Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The EC markets in India are suppressed by the United States!

The world's finest superpower India. The population reaches 1.4 billion people, and like China in 10 years ago, India is in the midst of a big wave of modern urbanization. It is said that its scale is a level almost unparalleled in history, and it is said that it will overtake China soon.

Among them, it is pointed out that the urban population of India continues to increase at 10 million pace a year, and it may be expanded from the current 439 million to 624 million by 2035. While the growth pace of China has ceased, the world is focusing on India and is drawing an enthusiastic look.

Top global companies have established bases in Bangalore, India one after another and are continuing to expand their scale. Also, startup companies from India are rapidly increasing. While the worldwide IT innovation and shifts in emerging countries of business are progressing, "a country that is IT developed notwithstanding emerging countries" is a country that is unprecedented in the past as India.

With the backing of the IT revolution such as digital settlement by the government, the number of people who use the Internet rapidly in India has increased recently in India. However, since the population using the Internet in India is still less than 30% of the population as a whole, it is expected that the number of Internet users will increase further in the future.

In such India, net shopping (EC) is becoming major as well as developed countries. It is a company called Flipkart that operates India's largest online shopping site.

Flip Kart was founded in India in 2007 and has acquired the majority of net shopping share. However, after Amazon entered India in 2012, we have been struggling hard and have been deprived of market share.

This time, it is reported that Flip-Kart is expected to sell 75% of the stock to Wal-Mart, America's largest retailer, for $ 15 billion, so that the Indian EC market will become a real composition "Wal-Mart vs Amazon" It became clear. Moreover, it is also rumored that Google is also involved in the sale of shares in FlipCart.

In the book published by Mr. Ravi Cathesan of Microsoft there is "Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere".

As the title of this book, the authors point out that if it is accepted in the Indian market, we can win any country. If India's products and services are accepted, it is easy to capture the world market.

In order to capture the Indian market, companies in the world such as the United States, Europe and China have been based in Bangalore and have fought a fierce battle. It was American that I suppressed the EC market in India.

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