Thursday, May 10, 2018

The man is money.

In the world, "man is money" is said, but this is the correct theory.

While I was a student I was able to become a part of my appearance, but if I become an adult I still have money. Especially emphasis is placed on man's economic power.

People are love! I'm in love! Even if you say, if you do not have money you do not have a daily life, 100 years of love will cool down too. "Money and others are not important," talking about utopia until the student days, everything is money as soon as he grew up. People understand.

Troubled for money, aim for a pay rise with a feeling of dying, debt with money, in need of money, handling crimes such as embezzlement .... These are concepts that most people did not have in school days. Returning from behind, in Japan it can be said that it is not a problem for money because the parent generation is wealthy, even if you do not mind such as money until you go out to society in Japan.

Well, Ruriko Kojima of the popular talent. When she appeared on TV, she quickly answered "I like Ms. Goriki!" As to whether or not to emphasize economic power as a criterion for choosing men.

This is a remark when I talked about the topic of companion of Ms. Goriki, actress Ms. Goriki and President Maezawa of Start Today who runs ZOZOTOWN of fashion mail order site.

Mr. Maezawa's former lover is Ms.saeko, the ex-wife of Darvish player, but she also aims at the man who has money as well, the male side also keeps on knowing about it.

There are many women who like money as much as they value money, but it can be said that DNA that human beings are working from long ago.

When humans were still hunting, man and woman were doing division of labor. A man with power went out to hunt to catch prey, and a woman left at home was doing work such as cooking home, raising a child, building a community with the surroundings.

A man called "hunting brain" was planted for a man who was hunting and playing his role to live. On the contrary, a woman who protects the house thinks a man who captures a lot of prey is attractive.

These male and female emotions are instincts engraved on the genetic level of humans from long ago.

In modern times, only "prey" changed to "money", the essence of them is the same.

In other words, the reason that "man is money" is because the old system is so, it is not what started today.

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