the rating company is the same level as the media at large.

It may be surprising.

In the world, there are jobs that can earn huge profits simply by doing 'unilateral evaluation by dogmas and prejudice'. Speaking of the financial world, it is a rating company.

A rating company is a company that analyzes the probability of default on shares and bonds issued by a country or company and ranks it with simple symbols such as alphabets. Three companies are called global rating agencies, S & P Global, Moody's, Fitch Ratings.

These three companies, commonly known as "Big Three", are said to have a share of over 95% in the American market, and only three companies dominate the rating market. The backside, the power of these three companies is overwhelming, and the country and the company can not resist them.

In the first place, to what extent is the credibility of the rating company?

Actually, it is true that there is also a voice that the rating is not terrible, there is no objectivity, it is not worthy of credit.

According to the Business Journal, when I investigated executives of S & P Global about "how rating companies are rating," they did not read the budget books at all and ranked them by rough general numbers only I revealed the fact that it was.

This is equivalent to judging the credibility of a company by only surrounding information without looking at the financial statements. Closingly, even the information of a rating agency at the big three level is that there is no great difference from the level at which the press judges things with personal impressions and reports that there is none.

In the past, the work of many valued rating companies took a criticism of the public. For example, Enron and WorldCom, which were on the verge of bankruptcy, were rated as investment grade, and high ratings were given to infamous subprime loans.

Investors blinded the rating company and bought financial instruments such as subprime. After all, this has caused a Financial crisis called killing of capitalism in capitalism, but the credibility of the rating is that level after all.

Nonetheless, financial instruments that are not rated by rating agencies as a matter of fact are never bought by investors. Investors around the world emphasize their rating evaluation even after the credibility of the credit rating company has been revealed by the Lehman shock, and the rating company continues to make a huge profit from the past to the present.

For that reason, it is a fact that ratings by rating companies are regarded as an important indicator when investing.

Well, there are only two companies currently granted AAA's highest rating rating by S & P Global. Johnson · End · Johnson (JNJ) and Microsoft (MSFT).

Then, are these two companies not worthy of AAA evaluation? There is not such a thing at all when asked, financial and business are the highest level in the world.

It can be said that at least Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Microsoft (MSFT) are excellent financial products to be invested without fail regardless of ratings.

Friday, May 25, 2018

S & P 500 ETF with 1 million yen reached 5.1 billion yen.

At the general shareholders' meeting of Berkshire Hathaway held on May 5 this year, Warren Buffett told shareholders "How exciting is the S & P 500 ETF?"

For example, if you invested $ 10,000 (1 million yen) on the assumption that S & P 500 ETF was in 1942, it revealed that it is worth 51 million dollars (5.1 billion yen) now.

One million yen is 5.1 billion yen.

Believe it or not, it means that assets increased by 5,100 times.

If the United States continues to maintain global economic and military superiority in the future, even in the modern era that entered the 21st century, the possibility of being reproduced is high.

Therefore, in order for all investors to succeed, it is necessary to continue to buy the S & P 500 EETF which can be diversified and invested in the U.S. superbest company.

On the other hand, Buffett is negative for investing in gold called safety assets.

Compared to the S & P 500 ETF's 5100 times dramatic increase in assets, when investing $ 10,000 (1 million yen) in gold, its value was only 400 thousand dollars (40 million yen).

In addition, Buffett speaks.

Suppose that a company has increased its factory and reinvested in a new invention, you have stored 300 ounces of money in a safe deposit box.

You can do whatever you want to do, watch, gently stroke, or do it with money.

However, it does not produce anything.

I have never created something.

And what is left in your hand now?

Just like March 1942, there are only 300 ounces of gold.

It's worth about $ 400,000.

In other words, as it is a capitalist society, as the economy grows permanently, since stocks are the investment products with the most return, gold and others can be said "no way".

Well, in the world, it is said that "modern gold is a virtual currency", but if you borrow Buffett 's words, the virtual currency as well as gold' s not creating anything, creating something, etc. It can be defined as "no."

If you want to make a profit with low risk, the optimal solution for investment is obviously a stock investment, especially S & P 500 ETF should be chosen.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Is Amazon sinning for tax evasion?

According to Amazon's annual report, we found that Japan's sales amounted to 837.7 billion yen.

However, the amount of tax paid by Amazon Japan corporation is only 89.9 billion yen, and in reality it is clear that actual taxes are not paid for the sales scale.

Amazon is famous as a company that does not pay tax, and it is regarded as a problem not only in Japan but around the world.

Why is it allowed without paying taxes?

If you say, Amazon's subsidiary that operates abroad is in the form of contract that "sales operations are entrusted" to the end, because most of the profits earned overseas are absorbed by the US headquarters is.

In other words, by accounting for 90% of overseas earnings in the home country, it escapes taxation abroad including Japan.

Public opinion bashing companies and individuals who earn huge profits and evade taxes.

For example, a while ago, a tax haven named "Panama document" became a topic. The Panama document is a document created in a certain law office in Panama, with information on 11.5 million public institutions, companies and individuals' wealthy people. The problem was the inclusion of documents on "tax evasion" by companies and individuals from around the world.

Like Panama, there are countries and regions where taxes do not exist in the world.

By adopting a tax-free or extremely low tax rate, we adopt a national strategy of attracting companies and acquiring foreign currencies. Singapore and others exactly this strategy succeeded and led to the establishment of an international nation.

In other words, companies and individuals legally keep tax burdens by depositing their assets in countries where taxes are kept as low as possible. For that reason, rich people become increasingly rich, so they buy antipathy from the common people.

Nonetheless, is tax escape a sin? When asked, there is not such a thing at all. Rather, in order to maximize assets for both companies and individuals, it is essential that measures against taxes are essential and it should be said that we should do tax savings.

In the first place, there is a history that mankind has fought taxes and has developed. For example, taxes were also challenging for America to be independent from Britain.

At that time, the United States who was a colony of Britain imported tea from the UK, Britain taxed the United States, the American was furious. This is the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

Also, the French Revolution is also a revolution in which taxes took place. At the time, although the king fought a war, taxpayers caught tax for the reason that it is building a royal palace, the people are furious. It was linked to the French Revolution.

If it does not rebound against tax, companies and individuals become painful by the runaway of the country and continue to be exploited. This is the same thing in modern times, patriotism is a problem which should be thought completely separately.

In globalization, the modern era that depended more on the country, it is wise to take tax measures and protect assets.

Do not engage with people who carry debts.

Please avoid those who borrow.

In the case of a person with debt in the first place, since there is no fundamental idea that "I will not use more money than income", I will use the money entered like hot water. Because I do not have planning, I rely on debt, unfortunately I can not help to say that I am finished as a human being.

People who borrow often have a habit of getting into gambling such as pachinko, or buying luxury goods that are not fit for their length by sticking to their appearance. Unless the fundamental personality is fixed, I will not stop borrowing money (but human nature does not get cured until I die).

In addition, there are people in the world who are willing to debt friends and lovers.

Such a person can say that 100% money is sloppy person. Because, if you borrow money, despite the fact that there are financial institutions as social infrastructure, it is completely evoked that you get acquainted with it, there is no reason to return money from the beginning.

Even if it is a traditional rim,

Please cut off at once.

Japanese people tend to think that they want to give help as soon as others are troubled, but this does not make it for themselves. Even if you are in trouble with money, there is a high possibility that you will be amenable if you think that the surroundings will manage.

As a result, we will borrow again and fall into a vicious circle that the debt further increases.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that such debt itself is bad. For example, mortgage loans and car loans are also fine debts. Even the scholarship system is debt.

Is the person building these loans as a human being? Speaking of it, there is not such a thing at all. Rather, there is the possibility of improving the quality of life by borrowing money.

There are also companies that continue to grow at the corporate level while repeating huge debts.

For example Softbank. Long ago, the company said, "We are steadily making earnings, net interest-bearing debt will be zero in fiscal 2014 and the image of the debt company will change."

However, thereafter withdrew "zero debt declaration". After that, we actively do M & A such as American mobile company Sprint, British arm etc, increase corporate value through debt, create a lot of employment, and are also supported by investors.

Recently, Saudi Arabia and a huge fund of 10 trillion yen scale are created and we are aiming for further growth.

Softbank continues to grow and accelerate business through debt.

In other words, "good debt" and "bad debt" exist in the world. Good debt is righteousness as it does not change for companies and people to grow with good debt.

On the other hand, you should never be involved with those who do bad debts.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Please stop investing in imitation.FANG and so on.

Recently, as long-term interest rates are rising, high-payout defensive shares are on sale. Representative stocks are said to be resistant to the recession such as communications stocks, health care stocks, and daily necessities stocks.

On the other hand, high-tech stocks such as FANG are bought. Typical stocks are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix etc.

Many investors think that "I do not feel like buying high-dividend stocks" because too much sector-specific performance deviations are so intense, "We are now in the era of FANG!" To change the policy to a high-tech stock We are starting to pour the funds.

Nonetheless, if investing in FANG just because it is reason for investing in FANG "Because high-tech is likely to be more profitable than high-dividing stock", it may be possible to secure profits in the immediate future, but permanently profitable It will be difficult to get.

Because the investment policy to invest in the flow of trend is nothing but an "investment to imitate", and the end is finished as a prey to institutional investors.

In the dot-com bubble, which was boiled up in the United States in the beginning of 2000, many investors flocked to trends of high-tech stocks and temporarily made a profit, but the bubble collapsed briefly. IT venture companies were forced into bankruptcy, and investors also created a tragedy that loses tremendous assets.

Although it seems to be easy to get on the trend at first sight, it seems easy to get on the trend, but in order to continue to profit for a long time it is necessary for technology and talent to keep out institutional investors, so overwhelmingly from the strategy of keeping high dividends quietly It will be a difficult investment strategy.

In addition, "imitating investors" are easy to get bored and are easily passed around, so since the high-dividend stocks are sold to Bokoboko like this time, I will transfer to FANG and once again when FANG starts to sell again I will return to the high dividend stock I will continue to change the investment policy so that we can shift to trend stock like FANG when high dividend stocks are sold out.

However, investment "How much can you put in when you are in cheap?" Will be the core to accelerate the return accelerator, so in reality it will be "when you sell it will be what you want" after the trend has left. Investors who have been able to buy high-grade high-dividend shares gently at the falling rate like this time will be able to benefit from dividends and explosions firmly at the next rising rate.

When "imitating investors" reviews the high-dividend stocks and buys them again, it is already over-expensive, so "monomane investors" take over the trend shares every time at a high rate and lose the loss in the falling phase Because it will be decided, it will result in loss.

If you do not understand its principle, it will only be used as a market puzzle forever.

Please pass through your beliefs.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Global companies aim to list on the American market.

The Chinese Internet video sharing service Bilibiri video was listed on NASDAQ on March 28 this year, so I gathered topics in Japan as well. Biribiri movies are like Nikoniko movies, which allow users to comment on videos and enjoy themselves as viewer participation services.

Bilibiri video started in 2009. It started mainly as a service handling so-called two-dimensional geek content such as animation and cosplay, and in 2010 the service name was changed to "bilibili".

The number of monthly active users as of 2017 is more than 72 million people, and a large three-dimensional event that imitated "Nikoniko Super Conference" has also been held in China.

Naturally, in Japan, there were many voices criticizing bilibili listed on NASDAQ with a stupid face instead of imitating original Nico Nico videos, but in the first place China is useless because it is a lawless area in the first place. It is simply a perfection of Nico Nico Douga, which could not have improved service improvement with emphasis on usability.

Well, bilibili was not a Chinese market or a Hong Kong market, but rather aimed at listing stocks in the US than in the future. This is because the US has an active investment in IT venture companies like bilibili and has the merit that it is easy to procure huge amounts of funds.

And, by listing on the United States more than anything, we can expect to acquire worldwide name value and trust.

Also Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, whose oil reserves, oil production and crude oil exports are the largest in the world. Saudi Aramco was considering listing candidates for listing during the year of 2018 this year.

In Japan, CEX of JPX himself visited Saudi Arabia for enthusiastic activities, such as bringing the company to the TSE on the TSE. Similarly, the government also agreed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to meet with King Salman of Saudi Arabia who came to Japan for the first time in 46 years and to discuss Saudi Aramco's listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

And, as a result, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry visited Saudi Arabia and sent a love call by Saudi Arabian Minister of Industrial and Mineral Resources, "Last Request".

However, the TSE has declined from Saudi Aramco's listing place without a loss. Ultimately, Saudi Aramco is said to be listed on NYSE, the largest market in the world.

As well as bilibili mentioned above,

We are aiming for the American market because we can easily procure huge amounts of money and gain name value acquisition and reliability improvement.

It is the American market of NYSE and NASDAQ that selected companies from all over the world gather and the selected stocks all over the world are listed.

Friday, May 18, 2018

How to invest on YouTube.

YouTube is a video sharing service born in California in 2005.

The background of establishment was that it was difficult to share the videos shot at the dinner party in the apartment of the founder Chen in San Francisco, so we thought that we wanted a service that everyone could easily shoot videos on the Internet, I'm glad that you started developing YouTube.

The name YouTube means "You are broadcasting by yourself (your own TV station)".

Such YouTube had annual sales per 2006 of only 15 million dollars, and the future was questioned. Philippe Dooman, CEO of Viacom, the leading media,

"People will not be willing to pay for user posted content by all means and we would like to offer a high quality environment where advertisers would like to spend more on advertising"

And at that time, YouTube at that time was disappeared from the existing media to Bokoboko.

However, the current YouTube has grown to become a world-class major service that has not been pressed down and has led to the establishment of a new genre called YouTuber. What is the current sales of such YouTube?

Actually, I do not know at all.

Because YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and it is unlisted. Since private companies are not obliged to prepare a securities report, investors do not have a way to confirm their performance.

The annual revenue per 2006 is 15 million dollars as the number that we announced when we bought YouTube in 2006, we never made it public on YouTube's revenue.

Even if we check the latest account statement of Google, YouTube is mixed in the Other category in sales by business segment, so we can not know the actual situation.

However, according to independent analysis by investment bank Morgan Stanley, YouTube has grown to earn 12% of Google's overall sales and expects it will grow to be the center of Google's sales in the future I will.

As YouTube expects annual revenue to earn by current YouTube alone is estimated to be 4 billion dollars, YouTube has increased sales by 270 times in just 10 years.

Well, the only way to invest in such YouTube is to invest at Google, our parent company at the moment. There is a possibility that only YouTube will spin off and listing in the future, but even if there is any, it is on time for the time being. So, if you want to invest on YouTube, let's buy Google.

I think that YouTube will continue to grow and become a service indispensable to people.

Since YouTube has HD quality compatible with image quality and long video playback time, it was only possible to enjoy it on a computer a while ago. However, with the advent of 4 G (5 G) of high-speed communication standards and the introduction of the iPhone which evolved to ultra-high specs, the environment where you can enjoy YouTube without any stress anytime anytime is settled anytime anytime.

In addition, as YouTuber is established, YouTube itself is evolving in terms of aspects of the TV station, and the scale is worldwide. Those who enjoy YouTube on a daily basis, you know the power of YouTube. If it is, it is extremely reasonable to invest in YouTube and think that you want to own YouTube.

Nonetheless, even if you invest in Google, it is currently extremely expensive and the dividend is also zero. Since stock prices that rose too much declined anyway, I think that the adjustment phase will occur a little bit further.

Therefore, even if the stock price declines, even if it is undisturbed, it will be difficult to invest in Google unless there is no reason to keep holding it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Reason why foreigners visiting Japan increased.

The number of foreigners visiting Japan is increasing. I could not think about ten years ago, but nowadays wherever I go, I am overflowing with foreign tourists. It is also increasing to see not only Asian neighbors such as China and South Korea but also foreigners who are supposed to have come from Europe and the United States.

According to the Japanese Government Tourism Board (JNTO), visiting foreigners who visited Japan in 2017 last year reached 28.691 million, an increase of 19.3% from the previous year, and the highest record since the start of statistics was renewed.

Before the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 2020, it is expected that the number of foreign visitors to Japan will increase further in the future, as the Government of the Government supports "Have more foreign tourists welcome!"

Tourism business is profitable. As sightseeing can be natural business Japan can become a business tool, it will be "business with the strongest cost performance" established only with human capital. In addition, while sightseeing ties of customer's wallet tend to become loose, we buy a large amount of expensive goods.

It is exactly the business structure that can be profitable.

However, do not simply rejoice that the number of foreign tourists has increased. The opportunity for foreign tourists to come to Japan is increasing because foreigners have more money (wealth) than Japanese people.

This means "Japan is becoming more and more poor."

For example, although the main tier of foreign tourists in Japan is Asia, emerging Asian countries have achieved a sharp rise in wages over the last ten years.

Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia have more than doubled the minimum wage growth compared with 2010, and have grown to scale that can no longer be said to be emerging countries.

Also in other countries, wage increases that are not comparable with those of Japan are happening.

Japan's depreciation policy is also a factor increasing the number of foreign tourists, but since Japan's resources are dependent on foreign countries, the fact that the value of their currency will go down means that if you do not buy foreign resources at a high price Because it will not be, it means that money escapes to foreign countries more and more.

When Japanese go out for overseas trips, we are keenly aware of the rise in prices, but this is also related to the impact of the depreciation of the yen.

In other words, the number of foreign tourists is not because it is appealing to Japan, but simply because Japan is cheap and easy to go.

Even though wages in foreign countries are steadily rising, Japan has not risen for thirty years, so that Asian people who are emerging economies can do a lot of shopping "Japan is cheap and has become a poor country" about it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

AT&T (T) to crash. When should I buy?

AT & T (T) is the largest telecommunications company in the United States and has a history of more than 100 years. Bad results such as lower than expected analysts, rise in long-term interest rates, merger of Sprint and T-Mobile continue, and stocks are being sold out like every day.

Nonetheless, this one can not deny "feeling oversold" as expected. Current dividend yields are wonderful 6.37%, PER is 12 times higher, which is a clear bargain, which can be said to be too attractive for investors with a high payout strategy style.

Well, readers gave us your opinions about AT & T's purchase time.

AT & T is crashing.

I also own a little, but now I can not tell whether it is time to buy more.

It is close to the bottom at the span of 5 years, but there seems to be possibility of further lowering in the future.

I think that AT & T is not a stock price but a stock which should be seen with dividend yield.

Giant telecommunications carriers like AT & T earn a huge amount of sales and profits steadily every year and make permanent shareholder returns. And the number of years of increase increases to 33 years.

However, being "stable" means that profit improvement is not expected due to good or bad profit. Naturally, we can not expect a sharp rise in stock prices. Therefore, AT & T is not an investment method to pick up with a high price as picked up by the bottom price, but investment focusing on "stable business" and "stable dividend" is good.

In addition, institutional investors and others hold a large share of the company's shares, so if funds such as rise in US long-term interest rates occur such as this time, there is also a feature that funds are easy to flow out first.

Nonetheless, looking at the Japanese market, we can say that there are no companies that have reduced their dividends for 5 to 6% for decades without reducing their risks. In that sense, a major US telecom like AT & T would be a very reliable investment destination.

In addition, even if the company is somewhat slumping due to some reason, it is likely that it will be stolen by management disqualification if it is to be reduced, so even if it is a matter of intention to increase dividends (maintaining the current status even if it is bad).

In other words, if it is the objective to enjoy a high payout of more than 6% today, if it is the current level, it can be said that it is "at any time of purchase" in a certain sense.

Even if it has held for at least 20 years, even if there is no increase in dividends, it becomes a stock acquired with zero investment cost only by dividend income, and AT & T is the stock that produces money until death.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Silicon valley method adopted by GE.

GE (General Electric), which is at an unprecedented level of doubt, a deficit of over 1 trillion yen, a stock market crash, dividend halves. When GE was still in good shape, in Japan, "GE is a model for corporate management" was touted, it was popular.

GE rules the process of determining the next president and strictly stipulates that only those who have survived fierce competition can become the president. And once you take office as the president, you can grab the real power of long-term operation.

For example, in the history of more than 130 years, there are only 9 presidents of succession.

In addition, headhunting is generalized for American companies, but GE will not invite people from outside the company. In the past, only those who contribute to GE and are well acquainted with GE can not be president.

Education methods of employees are well established. We are concentrating on raising the quality of human resources thoroughly by spending as much as $ 1 billion annually in funds to develop leaders.

Even if you become the president, 30% of the total time needs to receive education, and the strength that human resources continues to evolve constantly can be said to be the essence that created the giant GE.

But the times have changed.

It was a difficult era when GE's specialized hardware strategy could not improve profit.

Internet companies that bring huge profits without having assets on the Internet come to rise and enterprises with business like GE that has to own physical assets such as manufacturing industry to be in trouble became.

In the present age when the hardware strategy ceases to pass, GE is about to change from "selling things" to "selling outcomes".

Executives of GE beat down shame and pride and repeatedly talked with young managers around the age of 30 who are active in Silicon Valley and tried to gain learning from them.

As a result, in developing products and services, we made hypotheses in light of customer needs, worked on development, gained feedback from customers in the process, changed to a quick and flexible business style to change direction as needed I am making it.

GE has completely shifted to the way Silicon Valley is practicing and has already started to produce results.

For example, the latest gas turbine development succeeded in shortening the construction period to half of the conventional period. Moreover, its combustion efficiency has high performance enough to receive Guinness certification, and the productivity clearly increased.

Furthermore, we are promoting software business, and now IoT solution is also working on development with Silicon Valley method.

GE is now working on a serious change, trying to reborn again as an American giant.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The word born by Japan. Death from overwork (karoshi) is a universal term!

Ms. Takahashi (then age 24), who worked for Dentsu, jumped off from his company in Tokyo and committed suicide at Christmas.

Overtime over 100 hours a month became normal and posted on Twitter that "I want to die, I lost my feelings." This case was certified as work-related accident as overworked suicide. In Dentsu, male employees in the second year since joining the company have been putting suicide by overwork. Also in this case, the Supreme Court has issued a judgment that allows the company side to take responsibility.

There is nothing more than Dentsu, nothing to overwork suicide.

Female employees of Watami committed suicide in the past. I know that she did not have a holiday and had been working for a long time from afternoon to early in the morning. Also, at the Kansai Electric Power Company, a man in the 40s who is a section chief committed suicide and has been certified as overworked suicide. And recently, employees of Nomura Real Estate were officially recognized as death from overwork.

The company listed on the First Section of the TSE, "a company that is called a major company" is often a tough and violent workplace. As a result, overworked suicide in Japan has been steadily going on and there is a need for a change in direction throughout the country.

In other words, "working reform" is essential.

So, do you have anything to die for overseas company?

Germany has the shortest working time among industrialized countries and the acquisition rate of paid leave is much higher than that of Japan Germany is called "short-time great country". Nonetheless, we have achieved high economic growth, and the level of social security services is also far above Japan.

In these backgrounds, it is said that in Germany it is prohibited by law that more than 10 hours of work per day, and in the first place it is said that the culture that "long hours work is not appreciated" rooted in root.

In Germany, employees who "get great accomplishments within a short time" are most appreciated, and those who do overtime work while no results are achieved are not appreciated at all. A German who has a culture that is focused on work and a culture of a little hard business never will be compelled to participate in a drinking party from his boss after the work is finished.

In addition, the German government is considering a policy prohibiting the transmission of work related mails after 18 o'clock.

In modern times where it is connected anywhere on the Internet, it has become possible to tie employees anywhere and anytime anywhere, but there is even a movement that tries to protect such employees by country, even in Germany.

Germany working well and resting well.

In order not to repeat the tragedy of death from overwork, it will be essential to build "a sharp culture" like in Germany even in Japan.

It can be said that this is a matter of a way as a country no longer than an individual's problem.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

What is meant by Buffett, which is a mass purchase of Apple shares.

Shortly after telling American media CNBC that Buffett had purchased 75 million Apple stocks, Apple's stock price updated its historical highs. As of the end of 2017, Buffett had already held 170 million shares, but this time we have bought a huge budget.

In the CNBC interview, I am acclaiming Apple as follows.

Buffett on his Apple stake: We currently own about 5% of the company, "but I 'd love to own 100% of it"

Buffett is going crazy about Apple, but at this moment, I was again convinced that "S & P 500 ETF is the best solution for long-term investment!"

Because Apple had been included in the S & P 500 ETF ranked first among the constituent stock ratios long before Buffett purchased Apple. And Apple accounts for more than 4% of the total.

Is S & P a prophet or something? Or do you have a crystal ball to see the future?

Even from this case, even if you are an investor who does not have any knowledge, I think that you can understand that it is not a lie to lose to buy S & P 500 ETF to bring it closer to Buffett's performance. Many investors will not be able to hide surprises that the S & P 500 index has too much foresight.

There is such a story. In terms of the results of Mr. Todd Combs and Mr. Ted Weshler who are in charge of asset management of Berkshire · Hathaway led by Buffett, Buffett has revealed that the results are "somewhat" above the S & P 500 index.

In other words, being a professional investor in a professional is not as ordinary as making a score above S & P 500 ETF. If individual investors buy the S & P 500 ETF frankly and buoyantly, that alone can raise Buffett-like investment results and gain a big return.

We assure that S & P 500 ETF should be incorporated in our portfolio. Even SPY, VOO, IVV, S & P 500 indexed mutual funds are all the same in performance. Please buy whatever you like.

Nonetheless, the yield of the most recent S & P 500 ETF is in the 2% range, which is somewhat unsatisfactory for investors practicing high dividend stock investment.

Therefore, while using S & P 500 ETF as the main axis, you can adjust the portfolio by buying high-dividend stock spicially.

The man is money.

In the world, "man is money" is said, but this is the correct theory.

While I was a student I was able to become a part of my appearance, but if I become an adult I still have money. Especially emphasis is placed on man's economic power.

People are love! I'm in love! Even if you say, if you do not have money you do not have a daily life, 100 years of love will cool down too. "Money and others are not important," talking about utopia until the student days, everything is money as soon as he grew up. People understand.

Troubled for money, aim for a pay rise with a feeling of dying, debt with money, in need of money, handling crimes such as embezzlement .... These are concepts that most people did not have in school days. Returning from behind, in Japan it can be said that it is not a problem for money because the parent generation is wealthy, even if you do not mind such as money until you go out to society in Japan.

Well, Ruriko Kojima of the popular talent. When she appeared on TV, she quickly answered "I like Ms. Goriki!" As to whether or not to emphasize economic power as a criterion for choosing men.

This is a remark when I talked about the topic of companion of Ms. Goriki, actress Ms. Goriki and President Maezawa of Start Today who runs ZOZOTOWN of fashion mail order site.

Mr. Maezawa's former lover is Ms.saeko, the ex-wife of Darvish player, but she also aims at the man who has money as well, the male side also keeps on knowing about it.

There are many women who like money as much as they value money, but it can be said that DNA that human beings are working from long ago.

When humans were still hunting, man and woman were doing division of labor. A man with power went out to hunt to catch prey, and a woman left at home was doing work such as cooking home, raising a child, building a community with the surroundings.

A man called "hunting brain" was planted for a man who was hunting and playing his role to live. On the contrary, a woman who protects the house thinks a man who captures a lot of prey is attractive.

These male and female emotions are instincts engraved on the genetic level of humans from long ago.

In modern times, only "prey" changed to "money", the essence of them is the same.

In other words, the reason that "man is money" is because the old system is so, it is not what started today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The EC markets in India are suppressed by the United States!

The world's finest superpower India. The population reaches 1.4 billion people, and like China in 10 years ago, India is in the midst of a big wave of modern urbanization. It is said that its scale is a level almost unparalleled in history, and it is said that it will overtake China soon.

Among them, it is pointed out that the urban population of India continues to increase at 10 million pace a year, and it may be expanded from the current 439 million to 624 million by 2035. While the growth pace of China has ceased, the world is focusing on India and is drawing an enthusiastic look.

Top global companies have established bases in Bangalore, India one after another and are continuing to expand their scale. Also, startup companies from India are rapidly increasing. While the worldwide IT innovation and shifts in emerging countries of business are progressing, "a country that is IT developed notwithstanding emerging countries" is a country that is unprecedented in the past as India.

With the backing of the IT revolution such as digital settlement by the government, the number of people who use the Internet rapidly in India has increased recently in India. However, since the population using the Internet in India is still less than 30% of the population as a whole, it is expected that the number of Internet users will increase further in the future.

In such India, net shopping (EC) is becoming major as well as developed countries. It is a company called Flipkart that operates India's largest online shopping site.

Flip Kart was founded in India in 2007 and has acquired the majority of net shopping share. However, after Amazon entered India in 2012, we have been struggling hard and have been deprived of market share.

This time, it is reported that Flip-Kart is expected to sell 75% of the stock to Wal-Mart, America's largest retailer, for $ 15 billion, so that the Indian EC market will become a real composition "Wal-Mart vs Amazon" It became clear. Moreover, it is also rumored that Google is also involved in the sale of shares in FlipCart.

In the book published by Mr. Ravi Cathesan of Microsoft there is "Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere".

As the title of this book, the authors point out that if it is accepted in the Indian market, we can win any country. If India's products and services are accepted, it is easy to capture the world market.

In order to capture the Indian market, companies in the world such as the United States, Europe and China have been based in Bangalore and have fought a fierce battle. It was American that I suppressed the EC market in India.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

China's future that keeps expanding debt.

The world debt burden was 164 trillion dollars, which turned out to be the largest ever. Among them, China is regarded as a country of concern. China is one country and accounts for 3/4 of the global debt growth, the impact of which has risen to a level that can not be ignored.

Nonetheless, debt is not a bad thing in capitalist society, and it is designed that the economy turns around by someone borrowing money. That is why the world has to aim for economic growth alone and aim for inflation. People have become enriched by this cycle being successful.

However, China is not a capitalist society, it is a country of socialism. Socialism is a concept that was designed with the opposite idea to individuals, freedom, capital and so on. To put it briefly, we are aiming to build a society that focuses on weak people, from the standpoint of the economically weak people, so that the people can live equally, rather than expanding the interests of individuals and the country.

At first sight, although it is a good idea of ​​hearing, productivity is difficult to rise because socialism equally distributes profits to all citizens regardless of how much work, how much it will actually be done The growth of growth will be hindered.

As existing socialist nations stay at the minimum number such as China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and many countries have collapsed one after the other, "modern socialism is just a utopia" It is common sense. In a socialist state, naturally economic growth can not be done like capitalism, it is impossible to repay debts.

However, while China is a socialist state, it has achieved dizzying economic development in the last decade. Why?

That is because China gradually adopted its own capitalist element while being socialism. Economic development in China is outstanding, and now China has a disparity in rich and poor levels that is not comparable to Japan. If you think that luxury cars are running in town, there are many people who are begging and somehow it seems that "Japan is much more socialism?"

Nonetheless, China is certainly a country with many concerns. According to the IMF, China expects to continue to increase debt to achieve the target GDP in the future, but in China the bad loans are rapidly increasing under the economic slowdown.

In the meantime, there is concern about raising the risk of reluctance to lend to the private sector and renting off and lending to state-owned enterprises.

According to Moody's, the world's largest credit rating agency, it was found that statistical omission of 3.5 trillion yuan of debt outstanding resulted from checking statistical figures released by China. Moreover, it is pointed out that the debt outstanding for statistical leaks is highly likely to be illegal and almost uncollectible.

China is a runaway train no longer having brakes, and it is not surprising when you can cause a derailment accident.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Reason why the gamblers keep losing.

There are many people who can not quit gambling in the world. Nowadays the number of people who trade stocks, FX, virtual currency trades as gambling has increased, but overwhelmingly there are pachinko, pachislot, horse racing, bicycle ring, boat race, lottery etc.

Gamblers believe "Only you can win!" And pour all the money into gambling. In the first place, almost everyone is able to lose in gambling, so it is only a delusion that only you can win, it will be completed explicitly by the operating company.

It is because the pachinko parlor can make a store in a prime location such as in front of the station in the city or countryside because that is why it is profitable. It is not a gambler that is profitable but a management company that provides a place of gambling.

Also, the virtual currency is similar. Recently Monex's securities acquired a virtual currency exchange coin check, the hidden business results were announced, but net sales were 62.6 billion yen, operating income was 53.7 billion yen, the operating margin was wonderful 86% of the super lucky reality was revealed. All this profit is money taken from the virtual currency traders.

By the way, the lottery that the people love and plunge a lot of money is designed to exploit 50% to the waist (country) at the moment of purchase. In other words, if you bought 10 lot of 300 yen, the value of 1,500 yen will be damaged from that moment. However, the people believe that only theirs can be millionaires, do not doubt, without sticking, making long lines in the lottery department every year.

The reason the gambler keeps losing is because I do not know the mechanism of such exploitation.

In love there is a phrase "100 years of love will cool down at once", but this refers to the coldness of love you've embraced for a long time. For example, it shows a feeling of disappointment and disappointment, witnessing reality such as secret behavior and poor personal life, which is far from the gorgeous appearance / impression that you usually see, and the fever is getting cold.

Gamblers are the same as this and do not know the reality being exploited, "keep on love with gambling for 100 years", and if you do not know, life will be exploited life is waiting.

However, since stock investment alone is a plusum game (a game that benefits all the participants), it is wise to buy stock as much as gambling. Due to expansion of market in capitalist society, increase of dividend, theoretically everyone is designed to be touched.

However, the fact that equity investment becomes a plus-sam game is the case of "long-term investment" to the last. As it is capitalism, the stock market is likely to grow over the long term, but in the short-term view of only around 5 years it may be a negative Sam as it is hit by a crash.

For that reason, stock investment must be held for a long time, it is necessary to keep dividends and continue to ride the wave of market growth.

Nonetheless, gamblers tend to ask for exciting game of getting rich and rarely, so they are usually exploited and ended.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The economic merit that the army and nuclear bring.

After World War II Japan sacrificed the war to the constitution and dissolved the army. After that, although there is a Self Defense Force in Japan, "military equipment" has disappeared and it is a situation that I am reliant on the US Army.

There are pros and cons for the army, but having a "strong army" is very advantageous from diplomacy and economics.

For example, North Korea plunges a lot of money into the military and nuclear development, threatening the world. Regardless of how much hunger the citizens suffer, the strengthening of the military is a top priority. As a result, even North Korea's poverty-weakening nations that will breathe out if they breathe in, it has become possible for us to use mind from the world (at first sight).

If North Korea did not strengthen the army or develop nuclear we would not have seen it from the world as "a small country panting just poverty".

Back in history, since World War II, Japan has continued being asked from the world. When criticized from the United States, Japan can only apologize to the United States at a discrimination, there is no technique to solve only by having "souvenir" as a concession proposal. This is the same as the composition criticized by President Trump for the current trade deficit.

Even if Russia, China and North Korea are criticized from the United States, they will be tolerant. This is because they have troops and have nuclear weapons. In the United States, security is the most important issue of the country, so it is difficult to make a strong attitude toward them.

The military and nuclear weapons of the 21st century are not just tools for war, but they are transforming as a tool to make diplomatic negotiations and economic negotiations advantageous.

Since long ago, Japan has been providing various support to the world, actively implementing ODA (Official Development Assistance) activities that provide money and technical assistance for developing countries suffering from poverty and hunger was doing. From 1993 to 1998, Japan has been the world's No. 1 ODM aid in terms of the amount of ODA aid.

Nevertheless, Japan has been criticized from the world, not to be thankful but "Japan is a country that only deals with money!" All of this is easily criticized because it is misleading from the world, and it reaches the fact that it does not possess military or nuclear fundamentally.

When it is very aggressive, such as a failure or a gangster who makes a harm to an ordinary person, when threatened by a member or the like who has power or authority rather than himself, I desperately beg for the enemy with a desire not to be killed. In their world "power" is all, but the countries consist of exactly the same composition as these.

Japan has no "power" to attack other countries. For that reason, Japan is seen only from abroad in Japan as a resource that cancels money.

This is also the same as a composition that faults and gangsters give money to those weaker than theirs. Since there is no fear that other countries can hurt without drinking Japanese demand, there is absolutely nothing to worry about Japan.

The United States is called the strongest in the world, but the reason is that it possesses the world's strongest army and the world's largest nuclear we can continue to make other countries demand their own countries.

As a matter of fact, in order for Japan to have strong bargaining power with other countries, Japan needs strong military and nuclear possession.

Do not turn into a "day counting trader".

Investors doing equity investment think that it will image "day weighing business people" that arrange several displays on the public, this is due to media bias reporting.

Since around 2005, when online securities began to popular, and billion people were born as a result of equity investment, there were many cases where "special day trading people" feature was focused on television and magazines. It is something like the virtual currency bubble.

The media always puts too much emphasis on "what is the impact?" And will not report any truth at all. The same can be said for equity investment.

It can be said that capital investment is the top of capitalism where money is just entering it as it is neglected. A stock is what possesses a business (business), so to speak, it is a system that can "enjoy just by sleeping" the benefit of employees who are working desperately to death, while rubbing and reducing their lives day and night.

However, "day counselor" who trade towards the desk every day is exactly the worker itself and I have not noticed that COSPA is far worse than working for a company employee.

From 9: 00 to 15: 00 on weekdays when the market opens, "day counselors" will work without break. Naturally, there is no paid leave system, and even if you work or work, there is probably a time-honoring minus if the market environment is bad.

If you get a job at a regular company, you can get a bonus at least once every six months unless you get a negative salary whether your performance is bad or not. However, since "day counselor" dedicates all of his capital to equity investment, it can not enjoy such social benefits at all.

Stocks work on stocks, "day counselors" does not understand that Cosa is the best way to work yourself and maximize capital.

Initially, equity investment does not trade frequently. We buy a good company at a good price and watch over the growth of the company in the long run and investors can receive the stock price rise and the dividend profit in return.

Frequent trading "day counselors" are always struggling with the edge of living or dying. Because one day a day is a game, life will not go as long as the market is going to collapse. Besides, I have devoted all of my capital to the trading activities, so if I fail, I will lose my income quickly.

In fact, there are many people who can not bear the pressure and are forced to leave, and the success rate of "day counselors" is said to be less than 0.1%.

Influenced by the media "Let's change the" day weighing business people "! If there are investors who think that it is an absolutely silly act, I definitely declare it should be stopped. Remember that day traders appearing on TVs and magazines are a handful of people with strong luck and talent.

Also, they will succeed in building wealth at one time, but darkness is ahead. In the life on the dangerous bridge called "day counselor" it is also a matter of everyday to melt assets quickly.

Because I do not want to work, all the ideas of trying to transform into "day counselor" for reasons such as "day counselor", "cool measure" and "day counselor" are all amazing.

When you notice it, you may already live under a cliff that is falling social "rock bottom" and can not crawl for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Why did McDonald's Holdings Japan recover its performance?

Two years ago, McDonald's had shown the intention to sell 33% (about 100 billion yen) of the shares held by McDonald's Japan. It is because McDonald's finally set a deadline because McDonald's dropped off the 30 billion yen deficit annually.

In the first place, the reason that Japan McDonald 's got into trouble is that Mr. Harada took office as CEO. Mr. Harada originally served as vice president at Apple, and was called "professional manager". At that time, head hunting was from McDonald's in the United States, and it was decided to become president of Japan McDonald.

Mr. Harada got the attention of the public like being reported as "from Mac to Mac".

Mr. Harada promoted structural reform since its inauguration and continued to fight off executives who have contributed to McDonald's until now. Many of them were elderly employees since former president Fujita and were the people who supported the growth period of Japan McDonald's.

McDonald 's management team in Japan was also familiar with the scene and frankly said that the trust from the FC owner was also great, so that the management team of Japan McDonald' s had few talent to know the site.

In addition, consumers were criticized for the elimination of the menu table of the cashier countersigned as a reduction in waiting time. Mr. Harada thoroughly disregarded consumers' opinion, despite the many opinions "too inconvenient!"

After that, scandals such as foreign matter contamination continued one after another, and McDonald 's Japan caused a serious consumer detachment. Japan McDonald 's, which had been a favorable achievement in the surplus until now, has reached a result that will cause annual deficits of 30 billion yen.

Why was Japan McDonald 's been in such a bottom, why was it able to recover its performance?

There is no doubt that the presence of Sarah Casanova, who was newly appointed to the president, is big. In the past 45 years in 2015, from the worst 30 billion yen deficit, in 2017 just two years later I rebuilt the company to achieve record high profits in the history of Japan Macdonald.

Ms. Casanova returned to the thorough site regime that was lost from Japan McDonald's. The president himself around 47 stores in Japan prefectures, speaks to customers and picks up live voice. From that voice promote improvement on site to focus on making better stores. And succeeded in producing hit products one after another, such as the new product Grand Series which was a big hit in the regular menu for the first time in 8 years.

In addition, Ms. Casanova was doing "real site-based" while returning to the site-based approach. It is that Japan McDonald 's was panting for a big deficit, I decided to raise the salary of the employee daringly and to restore the motivation of the site.

When Casanova appeared in Cambrian Palace, I left the following comments.

"McDonald's business is supported by people"

"For us to succeed, our employees must first be satisfied."

The scene is everything. Casanova cherished that "business is a connection between people and people" and succeeded in recalling customers who were away. Currently, McDonald's in the holiday shop is crowded with guests with families.

If you think about it, Amazon's business policy, which has grown as the world's largest enterprise, is "to value customers the most on the planet". Customer First is important, nothing is common not only McDonald's but also any business model.

Ms. Casanova sticking to site-basedism, Mr. Harada who disregarded on-siteism.

Which management policy is right will be obvious once you look at the numbers.

Former senior officials who were pushed for "incompetent branding" by Mr. Harada appointed President Burger King, President Mos Burger, President of Freshness Burger, President of Komeda, President of Sukiya, now has a great career over McDonald's I'm doing it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

There are many young people who do not have cars in Japan. Because cars are penalties.

There are an increasing number of young people who do not have cars. In recent survey, there is data that more than 50% answered "I do not want to buy a car".

In the first place, the Japanese automobile tax is super-heavy tax state of 49 times that of the United States and it is too high as a tool for traveling in Japan where it is no longer possible to ride a car like "penalties".

Park 24, which continues to grow in the parking business, is embarking on a car sharing business, and currently only this business earns hundreds of millions of yen. From the era of "possessing" cars to the era of "using", cars are obviously changing.

By the way, certain car lovers still exist, and they seem to like luxury cars all over the place. BMW, Benz, Audi, Lexus and so on. To be honest, these cars are not surprisingly high, unless they are of the highest grade model, they are at the same price level as the Prius etc.

Slightly older Mercedes Benz and BMW etc are often sold for 2 million yen by second hand.
It is a price that even young people can buy.

So, why such cars are called "luxury cars"?

That's because "maintenance fee is high". For example, many imported cars mentioned above often have to import from their home country when parts are exchanged for maintenance etc., cost rises. Also, some manufacturers have strategies to strategically sell parts at a high price, and it costs much higher running costs than domestic cars.

In the President, we calculated the total cost of continuing to ride imported cars and luxury cars for a lifetime entitled "How much will a person riding a Menz pay for in their lifetime?" According to the result, it was found that the maintenance cost of 5,525,000 yen (67.25 million yen in the center of the city) will be required if you continue to ride in Benz Class C for 50 years.

Even if young people tend to maintain luxury cars as if they had bought luxury cars, even if it was a takeover of 200,000 yen or more, in fact only 50% will disappear with the maintenance fee of the car. In recent years in Japan where annual income is hard to rise, not only young people but also young people in the 30s and 40s will be paid too much. This is no longer a car beyond necessities in the area of ​​rich hobby music.

According to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki's prominent book "Rich Dad Poor Dad: Money's Philosophy Teaching the American Rich Person", things that put money into their pockets are called assets and those that take money away from their pockets I defined it as a liability. In other words, if you want to get rich, you should try not to buy a car as much as possible.

In a country where the transportation infrastructure is the world's most developed like Japan, basically it is enough to use a taxi using a satellite as a train or a bus, and to use the car sharing when it is necessary Let's see.