Thursday, May 10, 2018

What is meant by Buffett, which is a mass purchase of Apple shares.

Shortly after telling American media CNBC that Buffett had purchased 75 million Apple stocks, Apple's stock price updated its historical highs. As of the end of 2017, Buffett had already held 170 million shares, but this time we have bought a huge budget.

In the CNBC interview, I am acclaiming Apple as follows.

Buffett on his Apple stake: We currently own about 5% of the company, "but I 'd love to own 100% of it"

Buffett is going crazy about Apple, but at this moment, I was again convinced that "S & P 500 ETF is the best solution for long-term investment!"

Because Apple had been included in the S & P 500 ETF ranked first among the constituent stock ratios long before Buffett purchased Apple. And Apple accounts for more than 4% of the total.

Is S & P a prophet or something? Or do you have a crystal ball to see the future?

Even from this case, even if you are an investor who does not have any knowledge, I think that you can understand that it is not a lie to lose to buy S & P 500 ETF to bring it closer to Buffett's performance. Many investors will not be able to hide surprises that the S & P 500 index has too much foresight.

There is such a story. In terms of the results of Mr. Todd Combs and Mr. Ted Weshler who are in charge of asset management of Berkshire · Hathaway led by Buffett, Buffett has revealed that the results are "somewhat" above the S & P 500 index.

In other words, being a professional investor in a professional is not as ordinary as making a score above S & P 500 ETF. If individual investors buy the S & P 500 ETF frankly and buoyantly, that alone can raise Buffett-like investment results and gain a big return.

We assure that S & P 500 ETF should be incorporated in our portfolio. Even SPY, VOO, IVV, S & P 500 indexed mutual funds are all the same in performance. Please buy whatever you like.

Nonetheless, the yield of the most recent S & P 500 ETF is in the 2% range, which is somewhat unsatisfactory for investors practicing high dividend stock investment.

Therefore, while using S & P 500 ETF as the main axis, you can adjust the portfolio by buying high-dividend stock spicially.

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