Friday, May 4, 2018

Do not turn into a "day counting trader".

Investors doing equity investment think that it will image "day weighing business people" that arrange several displays on the public, this is due to media bias reporting.

Since around 2005, when online securities began to popular, and billion people were born as a result of equity investment, there were many cases where "special day trading people" feature was focused on television and magazines. It is something like the virtual currency bubble.

The media always puts too much emphasis on "what is the impact?" And will not report any truth at all. The same can be said for equity investment.

It can be said that capital investment is the top of capitalism where money is just entering it as it is neglected. A stock is what possesses a business (business), so to speak, it is a system that can "enjoy just by sleeping" the benefit of employees who are working desperately to death, while rubbing and reducing their lives day and night.

However, "day counselor" who trade towards the desk every day is exactly the worker itself and I have not noticed that COSPA is far worse than working for a company employee.

From 9: 00 to 15: 00 on weekdays when the market opens, "day counselors" will work without break. Naturally, there is no paid leave system, and even if you work or work, there is probably a time-honoring minus if the market environment is bad.

If you get a job at a regular company, you can get a bonus at least once every six months unless you get a negative salary whether your performance is bad or not. However, since "day counselor" dedicates all of his capital to equity investment, it can not enjoy such social benefits at all.

Stocks work on stocks, "day counselors" does not understand that Cosa is the best way to work yourself and maximize capital.

Initially, equity investment does not trade frequently. We buy a good company at a good price and watch over the growth of the company in the long run and investors can receive the stock price rise and the dividend profit in return.

Frequent trading "day counselors" are always struggling with the edge of living or dying. Because one day a day is a game, life will not go as long as the market is going to collapse. Besides, I have devoted all of my capital to the trading activities, so if I fail, I will lose my income quickly.

In fact, there are many people who can not bear the pressure and are forced to leave, and the success rate of "day counselors" is said to be less than 0.1%.

Influenced by the media "Let's change the" day weighing business people "! If there are investors who think that it is an absolutely silly act, I definitely declare it should be stopped. Remember that day traders appearing on TVs and magazines are a handful of people with strong luck and talent.

Also, they will succeed in building wealth at one time, but darkness is ahead. In the life on the dangerous bridge called "day counselor" it is also a matter of everyday to melt assets quickly.

Because I do not want to work, all the ideas of trying to transform into "day counselor" for reasons such as "day counselor", "cool measure" and "day counselor" are all amazing.

When you notice it, you may already live under a cliff that is falling social "rock bottom" and can not crawl for the rest of your life.

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