Saturday, May 5, 2018

Reason why the gamblers keep losing.

There are many people who can not quit gambling in the world. Nowadays the number of people who trade stocks, FX, virtual currency trades as gambling has increased, but overwhelmingly there are pachinko, pachislot, horse racing, bicycle ring, boat race, lottery etc.

Gamblers believe "Only you can win!" And pour all the money into gambling. In the first place, almost everyone is able to lose in gambling, so it is only a delusion that only you can win, it will be completed explicitly by the operating company.

It is because the pachinko parlor can make a store in a prime location such as in front of the station in the city or countryside because that is why it is profitable. It is not a gambler that is profitable but a management company that provides a place of gambling.

Also, the virtual currency is similar. Recently Monex's securities acquired a virtual currency exchange coin check, the hidden business results were announced, but net sales were 62.6 billion yen, operating income was 53.7 billion yen, the operating margin was wonderful 86% of the super lucky reality was revealed. All this profit is money taken from the virtual currency traders.

By the way, the lottery that the people love and plunge a lot of money is designed to exploit 50% to the waist (country) at the moment of purchase. In other words, if you bought 10 lot of 300 yen, the value of 1,500 yen will be damaged from that moment. However, the people believe that only theirs can be millionaires, do not doubt, without sticking, making long lines in the lottery department every year.

The reason the gambler keeps losing is because I do not know the mechanism of such exploitation.

In love there is a phrase "100 years of love will cool down at once", but this refers to the coldness of love you've embraced for a long time. For example, it shows a feeling of disappointment and disappointment, witnessing reality such as secret behavior and poor personal life, which is far from the gorgeous appearance / impression that you usually see, and the fever is getting cold.

Gamblers are the same as this and do not know the reality being exploited, "keep on love with gambling for 100 years", and if you do not know, life will be exploited life is waiting.

However, since stock investment alone is a plusum game (a game that benefits all the participants), it is wise to buy stock as much as gambling. Due to expansion of market in capitalist society, increase of dividend, theoretically everyone is designed to be touched.

However, the fact that equity investment becomes a plus-sam game is the case of "long-term investment" to the last. As it is capitalism, the stock market is likely to grow over the long term, but in the short-term view of only around 5 years it may be a negative Sam as it is hit by a crash.

For that reason, stock investment must be held for a long time, it is necessary to keep dividends and continue to ride the wave of market growth.

Nonetheless, gamblers tend to ask for exciting game of getting rich and rarely, so they are usually exploited and ended.

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