Saturday, May 12, 2018

The word born by Japan. Death from overwork (karoshi) is a universal term!

Ms. Takahashi (then age 24), who worked for Dentsu, jumped off from his company in Tokyo and committed suicide at Christmas.

Overtime over 100 hours a month became normal and posted on Twitter that "I want to die, I lost my feelings." This case was certified as work-related accident as overworked suicide. In Dentsu, male employees in the second year since joining the company have been putting suicide by overwork. Also in this case, the Supreme Court has issued a judgment that allows the company side to take responsibility.

There is nothing more than Dentsu, nothing to overwork suicide.

Female employees of Watami committed suicide in the past. I know that she did not have a holiday and had been working for a long time from afternoon to early in the morning. Also, at the Kansai Electric Power Company, a man in the 40s who is a section chief committed suicide and has been certified as overworked suicide. And recently, employees of Nomura Real Estate were officially recognized as death from overwork.

The company listed on the First Section of the TSE, "a company that is called a major company" is often a tough and violent workplace. As a result, overworked suicide in Japan has been steadily going on and there is a need for a change in direction throughout the country.

In other words, "working reform" is essential.

So, do you have anything to die for overseas company?

Germany has the shortest working time among industrialized countries and the acquisition rate of paid leave is much higher than that of Japan Germany is called "short-time great country". Nonetheless, we have achieved high economic growth, and the level of social security services is also far above Japan.

In these backgrounds, it is said that in Germany it is prohibited by law that more than 10 hours of work per day, and in the first place it is said that the culture that "long hours work is not appreciated" rooted in root.

In Germany, employees who "get great accomplishments within a short time" are most appreciated, and those who do overtime work while no results are achieved are not appreciated at all. A German who has a culture that is focused on work and a culture of a little hard business never will be compelled to participate in a drinking party from his boss after the work is finished.

In addition, the German government is considering a policy prohibiting the transmission of work related mails after 18 o'clock.

In modern times where it is connected anywhere on the Internet, it has become possible to tie employees anywhere and anytime anywhere, but there is even a movement that tries to protect such employees by country, even in Germany.

Germany working well and resting well.

In order not to repeat the tragedy of death from overwork, it will be essential to build "a sharp culture" like in Germany even in Japan.

It can be said that this is a matter of a way as a country no longer than an individual's problem.

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