Friday, May 4, 2018

The economic merit that the army and nuclear bring.

After World War II Japan sacrificed the war to the constitution and dissolved the army. After that, although there is a Self Defense Force in Japan, "military equipment" has disappeared and it is a situation that I am reliant on the US Army.

There are pros and cons for the army, but having a "strong army" is very advantageous from diplomacy and economics.

For example, North Korea plunges a lot of money into the military and nuclear development, threatening the world. Regardless of how much hunger the citizens suffer, the strengthening of the military is a top priority. As a result, even North Korea's poverty-weakening nations that will breathe out if they breathe in, it has become possible for us to use mind from the world (at first sight).

If North Korea did not strengthen the army or develop nuclear we would not have seen it from the world as "a small country panting just poverty".

Back in history, since World War II, Japan has continued being asked from the world. When criticized from the United States, Japan can only apologize to the United States at a discrimination, there is no technique to solve only by having "souvenir" as a concession proposal. This is the same as the composition criticized by President Trump for the current trade deficit.

Even if Russia, China and North Korea are criticized from the United States, they will be tolerant. This is because they have troops and have nuclear weapons. In the United States, security is the most important issue of the country, so it is difficult to make a strong attitude toward them.

The military and nuclear weapons of the 21st century are not just tools for war, but they are transforming as a tool to make diplomatic negotiations and economic negotiations advantageous.

Since long ago, Japan has been providing various support to the world, actively implementing ODA (Official Development Assistance) activities that provide money and technical assistance for developing countries suffering from poverty and hunger was doing. From 1993 to 1998, Japan has been the world's No. 1 ODM aid in terms of the amount of ODA aid.

Nevertheless, Japan has been criticized from the world, not to be thankful but "Japan is a country that only deals with money!" All of this is easily criticized because it is misleading from the world, and it reaches the fact that it does not possess military or nuclear fundamentally.

When it is very aggressive, such as a failure or a gangster who makes a harm to an ordinary person, when threatened by a member or the like who has power or authority rather than himself, I desperately beg for the enemy with a desire not to be killed. In their world "power" is all, but the countries consist of exactly the same composition as these.

Japan has no "power" to attack other countries. For that reason, Japan is seen only from abroad in Japan as a resource that cancels money.

This is also the same as a composition that faults and gangsters give money to those weaker than theirs. Since there is no fear that other countries can hurt without drinking Japanese demand, there is absolutely nothing to worry about Japan.

The United States is called the strongest in the world, but the reason is that it possesses the world's strongest army and the world's largest nuclear we can continue to make other countries demand their own countries.

As a matter of fact, in order for Japan to have strong bargaining power with other countries, Japan needs strong military and nuclear possession.

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