Tuesday, May 1, 2018

There are many young people who do not have cars in Japan. Because cars are penalties.

There are an increasing number of young people who do not have cars. In recent survey, there is data that more than 50% answered "I do not want to buy a car".

In the first place, the Japanese automobile tax is super-heavy tax state of 49 times that of the United States and it is too high as a tool for traveling in Japan where it is no longer possible to ride a car like "penalties".

Park 24, which continues to grow in the parking business, is embarking on a car sharing business, and currently only this business earns hundreds of millions of yen. From the era of "possessing" cars to the era of "using", cars are obviously changing.

By the way, certain car lovers still exist, and they seem to like luxury cars all over the place. BMW, Benz, Audi, Lexus and so on. To be honest, these cars are not surprisingly high, unless they are of the highest grade model, they are at the same price level as the Prius etc.

Slightly older Mercedes Benz and BMW etc are often sold for 2 million yen by second hand.
It is a price that even young people can buy.

So, why such cars are called "luxury cars"?

That's because "maintenance fee is high". For example, many imported cars mentioned above often have to import from their home country when parts are exchanged for maintenance etc., cost rises. Also, some manufacturers have strategies to strategically sell parts at a high price, and it costs much higher running costs than domestic cars.

In the President, we calculated the total cost of continuing to ride imported cars and luxury cars for a lifetime entitled "How much will a person riding a Menz pay for in their lifetime?" According to the result, it was found that the maintenance cost of 5,525,000 yen (67.25 million yen in the center of the city) will be required if you continue to ride in Benz Class C for 50 years.

Even if young people tend to maintain luxury cars as if they had bought luxury cars, even if it was a takeover of 200,000 yen or more, in fact only 50% will disappear with the maintenance fee of the car. In recent years in Japan where annual income is hard to rise, not only young people but also young people in the 30s and 40s will be paid too much. This is no longer a car beyond necessities in the area of ​​rich hobby music.

According to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki's prominent book "Rich Dad Poor Dad: Money's Philosophy Teaching the American Rich Person", things that put money into their pockets are called assets and those that take money away from their pockets I defined it as a liability. In other words, if you want to get rich, you should try not to buy a car as much as possible.

In a country where the transportation infrastructure is the world's most developed like Japan, basically it is enough to use a taxi using a satellite as a train or a bus, and to use the car sharing when it is necessary Let's see.

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