Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Reason why foreigners visiting Japan increased.

The number of foreigners visiting Japan is increasing. I could not think about ten years ago, but nowadays wherever I go, I am overflowing with foreign tourists. It is also increasing to see not only Asian neighbors such as China and South Korea but also foreigners who are supposed to have come from Europe and the United States.

According to the Japanese Government Tourism Board (JNTO), visiting foreigners who visited Japan in 2017 last year reached 28.691 million, an increase of 19.3% from the previous year, and the highest record since the start of statistics was renewed.

Before the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 2020, it is expected that the number of foreign visitors to Japan will increase further in the future, as the Government of the Government supports "Have more foreign tourists welcome!"

Tourism business is profitable. As sightseeing can be natural business Japan can become a business tool, it will be "business with the strongest cost performance" established only with human capital. In addition, while sightseeing ties of customer's wallet tend to become loose, we buy a large amount of expensive goods.

It is exactly the business structure that can be profitable.

However, do not simply rejoice that the number of foreign tourists has increased. The opportunity for foreign tourists to come to Japan is increasing because foreigners have more money (wealth) than Japanese people.

This means "Japan is becoming more and more poor."

For example, although the main tier of foreign tourists in Japan is Asia, emerging Asian countries have achieved a sharp rise in wages over the last ten years.

Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia have more than doubled the minimum wage growth compared with 2010, and have grown to scale that can no longer be said to be emerging countries.

Also in other countries, wage increases that are not comparable with those of Japan are happening.

Japan's depreciation policy is also a factor increasing the number of foreign tourists, but since Japan's resources are dependent on foreign countries, the fact that the value of their currency will go down means that if you do not buy foreign resources at a high price Because it will not be, it means that money escapes to foreign countries more and more.

When Japanese go out for overseas trips, we are keenly aware of the rise in prices, but this is also related to the impact of the depreciation of the yen.

In other words, the number of foreign tourists is not because it is appealing to Japan, but simply because Japan is cheap and easy to go.

Even though wages in foreign countries are steadily rising, Japan has not risen for thirty years, so that Asian people who are emerging economies can do a lot of shopping "Japan is cheap and has become a poor country" about it.

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